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Razored Smooth by Harry

I've always wanted to shave my head. In the past I have had very short hair numerous times, but never actually shaved. So I wanted to try it out.
I have a full, thick head of black hair, which myself and many others like about me. But I’ve always liked shaved heads. I don’t know why but something about it I liked and wanted it myself, despite my lovely head of hair.
It was the summer, and the weather was hot. I took off the guard from the clippers. After plugging in, I hesitated for a second in the mirror before taking the plunge. Chunks of black hair rained down onto the floor. Within 10 minutes my head was nothing but 1mm stubble. All over. I felt it with my hands and it was such a nice feeling. I could also see my true head shape and approximately my appearance bald, which I liked.
So I had a shower to soften up my stubble, and continuously felt my stubbly scalp. I got out naked, with towel wrapped around me, and wetted my hair all over. I first covered my face with shaving cream and shaved my face smooth as I normally do.
Now the real fun, I thought. I have never done this before: it was long overdue. I covered my entire scalp with generous amounts of shaving cream and left it for 1 minute. Wow, my head was white. I filled the sink with water and couldn’t believe it: I was ready for the shave!
I picked up my Gillette fusion razor and scraped it across the top of my head against the grain. What a sound it made! The unique “scraping” sound was filling my ears as the blades cut off the roots of my hairs. I felt the first strip: it was just super smooth and surreal. I continued with the rest of the top, then shaved upwards on the sides (against the grain). Finally, my razor scraped from the bottom of the back of my head to the top.
As I wiped shaving cream off my ears, I looked at my clean shaven head and thought: this looks good on me! My relatively tanned face suited well with the paler scalp that is now fully exposed and hairless. It had this nice shiny and grey cue about it that I loved. But I knew I wasn’t done. I wasn’t totally clean shaven. As I felt my smooth head I felt a few spots of slightly stubbly areas. Razor, get to work!
I shaved my head 3 times before I was satisfied it was totally hairless. The aftershave burned a bit, but after applying some oil to my scalp, it was so shiny! I loved it! I knew this is a style I want to keep for at least a while. As I went to bed, the feeling of my newly hairless scalp on the pillow was very weird but strangely satisfying.
The next morning, I could already feel some slight hair growths on the top. So naturally I got out my razor and went totally hairless again. I was a bald guy, and planned to stay like this.
So over the next six weeks, I kept my head clean shaven. Not a single bit of hair was allowed on my scalp. Shaving at least once per day helped my scalp to get used to the razor, not to mention my scalp had now got used to being exposed: it no longer feels weird to touch and it has tanned a bit!
This was two years ago. I got a new job and the boss didn’t like my bald head very much, so I kept my hair very short. But during vacations you can bet my head was as bald as ever!

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