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Mother by Drew

It was in 1995 when I grew out my hair to a very long mop. It began in the end of the year before when I asked my mum if I can keep my hair longer when we were on our way to the barbershop. It was about Christmas and pretty cold at the place in Germany were I grew up. I had a normal bowl cut just above my eyes and my ears. I was lucky when my mother told the barber only to give me a slight trim, also because of the cold weather. Now I could watch my hair growing over my eyes and over my ears in the next couple of weeks and I liked it. About three month later in February my hair was down to the tip of my nose in the front and covering my ears almost completely. The next visit to the barbershop was coming up but fortunately it didn’t hit me because I was away for a ski trip. But a week later my mum told me that I was in badly need of a haircut. I plead to only get a trim again and in the end we agreed that I only had to get my bangs cut so that my eyes were free again.

I was very happy still having long hair and growing it for another three month. In May it was about haircutting time again and my 13th birthday coming up as well. So I told my mother that my birthday wish was to not have to go to the barber yet. My mother told me that there was no way that I could avoid a haircut for another time and that she already made an appointment for me to get my haircut the next week. And she told me that I already managed to grow out my hair to an insane long mop of hair witch needs to be cut before the warn summer days.

Actually she was right; my hair was crazy long and thick. It was down to my nose again even below my nose and on top it was like 8 inches maybe one inch below the ears and down to the collar. But I still tried to turn my mum to let me keep my hair even nobody of my friends and classmates had their hair that long and everybody told me to get a haircut.

Suddenly my mum told me that she had a deal about my long hair. She said if my birthday-wish was to not get a haircut yet; her wish for the mother´s day that was coming upa week later was to cut my hair at the end of the school year. She said that I was allowed to keep my hair till then if I let her cut my hair like she wants to, after school was out for summer.

I knew I had to get a haircut sometime but I was very afraid of it to get my beloved long hair cut off; especially by my mother. I got even more afraid of a haircut as my hair grew longer and longer. I agreed with that deal because this way I could avoid at least not getting a haircut while I had to go to school and so I could avoid the humiliation by my classmates after a radical haircut as well.

to be continued…..

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