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Matt's night to remember! FORCED BUZZCUT by Christopher

Today was matts big night. He would finally be meeting the guy he had been talking to on an online dating site. Matt was 23 years old and so was his date. Matt was very muscular and hot. He had long blond hair that reached just passed his muscular shoulders. He was very tan and had a gorgeous white smile. His date was named Paul and he was similar in size and had many features like Matt. Paul was a little bit taller and slightly more muscular,he had blond hair too but had a crazy short buzz cut with the back and sides were stubble and the top was just slightly longer. This was probably because Paul had listed in his profile that he had a haircut fetish. Matt just found this attractive and it didn't bother him in the slightest that there one major difference was their hair styles. The two lived in the same state but different towns. They agreed that they would meet at Paul's house and just have a chill night, nothing fancy just a light dinner and some time to just get to really know each other. However it actually turns out to be more than what Matt expected.

Matt arrived at Paul's house which was a decent size and looked nice. He rang the door bell and Paul answered wearing just regular gym clothes, a cut off T-shirt and gym shorts. His arms looked nice and thick. Matt had similar on just a tank and some shorts. Paul said "Hey you made it, come in come in" leading Matt inside. "Make yourself at home". Matt took a seat on the couch feeling confident as Paul took a seat right next to him. They started to chat and get really close. As the night went on Matt finally reached over and felt Paul's arms and said "damn man you look really hot". Matt continued to feel up Paul's muscles and Paul did the same back. Paul said" You look really good too". Then they both slowly leaned in and started to kiss. Slowly they made out and feel each other up.

Then Paul stopped and removed his clothes and as did Matt at the same time. The two jocks stripped down to just briefs. As they stopped for a second in make out position, Paul whispered to Matt in an erotic voice and said "do you like my short hair?, feel it put your hands on it" Matt slowly reached up and felt the sexy sharp sandpaper hairs that gave him such a boner and replied in the same erotic voice "I really do its so sexy and you look so hot with it. It feels so good." Paul replied again "Ya. You like it? It turns me on too. How would you like to remove those long locks of yours and buzz your hair into something like I have." They leaned in and kissed and Matt thought about it for a second, he didn't really care for his hair and was so turned in by the thought of having his hair buzzed off. Matt answered and said "I don't know man maybe." Then Paul replied after a quick kiss "oh come on don't make me force you" and had a small grin.

Matt said "a forced haircut, sounds kinda hot." Matt also showed a small grin. "I'm not too sure though, maybe you should force it. Your are stronger then me. Paul took that as a yes and pinned Matt down and said "follow me boy that hair is mine.

Matt followed Paul to his room and Paul walked over to a large bookcase. Then he opened it like a door. Paul locked arms with Matt and they kissed as they walked into the dark room. Once inside Paul closed the door and turned on the lights, revealing a full barber station. The chair had chains and a cape on it ready to go. Matt was so turned on. Paul put him in the chair "forcefully" mad then strapped Matt into the chair so he couldn't move. Then Paul tied the cape around Matt and draped his long hair on the cape. Paul looked so hot with just his briefs on. The muscles on him, the rock solid abbs the pecs, his huge legs and arms. "I hope your ready boy" said Paul. Matt nodded and Paul spun him away from the mirror.

Paul took out a pair of scissors and pulled the bulk of matts hair back into his hand and chopped it off with his large scissors. Snip, snip snip. The hair rained down and Matt just enjoyed it. Paul said" were gonna cut it as short as mine, you have all these muscles and you look stupid with all this hair. It's done. Then Paul pulled out a pair of oyster balding clippers and turned them on. He let the buzzing echo into matts head. Then made one slow pass starting at the base of his neck moving to the crown shaving the hair clean off, a stripe of his bare head was revealed. Matt almost busted in his briefs and said "ohh yes yes cut more of my hair. Cut it clean off you sexy beast." Paul replied "you will be shorn real good. Back and sides shaved to stubble and the top cut down to a 1/4 inch" and he made another pass with the clippers and another as matts locks fell on the cape and then to the floor. Matt was beyond turned on and horny.

Paul finished the sides and back, they were shaved. Then Paul snapped an attachment on and removed most of the top leaving hairs a little longer and the shaved sides. Paul finished up and spun Matt around. He couldn't believe it. Two years of hair had been removed in a matter of 20 minutes. It was so hot. Matt wanted out and yanked at the chains with his muscles. He wanted Paul so bad. Then Paul took the chains and cape off. Matt rubbed his head and couldn't believe he was feeling this on his own head as he grabbed Paul and kissed him so erotically. Pre-cum had stained both their briefs.

The two beefy jocks now went to Paul's room and they kissed and felt each others short hair. Then they did it together. It was the best night of matts life. He was so glad his head was shorn to almost nothing. The two were so in love, they stayed together and made it a regular thing to give each other haircuts. They loved the sight of each other in just underwear buzzing each other hair off, the both of them with their rock solid muscles and tan bodies with their dicks leaking pre-cum. So hot.

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