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bowl cut by bakhtawar rizwan

i always had long hair like other girls have.my mother was very strict about studies he had flattop hair like men.my father liked long hair but she forced him to keep it buzzcut. but on request of my father he allowed me to have long hair.i had hair long to my hip but one day i was in sixth grade
i failed the year and my mother was called for meeting.when she picked me up from school she was very angry she was shouting on me she took me to mens barber shop not the beauty saloon where i got my hair trimmed every month i never had cut more than 1 inch of my hair.she told me that she also gets haircut from here. when entered the shop a man said hello miss how are need flattop again no i am here for my daughter bakhtawar she failed this year
so as a punishment i want you to give bowl cut okay please have a seat he took out a clipper machine and chopped my long braid of i was crying and saying to please stop the man said its hair sweaty it will grow back and attached something to clipper and started cutting my hair from then sides then he took out a small clipper and ran it over my neck and cheeks and chopped my top hair i was shocked at looking in the mirror.finally he had given me a bowl cut my mom paid 150 rupees and left i was very sad.next day when i went to school everybody makes fun of me but i loved how this feels then in summer vacation i told my mom that i want haircut her.i loved flattop style. i kept i like this till now

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