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Under Dad's Instructions by XYZABC

He had been telling me for months that he didn't like my hair long - dropping hints, I guess - but I kept growing it, so it was about 7 inches at the time. He woke me up early in the morning and told me we were going out. We got in the car, I was confused as to where we were going. He pulled up outside the barber's, and I refused to get out until he pulled me out. He forced me into the shop.

The shop was a little out-of-town, and was the only one with an "experienced" barber nearby. He was about fifty. There was no queue, so I was ordered into the chair straight away. I resigned to my fate as he wrapped the cape tightly.

My dad gave him the instructions - something like "Buzz it down to a 4." and I tried to get out of the seat, the barber and my dad restrained me and my dad changed his order. "buzz it shorter to a 2, and if he complains, use your judgement." He walked out of the shop, and took the car away somewhere. The barber didn't talk to me at all, just clipped on the #2 guard and ran it over the top of my head.

7 inches of hair rained down on the cape, and I tried to hold back my tears, but the barber noticed and taunted me. "No tears, boy. If you cry, I'll have to take you closer." as he continued, peeling off the hair to stubble, more tears formed and I tried to stop them falling. Eventually, one broke free, and the barber ran the clippers over my head a couple more times, removing the last of the bulk, before turning them off. He took off the guard and ran the newly-exposed blade up the side of my head, leaving no hair behind up to the top of my head.

He continued around the back and to the other side, removing the 6 inches that had accumulated there over the months, and I forced myself not to cry, for fear of a worse fate. The cutting came to an end as my dad arrived back at the shop. He spotted the tearstains on my cheek and thanked the barber for a good job, before pulling me out of the chair and throwing me back into the car.

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