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My Sexy Barber Wife by BaldSurfer

By the time I was 19, I knew two things for sure: I knew Cindy would be the love of my life, and I knew I was going to lose my hair.

Let's start with the hair. The men on both sides of my family were all hairy as gorillas from the neck down but all completely bald by their late thirties - with just a ring of black hair around the sides of their heads (except Uncle Dave and his ridiculous comb over!). I had to start shaving my black peach fuzz mustache at 11 and by 15 I had a full beard and was starting to get a hairy chest. The other kids in the locker room were jealous, but I already knew where I was headed. By the time I headed off to college, the widow's peak had started creeping backward.

I met Cindy at the start of freshman year of college. She was tall, blonde and beautiful. She was funny, charming and sweet. I wanted to spend every minute of the day with her. The sex was wild and passionate. She would always tell me how sexy she found me. She loved running her fingers through my increasingly hairy chest. When it started to spread to my shoulders and back she claimed that she didn't mind, but it made me self-conscious, so she'd help spread on the Veet and wipe away the offending fur.

One day, as we laid in bed and Cindy stroked my head, I told her that it was inevitable that I'd lose my hair. She said bald men were sexy and virile, and that when the time came, we'd just shave my head.

We got married right after college. I had gotten a more corporate hairstyle when I started interviewing for jobs, short on the sides and back, and parted on the side. But as time went on, besides the receding corners, the rest of the hair on top began to thin. Finally, one day my barber said I should consider cropping it all short. He said the hair loss would be less noticeable, and easier to take care of. Resigned to my fate, I said ok, and he clipped the sides very short and scissored the top down to less than an inch, coming it forward in a caesar style. I went home, nervous what Cindy would think, but she opened the door, smiled broadly and told me how sexy it looked.

Even though Cindy always reassured me about how attractive I still was to her, I wanted to make sure she'd always feel that way. I went to the gym almost every day and worked out harder and harder, getting bigger and leaner. I grew a tight black goatee, thinking it would draw attention from my disappearing hair. But as the months passed, my hair grew thinner. I told Cindy I was going to just have my barber buzz it all short. She liked the idea of the buzz, but said she wanted to do the job herself. She said we could make it an erotic adventure. How could I refuse? She dragged a chair into the middle of the kitchen, told me to strip down to my boxers and sit down. She ran to the bathroom to grab the clippers that I'd bought to keep my thick goatee in shape.

She came back completely naked. She plugged in the clippers and stood behind me. I could feel her breasts pressed against my back as she whispered in my ear, "Tell me how you want it, sir." I was immediately aroused and said "I don't care what you do to me. Whatever turns you on."

She giggled, snapped a #3 guide on the clippers and snapped them on. Again, I felt her bare flesh against mine, her hot breath on my neck and I heard the whir of the clippers. She reached in front of me, but instead of bringing the clippers to my head, she ran them through the thick black hair on my chest. "I love you hairy," she said, "but your body is so hard. I want to see more of it, so let's mow that lawn." at that moment, I'd have agreed to anything, so she came around front, leaned forward, her beautiful breasts inches from my face and worked across my pecs and then down my abdomen, as she reduced my chest hair to less than half an inch. When she got to the waistband of my boxers, sh said "No stopping now!", yanked them down and buzzed my pubic hair down as well. She growled seductively as she ran her hands over the remaining body hair and said now she had the best of both worlds - she could see my ripped muscles while still enjoying my hairiness. As she ran her hands from my hard (and now much more exposed) penis up my chest one last tome, she said "Now let's shave that sexy head!"

I didn't take the word "shave" literally and I didn't notice that she'd taken the comb off the clippers until I saw them coming straight at my forehead. I didn't say a word. I just stared at her amazing naked body as the last of the hair on my head rained down around me. When she was done, she ran her hands over my sandpaper head and purred. "Now you're ALMOST perfect! Wait here!" She ran into the bathroom and I heard the water running in the tub. A few moments later, she led me to the bathroom, turned my head so I still couldn't see what I looked like in the mirror and we both got in the tub. She gently washed my body and head, then she grabbed a can of shaving cream and rubbed it all over my head. She said she wanted to shave it completely smooth and I had no desire to stop her. I sat with my back to her, her legs wrapped around mine as she slowly and carefully shaved my head completely bald. Then she ran a washcloth over my smooth head to wipe away the last foam. We stood up, toweled off and she said "Now, go take a look at my masterpiece. My perfect, sexy man!"

I closed the bathroom door to look in the full length mirror on the back of it. My head was completely bald. It shone in the bright bathroom lights. The bald head and the black goatee made a great combination. I looked down at my torso. I still had a thick hairy pelt, but now tightly clipped, my pecs looked defined and I could see my six pack abs. And yes, I have to admit that with my push also clipped, my penis looked much bigger.

Cindy led me to bed and we made passionate love for hours. When we finally came up for air, she said "Well, sir, are you satisfied with your service at Cindy's Barber Shop?" I said "Totally!" and she said "Good. Then you now have a standing appointment once a week." From that day forward, I shaved my head daily, except that every Thursday I let Cindy shave my head and clip my body. She tells me every day how wildly sexy she thinks I am. And almost as often, she proves it!

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