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The Evil Twin by Luke

I want to suggest game I used once that works pretty well. I did this to a barber and it is great as a forced haircut, if you want to get a buzz cut or crew cut.

I went out looking for a barbershop that has preferably one chair shop; I go into the shop when I am the only one in there, as I get into the chair and the barber ask me how I want cut, at the time I Had mid-length cut, full and covering my ears. I made up a story that my girl friend wanted to see me get a crew cut for once and I said I would do it for once to see if see likes it. So I tell him to give me a short crew 1/2 inch on top 1/4 inch sides and back. Just as he grabs the clipper you say “Wait! I forgot my wallet and don’t have money to pay for this.” If he asks if you want to do it and come back later (some might offer that), tell you don’t feel comfortable driving without a license and tell him you’ll be back later. This might annoy him but he will uncape you and let you go.

You can bring a change of clothes or go home and change, also change your hairstyle, part it differently (middle part or comb it back). Afterward wait an hour then go back to the barbershop. If he is now busy wait your turn. Now when it is my turn I act like I am a different person, if he notices you have changed make no reference to it or smile like you not sure want he means. As I get into the chair he says to me “Same haircut, right.” I reply “Yeah.” He grabs his clippers again turns them on and starts shaving my back to 1/4 inch of my hair. If he is a fast barber he will have half the back shaved before starting the sides. Now the fun begins you act surprised and ask him how much hair you are cutting off. He’ll stop and ask you if you if you wanted a crew cut or not, you “No. I just wanted it trimmed up the sides and thinned out not buzzed. This confuses him he confronts me reminding me that I came in earlier and forgot my wallet. I said “You’re confusing me with someone else.” Then you recall that your brother (who is your Identical twin) said he was going to get a haircut today too. “Oh! Man. That bastard must have come in and said he wanted a crew cut.” Now you bummed out and ask to see the back. Disappointed you tell him “You may as well finish the job.” Depending on the barber he may feel bad for you or find it amusing that this happened to him. The barber apologies then continues to give me a crew cut. He offered to make it free haircut (depending on you morals you take him up on it), but I offer to pay him since I near I was playing him. I thanked him and said I’ll see you in six months.

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