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Quiet Gathering by Bobby

My friends decided that they wanted a mini gathering. There was 6 of us going round Duncan`s, 4 girls and 2 boys. Duncan always annoyed me because he had long hair and always showed it off even though it was nothing special. Many times, I had thought about cutting his hair off, just so he would stop being so arrogant.

It`s not like I even have short hair, it`s about 3 inches all over, but Duncan`s hair was terrible and in my opinion, too long! Anyway, we were all at Duncan`s door, and he opened it to us. We all went into shock mode. Duncan answered the door, and standing there was a boy with the sharpest looking buzzcut you had ever seen.

`Oh My God` I said, `What happened to your hair?`.
`I decided it was too long so I used my Dad`s clippers to buzz it off`.
`Wow, it looks good`, I said.
`I can do yours too if you want.` he replied.

I have no idea why, but the idea of me having a buzzcut was kind of a turn on. As much as I wanted to say no, I found myself saying `Yeh ok, i`ll do it`. Oh my God, what have I just said! I was led to the kitchen and sat down on a chair. The gang were gathered around me waiting for Duncan to arrive with the clippers.

He arrived. I was extremely nervous about it, but my friends just cheered me on. Suddenly, the clippers came to life. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ was the sound they made as the found their way to my forehead. Duncan swiftly passed them over my head in a quick sharp swipe.

`OOOOOPS` said Duncan.
`What? What have you done` I screamed frantically.
`I forgot to put a clip on. You`re completely bald on that spot`.
`Well, you might as well keep going. Nothing we can do now!`.

My heart was racing. I couldn`t believe this was happening, and all too soon it was over. I looked into the mirror. My scalp was so pale, and my hair was......gone! I thanked Duncan for doing it and decided that I quite liked the look.

When I got home, my Dad flipped and told me that it looked awful. However, later on, he arrived home and he was wearing a cap. I took the cap off only to reveal a buzz, slightly longer than mine. He told me that he thought about it and decided it looked great. Now me and Dad go for matching haircuts every month, and nothing ever longer than a #1!

I`m so glad we had that gathering, and Duncan is so glad that he`s not the only buzzed one in our gang.

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