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My summer shave by Leo

My summer shave

By Leo

July 1 2008

It was a blazing summer day and I had just finished my first college year last week and to top things off it was my birthday. Needles to say I needed a change in style, I have had long hair for the past 6 years and I got bored of it. So I decided to ask my friend Wendy to cut my hair since she is studying cosmetology and she needs to practice. So I went to her place (she lived right next to me so it was a 3 minute journey)
I asked her if she wanted to cut my hair and she said "are you sure I'm not that good and the way I'm going to cut it will be really short so don't be " I said that needed a new style anyway do I didn't really care. I got home and didn't make a big deal out of the "really short" and I started to play my guitar.

July 5th 2008 12:00 a.m

Me Michelle and Wendy threw a Independence day pool party and everyone had already left it was just us three. I was throwing the trash out and when I came back Wendy and Michelle where there in their really sexy bikinis an there was a chair in the middle of the kitchen " it's time for a haircut" said Michelle "remember that you asked me on Tuesday" said Wendy. I sat on the chair saying yeah i remember. Out of nowhere Wendy untied her bra's top and told me "you know me and Michelle are going to cut your hair really short so I felt we should at least make it fun for you" she put her breasts on my face and plugged in two sets of clippers. Michelle suddenly shaved the side of my head without any warning then Wendy did the same on the other side. My headshaving fetish kicked in and I got a red face and a huge erection. "Ohhh you liked that then you'll LOVE this" said Wendy as she put the clippers on my forehead. She slowly pulled back I felt every hair falling chunks of hair fell on the floor and on my legs. While Wendy was still pulling Back Michelle started shaving a new strip next to the one Wendy had just finished. I stood up and kissed Michelle and after I kissed her I kissed Wendy. I sat down and said sorry that all the excitement had gotten to my head "No problem honey" said Wendy as she winked at me. Michelle continued to shave my head as Wendy sat on my lap and started to kiss me. The shaving continued strip by strip and around 15 minutes later and a had a skullet. I put my hand on the just shaved part of my head and touched it and it was near orgasmic. This feels amazing! I said then Wendy said "it's about to be better" she put shaving cream on the buzzed part of my head and started to shave with a straight razor. Although the top of my head was just stubble it still felt amazing to have it shaved. A few minutes later Michelle took what was left of the shaving cream off my head and kissed it. "You should feel it leo" said michelle. So I felt my freshly shaved skullet and it was so smooth I blushed even more. I took a few pictures and sat back down to have the rest of my head shaved. This time around Michelle sat on my lap and kissed me while Wendy shaved the left side of my skullet. And little by little my skullet became a fully bald head. Wendy finished shaving my stubble and Michelle got off my lap. I couldn't believe that I was bald I thanked both for shaving my head and went to the couch to sleep knowing I had just had the most sexual experience ever.

This is a fictional story!!!

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