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1975 revisited part 2 by short back and sides boy tell you about

Let me tell you about Eduardo. He was a strict and irritable traditional Italian barber. One would be greeted with NEXT,' as you sat down in the chair , securing the cape around your neck -totally at his mercy. The previous customer would pay, and then He would return to prepare you for shearing. There was also a big barber strap hanging at the side of his chair. He would cut the hair the way he wanted. there were no choices. I secretly enjoyed going to old fashioned barbers, but it was 1975. There was no internet, I thought I was the only one who enjoyed haircut fetishes....

I entered Eduardo's barbershop and took my position on the long bench to await my fate.I sat down next to the adorable school captain Jason. The anxiety in his face,as i viewed his long curly locks soon to be clippered into oblivion.

The first boy's hair was being cut with the scissors- 6 inches at a time. Eduardo pushed his head down into the old cape ,and continued the onslaught into his neck, and then sides. How much hair can a guy have . I was mesmirized watching the hair pile up on his cape and floor. The old change room floor had been transformed into those old barbershop linoluem black and white tiles. . The school had gone the whole way into making this a very old fashioned barbershop. Suddenly Eduardo spotted me in the mirror.I was sprung. "YOU. " he yelled at me. "I remember you coming into my shop and your mother saying just a trim or a little off the top and tidy it up please barber.Well, you are in for a surprise. SIT DOWN ON THAT SECOND CHAIR NOW AND DON'T MOVE!" he snapped. I instinctively knew what was good for me and immediately followed his orders . Eduardo leaves the first boy, picks up an old red candy -striped cape (I remember the one which would be secured tightly around the neck with just enough room to breathe), pulls it around my body, and with a sudden violent flick emanating from the action ,he simultaneously pulls the cape up around my neck and places a taper securely around my neck, and forcing it around the neck of the cape pinning it securely around the cape, and fastening the stud of the cape tightly around my neck . I feel the pressure of the stud in the back of my neck. The sensation of the cape around my arms and below my knees resting and stroking my bare skin. (We were always in those grey school boys' short regardless of the season). The taper was new and had the double effect of not only irritating the skin but causing my senses to be aroused.

Eduardo grabbed a comb and began violently dragging the knots out of my hair. My hair was dragged over my face several inches below the chin . The sides and back were also dragged down inches below my neck. The hair was so thick I could not see a thing. "STAY THERE AND DON'T MOVE TILL I HAVE FINISHED WITH THE OTHER HOOLIGANS." (thankyou Eduardo I secretly thought).

Just at that moment the headmaster walked in and informed us that as each boy finished his haircut, he was to stand at the front of the barbershop facing the wall, hands behind your head and legs apart.

Eduardo returned to the first boy ,I was left sitting in the chair listening to the sounds of the scissors and the clippers. My cape also had the strong aroma of old spice . I drifted into a reverie, dreaming that I was with Jason and Nathan (who was also in the barbershop at present) . We were lined up at the head's office waiting to be strapped then given our haircuts. Suddenly, snap and I heard the clippers going off, Eduardo finished the first boy's haircut, and I heard him descend the chair and take his position in front of the shop with his hands behind his head and legs apart.

"NEXT," he yelled. "Sit in the chair scruff'" I heard him order to the next lad. The flick of the cape and he was on to his next victim. I recognised that it was Jason in the chair. I could smell his perfume . Not many boys wore perfume in those days but Jason was one of the first. I fantasised being Eduardo cutting his hair....I was getting really sweaty from the heat and the cape began to cling to my bare skin.

It was extremely hot.I began to move to relieve the pressure- Eduardo ordered me to sit still.

I could hear Eduardo yelling abuse at the guys as he cut their hair. One part of me thought what a silly old bastard, but mostly I revelled in it. Jason took his place up against the wall . I was there with him !!!! Eventually the sixth boy also took his place. It would be my turn next.

Eduardo came up from behind me and without saying a word started dragging the ccmb through my locks.He parted my hair slightly to the left so i had a brief window of opportunity to view the shearing. Eduardo was grabbing great swathes of my hair , snipping it off with his scissors in a most ferocious manner. My hair was still long, but he had thinned it right out. My head seemed lighter. Next he grabbed the clippers , their cold teeth scrapping my hair from behind and shearing my hair off, just like a bulldozer smoothing the soil for a new road. I could feel the piles of hair on my cape. Next he picked up a pair of the old fashioned manual clippers and began slowly clippering pathways in the back of my neck , the sides and top.I could now see some of the transformation. Wisps of hair were going everywhere over my face, my cape and up Eduardo's white barbershop jacket. My hair was like bristles at the back and Eduardo had layered the sides about 3/4 inch above my ears.

My fringe had not been attacked. eduardo started snipping in a straight line across the fringe, but keeping it about 2 inches long .
he parted the hair to the left.The hair had a fringe ,but the hair had been clippered all over and layered above the ears and neck.I was transformed into a short back and sides 1930's schoolboy- just like my friend Mark wore (I had secretly admired his cut and was jealous that to save face I could not get it cut like his- now i had no choice!!! thankyou Eduardo once again!!!)

I remembered the sensation of short bristle like hair against my neck as a kid. As Eduardo released the cape I leant my neck back to enjoy the tickling sensation of the hair against my neck and down the top of my shirt. The wisps of hair would reamain in my shirt collar for the rest of the day , and with the heat would ensure the sensation would remain. However to save face, I let out some expletives about my haircut. I had forgotten the head was still there. I looked in the mirror and there he was glaring at me!!!

I came out of the chair and took my position with the other boys, hands behind my head and legs apart.At the same time, the head left the Barbershop. Eduardo ordered us to stay in position till the head returned.

Several minutes later he returned. I heard a swooshing motion in the air. I knew full well what was going to happen .

the head returned ordered the other boys to run around the oval 6 times then return to theor classes. It was mid-morning and we had missed several classes. We would be in further trouble. Despite the fact the haircuts were compulsory, the new regime meant further discipline for missing classes- No EXCUSES. "Elliott remain here."

I remained in position. Suddenly, swoosh ,whack and the strap descended six times in rapid succession on my arse. I could not believe being punished with the strap twice in one day. "You now know what happens when you swear." He ordered me to do ten laps of the oval ,then report back to him for another haircut. i was going to join the cadets and needed a proper military haircut.

I left the barbershop soon to be acquainted with the chair and cape again .It was hot, a galeforce northerly wind was blowing. I commenced running around the oval and caught up to the others on their second round. they checked my wide red striped bottem and admired the handiwork, which would be soon be placed back on Eduardo's chair , and daring not to move . ...

In the western sky, heavy cumulo nimbus clouds were developing. The coming storm .......

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