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The One For Me by Caped Crusader

"And for god's sake get a haircut before we visit my parents, you look like a hippy"!, my wife shouted at me as I was leaving the house.

A hippy, my hair was only a few weeks longer than the regular long taper cut that I normally had, still quite tidy, but I would have waited a few more weeks before a visit to my regular salon for a trim. However, because my wife and I very rarely visited my in-laws, she was panicking a little. She had lived under the spell of her parents right through till we met, fell in love and married. She was quite prissy and a little naive about the world, her parents still seeing her as their little girl. They looked upon me with the opinion that they may be able to change me for a better more worthy man for their girl one day! But we had been safely together now for a good while, but she still panicked when going to see them. An army family, her dad still getting an extremmely short back and sides every 3 weeks, she just wanted me to be more accepted by them.

I had to visit another town today for work, one I didn't really know. But I finished early, and decided to see if I could get a haircut here rather than flying back to my regular place. As I walked along the streets, I did not know what sort of place I was looking for, but rounding a corner I saw the rotating red and white striped sign of a barbers shop. It was open but you could not see in as the front window was frosted. How about this, I thought, with both an alarm and a tingling sensation in my stomach. I had not been in a place like this since I was a little boy, but this was the sort of place that would give me the type of haircut my wife wanted me to have. i had decided to go a clipperlength shorter all over, keeping the same style but shorter, not too drastic. Oh the hell with it I thought and went in.

The barber was working on a head of hair, an elderly gent, as was the barber, he part turned and looked at me and asked me to take a seat as he wouldn'be long.

He then turned back to the customer and continued his mission, which was to remove any hair from at least an inch above the ear if not more. I watched with growing fascination as, chatting away, he bent the gents head down and slowly peeled srtipe after stripe of hair from his head, leaving only stubble in its place. He did this all round his head, first the back and then the sides, slowly and meticulously, leaving nothing in the clippers wake, going high up and flicking the hair away onto the whit nylon cape that the customer was swathed in.

Once this process was finished, he placed an attachment to the clippers and then went over the customers remaining hair, reducing his (already short) hair to around an eigth of an inch or so. This done he picked up another smaller set of clippers and went over the back and sides again, basically shving the neck and sides clean. He then blende what was left on the top down to nothing. This guy was a serious barber, but surely as long as I gave the correct instructions things would be OK. However in the back of my mind was a nagging admiration for the finished haircut that I had just witnessed, short clean and very manly looking. As the customer paid, the barber said "See you in a few weeks George" and then the customer left.

With that he turned to me and beckoned me to the chair. As he caped me up, he asked me how I wanted it. I told him that my wife had said I look like a hippy, explaining that the man in her family had a haircut just like he had given the other customer. I then went on to try to explain how I wanted it, hoping that by my amateur way of putting it he would know exactly what to do. I was used to a stylist doing all this for me so it was quite new to me, but he just said OK and combed my hair out straight. he then turned to the tools of his trade.

I didn' take much notice of this, and he then came around the back of me and with a click swithed on the big clippers. he gently pushed my head down, and began to mow my hair up the neck, taking it slightly higher than I was used to it seemed but nothing like the other guys which had been taken almost up to the crown. He continued to do this up the back and then came around to the right side. He pushed the clippers into my sideburn and began his upward ascent, and I watched in growing fascination as the skin began to appear from underneath the hair that was left. It wasn't shaved because he had an attachment on, but it was shorter than I had thought it might be. "Not too short is it sir?" he inquired, as he bent my ear down and continued to cut my hair. "No not at all, in fact it looks fine

"Will it satisfy your wife do you think, I can go shorter you know!" And as he was saying this he was finishing the left side. I looked at myself with admittedly shorter hair than I had had for a long time, and liked the look.At this moment the little devil that was in me blurted out " I really like what you did to the last gentleman, can you cut my hair as short as that?" What was i saying I told myself, but even as i thought this the barber said nothing, removed the guard and ploughed the clippers up my left side, much higher than the first pass and left a path of skin.

"No going back now sir you know" he said as he continued to denude the back and sides to a stubble, passing the clippers high up the back and sides. He soon had finished this process, and asked me how short should he take the top down to, and I said I leave it in your hands. With an attachment he then attacked the rest of my hair, quickly reducing it to almost nothing, this seeming shorter than the other customer. "I have gone with a number 1" he said, "shorter then the last mans but it will be fine for you" I was totally in his power and loving it!

He then picked up the small clippers and ran them over the back and sides time and time again, "Got to look good for the lady sir" he said He did a little bit of blending and then announced that he was finished and what did I think he held a mirror behind me and as i saw the new look I knew that I loved it. A proper haircut given by a master tradesmen. I said it looked fantastic, paid him and said that I would be back in 3 weeks for a tidy up, I was smitten, loving my new haircut and knowing that now on it was the one for me.

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