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So Sudden by Dave

I haven’t had a real haircut in 10 years. The shortest my hair has been,
that I can remember, was shoulder length. My girlfriends have always
offered to trim the split ends. Right now the hair almost touches the knee.
I know the hair is extremely long for a man, but I just couldn’t get up the
nerve to go and get it cut. I am self-employed so the long hair doesn’t
seem to bother any of my customers. I guess they have gotten used to my
long hair. The one thing I don’t like about the long hair is the time it
takes to care for it.

One day I got up and was fussing about how tangled the hair had gotten. I
had had it! I was determined to do something about it. My hair is blonde
and straight as can be. The odd thing is that my eyebrows and full beard
are black. I must say it makes for an interesting contrast. I washed my
hair and combed it out and then had breakfast. I figured by the time I got
to town, the hair would be dry.

As I was driving, I noticed a number of men with really short hair and
several with shaved heads. I thought, ‘I bet they are comfortable with
their short hair.’ Right then and there I decided to give up my long hair
for something shorter - say to the waist. I decided to stop at the first
barbershop and treat myself.

As I was looking at another bald man in his twenty, I saw this barbershop.
I didn’t hesitate - I parked my car and walk in. Oh! Did I tell you I had
to be careful with the hair - it would get in the way of doors…..a number of
times I have had to stop suddenly due to the hair being caught in the closed
door. I would just laugh it off and go on. Well, I walked in and no one
was around waiting for a haircut. I knew this was my lucky day. Just as I
sat down to wait, out came the barber. He was about 45 or 50. The first
thing I noticed about him was his hair - the lack of it. He was rubbing
something on his bald head and boy did it shine. He said he would be with
me in a minute.

As I sat there waiting, I looked about the shop and noticed all of the
military pictures. When I looked closer, I noticed the pictures had to deal
with Marines. I saw a number of pictures of the barber in his Marine
uniform with that bald head. I must say he looked impressive in his
uniform, especially the dress uniform.

Just as I was ‘into’ the pictures, big time, Hal, the barber came to me and
introduced himself. I told him how much I enjoyed seeing the pictures. I
did mention how good he looked in his uniform and the shaved head. Hal
laughed and said, “So you like this bald head? I can take care of that for
you.” I got in the chair and before I knew it the cape was in place and Hal
was pulling out the long hair trapped under it. His next comment stabbed me
like a dagger. He said, “Cripes Almighty! How could any man let himself go
like this? This is going to require a major operation.” I knew he was
fiddling with my hair and before I could tell him what I wanted done, he was
cutting off my hair behind a strong rubber band he had placed at the base of
my neck. When he finished, he said, “Boy! Locks of Love is going to love
getting this.”

He left the room for a minute so I reached up to feel and I couldn’t feel
any hair down my back. I got really excited and agitated when I couldn’t
find any long hair. When Hal returned, he said, “Now let’s get this head of
yours shaved.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard and before it got fully
registered in my head, Hal had clippers moving across my head. Hair was
falling everywhere. I finally said, “Hal! I didn’t want my hair cut this
short.” I no more got those words out of my mouth and Hal said, “Recruit!
You didn’t have a say in the matter. From what you said when you came in
was enough to let me know what you wanted.”

After Hal had my hair cut short, he began on my full beard. Before I knew
it, the beard was gone except for the shaving part. I sat there and enjoyed
the freedom from the beard. Just as I was thinking how much I enjoyed the
freedom of the beard, hot later was being applied to the face. Before long
I was completely shaved - face that is.

As I sat there, enjoying the lotion that Hal had put on my freshly shaved
face, I was again startled by feeling hot lather on my head. I was so ‘into
’ the new look as Hal called it, that I didn’t respond in time, so the
shaving began. With the first swipe across the top of my head with the
razor, sent me into a new world. The feeling was truly AWESOME! After the
second swipe, in walked my best friend, Wally. Wally couldn’t believe it
was I under all of that lather. I grinned and said, “Hi Wally! How do you
like it so far?” Wally still hadn’t closed his mouth. Finally Hal said,
“Hi Wally! Have a seat. I will be with you in a few minutes.”

When Hal finished, I was slowly turned towards the mirror and I couldn’t
wait to see what I looked like. I almost passed out when I saw the new me.
I can’t describe how I felt when I saw myself and how wonderful the world
felt around me. Of course I immediately reached up and felt my smooth head.
I got up and paid Hal and gave him a really nice tip. I said, “Thanks Hal.
I appreciate what you did for me.” Just then Wally asked me what brought me
to this new look. I told him I hadn’t any intention of getting my hair
shaved off, but it happened so sudden. I told Wally that I was released
from a prison. I told him that he needed to let Hal get him cleaned up

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