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Brian by Jerrod

Brian and I had been close friends for a number of years. In all that time I never had seen him with short hair. Actaully, he wore his hair long. His red hair was thick and very curly. He was fortunate to have such a luxurious head of hair.

As for myself and others we were not so endowed with full heads of hair. We were among those who were showing varying degrees of hairloss. And for that reason either kept our hair cut short or just shaved our heads completely. Brian it seemed was destined to always have his hair.

Going bald was just not in the cards for Brian. At times we wondered how he would look bald. But knew that would probably never come to pass. Brian would always have his hair.

One day I had gone to my local barber for a haircut. I was surprised to see Brian there. As we waited our turn the two of us began talking. A couple of long haired patrons got into the chairs. One asked for a buzz the other a flattop. Brian surprised me when he remarked maybe I should try a flattop. I replied you are kidding! He answered no I have been thinking about going shorter.

As for me my hair had been getting progressively thinner and I kept it relatively short or sometimes shaved. This particular day I was planning to get my head shaved. But said nothing to Brian about it. Afterall, he had seen me with my head shaved before and really paid no attention to my choice to do so.

Then he really surprised me when he said maybe I will have the barber just shave it all off. I had to comment you are joking. Brian chuckled as he answered, I have considered it just wondering how I would look without hair. I jokingly said why not try it.

Then it was his turn. He got into the barber`s chair. The barber asked the usual? Brian surprised us both when he said, No I would like to try something different. Give me a flattop. I watched as the barber began to buzz of the long, curly, red hair. The flattop began to take form. It did look good on him.I said that it looked great on him. The barber asked how he liked it. Brian answered it looks fantastic, however how about just shaving it all off.

I practically fell off my seat, I could not believe what I was hearing. And neither could the barber as he asked `You really want me to shave your head?` Brian affirmed it with yes shave my head. I was in awe as the barber took the clippers buzzing him down to the scalp. Then taking the shaving foam he rubbed it all over his head. It was all going as the barber began to shave Brian`s hair off.

Then it was done! I could not get over seeing Brian with his head without his hair. I just had to say it looked really strange. Brian said I like it for a change. Then it was my turn. I said I came in with the intention of getting mine shaved, but never expecting to see you get yours shaved.

As the barber buzzed and shaved my head I noticed Brian rubbing his hairless noggin. After I was finished we both paid and left. We decided to go for a danish and coffee and a local cafe. When we got their a couple of our friends Dave and Shaun were there. They were speechless when Brian walked in with his bald head.

The four of us converesed over our coffee. They asked me if I had anyting to do with the shaved head. Brian told them no it was his choice and wondered how they liked his head shaved. Like me they had always seen him with a full head of hair. Now seeing him without hair was another thing entirely. For Brian it was a major change. We were somewhat surprised when he admitted he liked it and might keep it for a while.

None of us beleived he would keep his head shaved. The only one of us who shaved his head on a regular basis was Shaun. And he had kept his head shaved since college. And of course myself who does it off and on. So we could not see Brian keeping the shaved head. We all assumed he would go back to his longer style.

Well, for now Brian is keeping his head shaved. And it is now going on two years since that day he decided to have the barber shave his head. He has now been taking it upon himself to shave his own head daily or every other day. We still are not used to seeing Brian without hair. He seems to have come to like shaving his head. Oh well it is his choice. As for myself and the rest of us if we had the hair Brian had before he shaved it all off, we most likelywould keep it. And even if we did shave ours like he did to see how we looked, we probably would have grown it back. Not so far for Brian, maybe just maybe he is going to keep his head shaved. But I liked him better with the full head of curly read hair.

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