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Generations 2 by Baldy

Well, the fourth generation has joined the three of us for haircuts.

Earlier this summer, my 17 year old son came up to me and asked if he could join us for the weekly haircuts and cigars. I advised him that he was still a juvenile and could not smoke cigars. He said he wanted to try a new hairstyle and wanted to go with us on our next trip.

So on a Saturday morning, I picked up my dad and grandfather. They were surprised to see my son, Josh, with us. Josh said that he was getting his hair cut today and wanted to join us every week.

We arrived a the local barbershop. We entered the shop and took seats. It was slow for a Saturday morning. My grandfather went first. The barber caped him up. My granddad asked for the usual, a #1 all over crewcut. The barber went to work and proceeded to trim him down to his #1 crewcut. He then shaved his neck area and around the ears. My grandad got up and went to the waiting area.

My dad was next. The barber didn't have to ask him what he wanted. The barber knew that he was going to shave my dad's head. The barber got a warm towel and wrapped his head in it. After a few minutes, the barber went to the lather machine and got a handful. He then applied it to my dad's head and proceeded to carefully shave him smooth. It took a few minutes before my dad's head was shaved. He then got the aftershave and applied it to his head. My dad got up and had a seat.

I got up and headed for the chair. I sat down. I told the barber the usual, but wanted my mustache and goatee trimmed down. He got a pair of clippers and carefully trimmed my mustache and goatee to a #4 length. He then wrapped a hot towel around my head and let it rest there. He removed it. He then got a handful of lather and applied to my head. He then proceeded to shave my head smooth. Once completed, he applied an aftershave that gave a quick sting when he put it on. I got up from the chair and went to the waiting area.

Josh got up and went to the chair. He sat down. Josh had rather bushy hair and some fuzz for a beard and mustache. The barber caped him up and asked him what he wanted for a cut. Josh said that he wanted a flattop with the sides shaved. It surprised me that Josh had asked for this as he always kept his hair long.

The barber got a set of clippers and started to work on Josh's flattop. He proceeded to clipper shave the sides of his head. He then went to the back and shaved it to stubble. After he had done the sides, he asked Josh how long of a flattop he wanted. Josh said that he wanted it really short but not to the point where it looks shaved down. The barber understood. He grabbed a pair of clippers with a #2 attachment and proceeded to work on Josh's flattop. After a few minutes, Josh was happy with the results of how the flattop looked.

The barber then went to the lather machine and got a handful of lather. He applied it to the sides and back of Josh's head. He again asked Josh if he was sure that he wanted the sides and back shaved smooth. Josh said yes. The barber proceeded to shaved the sides and back of Josh's head, leaving nothing but smooth skin behind.

The barber was about to uncape him when Josh asked the barber if he could give him a facial shave as well. The barber said sure. He reclined the chair and applied a hot towel to Josh's beard and mustache. He removed the towel and got lather to apply. He applied the lather. I watched as my son got his first barbershop shave. The barber completed the shave and applied aftershave to the sides of his head and face. Josh got out of the chair and was content with his haircut and shave.

Josh came back to the three of us. We were surprised at the haircut Josh had. He said that this is the style he will be keeping his hair now and will be going with us every week to have it done.

We left the shop and proceeded to our usual cigar shop. Once there, I went in. Josh came in with me. As we were walking in, we paused. Josh said he wanted to tell me something. I said ok. He told me that for the last few weeks, he has been taking a cigar from the box I had at home and has been smoking them. I had noticed that the box was dwindling down in my stock. I asked him why he did it. Josh said that even though he was not of age, he felt mature enough to have one. That is when he decided to change his hairstyle for a mature look. I was not happy about him smoking, but was glad he was able to talk about it.

We walked into the cigar store. I asked Josh if it was going to be 3 cigars or 4. Josh looked at me and said is 4 ok? I paused and said yes. If you are going to smoke, at least you will do it with us. So we exited the store and went to my house. We sat on the porch. The dad and grandfather were surprised when Josh lit his cigar and sat with us. As usual, we all talked and relaxed. I took my dad and my grandfather home.

Once home, Josh and I had a talk about his smoking. I told him that if he is going to smoke cigars, he is to only do it when I am there with him. I did not want him overdoing it. He agreed.

So it is now 4 generations of haircuts and cigars.

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