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NY Experience by A Recruit

This story happened to me a couple years ago. I was 20, and finishing an exchange program in Connecticut. Not that I couldn't stay in the US for longer but I had to go back to France to do my military time. I was schedule to begin in June.

There was 2 things I hated about going back home : first knowing that I had to spend 10 months in army, and the second thing which really bothered me was that I knew that the first thing they would do was going to buzz my head.

I loved my long black hair, it was part of my look. Now that I think about it that was not the fact that I had long hair that I loved but the fact that it made me different, I had a very personal image and everyone knew me because of that. I could not stop thinking that in a few days I would be completely buzzed, like all the guys who would be with me.

Before going back home I decided to stay 4 days in NYC. I got there, took a hotel room and got myself ready to go for a walk in the city. While I was in the bathroom combing my hair into my usual ponytail, I had a strange thought : I knew I had 5 days left with my hair and the only way not to be humiliated arriving in the army by having someone buzzing my head against my will was doing it myself.

It was decided. I would do it today. I got to the reception and ask the concierge where was a good place to have a haircut. He thought for a second and told me about Astor Place, he said that his son was going to get his haircut there and it was pretty well known among the young guys. He gave me the directions and I called a cab.

On my way there I was really stressed but still decided to take my own decisions. I walked in front of the shop and saw a couple guys coming out from the shop downstairs. I walked down, and opened the door. It was incredible, the shop was so crowded! Maybe 50 people waiting for a haircut or getting one. I walked around and decided to sit in an empty chair waiting for my turn.

There was 4 guys ahead of me. I was very nervous looking at all those young guys getting very short cuts. After an hour it was finally my turn. I got in the chair and the barber laced the cape around me. " Ok what do you want! " he asked Without any hesitation I said " Buzz it all off"

Not even shocked by my answer he asked me how short I wanted to go. "Pretty short" I answered The barber told me he would start with a number 4 and said he could go shorter if I wanted. Mitch, the barber removed the band around my ponytail, combed my hair and picked up a pair of clippers.

I was very nervous but knew I had to do it. "So, are you ready" he asked me. I just nodded. Then he pushed the clippers in the center of my head. "Is this short enough?" he asked. I was trying to remember how short my brother's hair were when he started the army a couple years ago and knew the I had to go much shorter than that. I told the barber to go much shorter.

He said "Ok, I'll go with a number 2" He changed the guard on the clipper and buzzed the center of my head. I looked and thought that the length was about right, and told him that it was fine. I was looking amazed at my long hair disappearing after each pass of the clippers. After maybe 10 minutes he removed the cape, I rubbed my hand on my new buzz.

I actually kind of liked it. Or maybe I was forcing myself to like it since I did not have the choice anyway. After, I took a walk and I could not keep on looking at my new me in front of every window. The haircut was OK but with this new look my 3 days old beard was not looking as good as before. I decided to take a walk on the east village. I was walking in the street when I saw a board in a barber shop window saying "We do shaves ! $ 5" I crossed the street, and decided that sine I had started my transformation I might as well finish it.

The barber shop was the Royal Unisex Barbershop. I walked in, a young barber Mike asked me to sit in the chair. While he put the cape around me he said " Ok what do we do today?" " I want a shave, please", he looked at me rubbing his hand on my head and said " Just the head or do you want the face too?"

I was really surprised about the question and told him that I just wanted the face. He said OK, and told me that since a lot of people were getting their head shaved he thought that is what I wanted. He was shaving my face very carefully, and in the mean time the actual fact of becoming bald became very interesting.

I thought that since I could have my long hair in the army, being bald was a way not to look like the other guys. He finished shaving my face and I heard myself telling him: "I think I'll give it a try with my head too!!" He smiled and told me that I would look good bald. Mike took a small pair of clipper and buzzed my head to 0. I was loving my new image more and more. Then he put some cream on my head and covered it with a towel. There I was looking at me in the mirror with a hot towel on my head.

This was actually very interesting almost sexy. Mike came back after a minute, removed the towel and put some shaving cream. He put a new blade on his razor and started shaving my head. At this time I find myself being very exited and horny. After a few minutes he repeated the process against the grain. At this time I just wanted to feel my freshly new shaved scalp, and that is the first thing I did went he removed the cape.

The sensation was incredible. I left the shop rubbing my head and very happy with my transformation. The next morning; the first thing I did getting out of the shower was shaving my face and my head. This has been going on for two years now and I am not ready to go back growing my hair.


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