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Succumbing to the Urge by Buzzter

Guys, it is my hope and prayer for each of you that you experience what I did yesterday...
First, a little background: I have worn flattops, but it has been a while.
Two things have contributed to that. First, my hair is thinning.
Next, for whatever reason, when I came out a few years ago,
my haircut urge really subsided and I just wasn`t as into
the whole haircut thing as much.
But, in the past few months, it has really gripped me again.
So, yesterday, I had taken a day off work to run some errands.
Finishing much, much earlier than I had planned, I decided to get a haircut.
I won`t say that getting a flattop hadn`t entered my mind,
but I really hadn`t planned on it. UNTIL...
I walk into my regular barber shop and it wasn`t terribly busy,
but there was one guy in my regular barber`s chair and one guy waiting for him.
I normally don`t mind waiting because it means I get to watch a bit.
When it was time for the next guy to go, he got up and had a seat.
I gotta tell ya, he was a hottie. He was big and kind of muscular -
sort of blue collar looking, in his early to mid 30`s with dark hair
that was receeding a bit at the temples - but not too much.
His hair wasn`t super long or anything, kind of grown out taper -
maybe 6 weeks since his last cut. The top was probably 3 inches - bangs touching his eyebrows.
I couldn`t hear his instructions to the barber -
sitting close enough to see, but not close enough to hear instructions.
But it became apparent pretty quickly that he wasn`t having a regular taper cut.
The barber reached for the big-gun Osters, changed the blade,
palmed the guy`s head like a basketball and peeled from the sideburn
right up the side of his head. A big swath of hair rolled down the cape and,
I swear, my mouth went dry and my heart started beating.
The barber continued the peeling all the way around, and I really began
to have hope that this was going to be a flattop when he clipped the back.
He ran the clipper from the nape of the guy`s neck way up high into the crown.
Without being vulgar, I think most of us here know what happens
when you watch a cut like this. I thought I was going to, er... um...
`explode` just watching. When the barber got to the top, he wet the guy`s hair,
blow dried it straight back and kind of up like a pompadour.
He then grabbed the clippers again and plowed straight down the middle.
He worked for about 20 more minutes on shaping it. It was something to behold.
The back and sides were buzzed down super close, but not lather shaved,
and the top was this perfect V in the front that stood up and gave way
to a slight landing strip. I love dark haired guys with flats. So cool.
My inner haircut demon was raging at this point. Could I? Should I?
What would my partner say? I`ve never talked about this with him.
Finally he was done. I swear this was the hottest guy I`ve seen in a
LONG time when he was done. He paid and left the shop. It was my turn.
I got up to go to the chair and the barber caped me and said, `sorry that took so long,
I appreciate you waiting.` I said, `no problem - that was some haircut you just gave.`
(I was hoping he would suggest that I do the same).
He said, `yeah they take a while to get right.`
And then he said, `you want to keep it the same?`
Here`s where the demon takes over... I said, `how do you think I`d look with one of those?`
He said, `A flattop?` and sounded a little surprised.
(I had stopped getting them by the time I started going to this shop
and this barber has NEVER cut my hair that short).
I said, `yeah, do you think I could pull it off?`
He then said, `you could, you want to give it a try?`
I then said, `let`s do it.`
He then said, `we can do it different lengths, you want to try
a longer one first?` (and now the demon was getting MORE restless).
I said, do it shorter - really close on the back and sides.`
He said, `are you sure?` I said, `hey its just hair` and he said `OK`.
I had gotten a cut about 4 weeks ago and then it had been
with a 3.5 back and sides - but not too high up.
The top was grown out from being combed forward with it brushed up in the front -
probably 2.5 inches long.
He snapped on the Osters - and I presume he had some variation
of one of the zero blades because I could see in the mirror
the first peel of hair come off and I swear, there was barely
any stubble left. I`m pretty sure it was already shorter than
the last guy`s. It was great. He peeled around from the right side
of my head to the left side. It was particularly cool when I felt the
clipper slide up my neck and clip up high into the crown.
While he was working, I asked him if he cut many flattops these days.
He said it usually comes in spurts. He said, `it`s funny -
if I`m cutting one, and there are a few people waiting,
guys usually decide to try one when they see
somebody else do it, like you just did.`
I was thinking - `if you only knew`... He then changed the blades -
as if it wasn`t already short enough - and went over the whole thing again.
I don`t know if any hair actually was cut, but it feels so good to have
the vibrating clipper blades against your skin!!!
Next he went to work on the top. Now, this is my favorite part -
and the part I`ve never forgotten from my very first flattop.
The first time the barber pushes the clippers down the middle of your head.
He dried my hair back like the last guy. He eyed the front of my head
for a second and then took the clippers and pushed them from back
to front down the center of my head. With a flattop, when the clippers
pass over the very top of your head, it is where the hair is cut closest on top.
I could feel the clippers almost right against my scalp. I almost exploded again -
I really thought for a minute I was going to. He kept working until
I had that perfect little box look on top of my head.
When he stopped and put the clippers down, I reached up from
under the cape and felt the back and sides.
He said, `is that short enough, for you, because if you really want it close,
I can shave it when I shave your neck.`
Here`s where the haircut demon went absolutely NUTS.
I smiled a little and said, `yeah, let`s go for it.`
He said, `OK.` Now, I`ve had shorter flats before,
but I had never tried a shaved HnT.
He put a little product on the top (some kind of American Crew stuff)
and brushed it back again. He trimmed a few strays on the top
and then he went for the lather. He smeared it all around the back and sides
and it seemed like a million years before he actually took the straight razor to it.
Part of me wanted to stop him, but at this point,
it was so short already that it wouldn`t make that much difference - I thought.
When he finally started the shaving, I was surprised at the sensation.
I felt so different. I could feel, even without touching my scalp, that it was BARE.
As he scraped away, I felt more and more naked. He finished
and then took a hot towel and let it steam for a second on my scalp.
It was like a forbidden, naked feeling. When he took the towel away,
I reached up to rub the back of my head and WHOA! What a feeling -
what an absolute RUSH. He asked me what I thought and I told him
that I would have to get used to it, but that I liked it. I was absolutely
ecstatic. Now, the fear set in - what would my partner say...
Now, here I am a day later, and believe it or not, it still feels freshly shaved.
I guess I thought it would be like my beard, and I would feel stubble -
but I haven`t yet! As for my partner, he was NOT amused!
He asked me what the hell I was thinking, but he keeps rubbing it,
which completely turns me on... I probably won`t keep it long term -
it is kind of extreme, but I`m really glad I tried it.
You guys who are contemplating it should give it a shot!

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