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Transformation by Jerrod

Jason had kept his hair long since high school. He had vowed clipper would never cut his hair short. When he was younger his parents kept his hair buzzed close. By the time he graduated from high school his red hair extended to his shoulders.Everybody liked his thick flowing locks of hair.

Upon entering college he was surprised at how short the others on campus kept their hair.For Jason he intended to keep his hair as he wanted it-long.During the beginning of his sophomore year he underwent a transformation. Not something he had planned. He discovered his hair thinning rapidly.

Jason became concerned and began searching for reasons. It was apparent he was suffering from the onslaught of mpb. Though nobody in his family had lost thir hair at such an early age. He began to faithfully use hair restorers. But they irritated his scalp and did little to retard the loss. Jason was beside himself fearing going bald. He even began wearing a hairpiece which he found to be uncomfortable causing his head to itch.

What could he do? His hairloss was continuing to progress quite rapidly. On a few occassions a friend of his,Ron, suggested to Jason he should buzz his hair short or even shave it all off. Ron had gone through losing his hair in high school. And ended up shaving his head. Deciding to keep his head shaved.

Buzzing it down let alone shaving his head was not what he wanted to do. Then what other choice was there but to return to being a buzz head as in his youth. He did get his hair buzzed short. This only made his lack of his former thick red hair more noticeable. His impending road to being bald could be seen by everyone.

By the end of his junior year his hairloss had rapidly advanced. Desperation was the key. Then one day he went to his barber near the campus. With reservations he requested his head to be completely shaved. Jason was nervous as his head was clipped skin close, then lathered and shaved smooth before his very eyes. Jason could not believe the transformation. And neither could Ron or anyone else. Jason was amazed that he found he liked his new look. The transformation was something he had not expected to be to his liking. But he had come to find he wanted to keep the look. Thus he took it on himself to keep his head shaved forever on.

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