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Making Up My Mind by Jerrod

Over the years I have found myself enjoying getting my hair cut. I would have long curly red hair; if I let it grow. Don`t get me wrong I really love my hair.The problem is I am always wanting to get it cut. As soon as I start to let it grow I have an uncontrollable urge at times to go to the barber.

Ihardly recall a time that I let it grow much longer than a long buzz. Before Iam off to the barber to get it buzzed or shaved. I have to admit I enjoy the feel of the clippers buzzing off my hair. And when I have my head shaved, the warm lather and blade scraping my scalp gives me the shivers.

As time has gone on I have found myself getting my head buzzed or shaved on a more regular basis. It has come to te point where my barber asks me will it be a buzz or shave today. I am usually undecided until I am inthe chair. Thereare those days I just want it buzzed. Other times I cannot wait to feel the lather and blade do it`s work.

Over the years it seems less and less hair grows back. Especially after a good head shave. Now do not get me wrong I enjoy hyaving my head shaved but also enjoy having it grow back. I never wanted to face the facts that I would by nature start going bald. I just wish I could let it grow in forever then shave it or buzz it as I choose.

Now I am at my wits end I like being bald by choice as well as having hair. Now it appears my hairis starting to say bye bye. Perhaps by the continual shaving I would like to believe. But know it is not true. I have to face the truth rather than just being BBC; I am turning into a bald old man. MPB is now my future. So the question is do I let grow what little returns. Or adapt and enjoy being one of nature`s own baldies.

Oh well what can I say. I am going balder and balder day by day. The day will come when shaving my head will be as routine as shaving my face. Might as well just accept the facts. It cannot be all that much more difficult to shave my head and face every day. Oh rats I know it is going to be much sooner than I expeced. I hoped I would always have hair. But no I do not have the choice. The only choice I have is to let whatever I have grow in or just shave my head every day. And that is now a bad thing.

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