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Fantasy Buzz by Yasstehbrilliant

I sat in the barber's waiting chair watching Joe get his head shaved like he did always, only this time he'd brought me with him because I made a promise that I'd get a buzzcut.

Joe was one of those guys who did everything right, he did well in school, took part in sports, had a girlfriend who every guy in the school wanted to date, and he had a bald head. He shaved it weekly to make sure it was as smooth as a baby's ass. Joe was my fantasy, he was sexy. I knew that he'd disown me as a friend if I told him I was gay, I just kept it in my head and tried to hide my raging boner every time I saw the stud. I admired guys with short hair, as soon as I came home from school I'd go straight to the internet to look at photos of shirtless guys with buzzcuts, bald heads and even flat tops. I had always liked short hair, but I'd never go as far as to cut my shoulder length, well maintained locks.

It was a hot summer's day and I had promised Joe that I would cut my hair down to a 1# all around. I knew it was extremely short, but I didn't want to show Joe that I was scared. As I watched Joe get his beautiful head shaved, he was facing me and smiling. I put my hands over my crotch so he couldn't see my hard on.

As he got out of the chair he gave me a pat on the back and sat down where I had previously sat before him. I sat down into the barber's chair and was caped up. The middle-aged barber asked me what I wanted, and before I could speak, Joe said that I wanted a 1# all around. The barber looked at me and said ''is that what you want, man?'' ''yeah..I guess..'' I muttered.

He turned the chair around so I was facing Joe and his freshly shorn head. The barber began to comb through my brown hair that was soon going to end up on the cold barber shop floor. Then, he began to cut away at my hair with his silver scissors. I closed my eyes and thought about Joe's face until I felt my erection coming back. As the barber started to shave my nape and all the way up I could feel the breeze hitting my shorn head, it was a wonderful feeling.

In no time, he was finished and sweeping the small bristles from my neck and face. ''There you go, kid.'' said the barber. He uncapped me. I went to the counter to pay for my haircut but Joe stopped me and said that he'd pay, I was reluctant but his kind face gave away. As we were driving in the car, Joe looked at me and said '' I saw your erection in the barber shop, bro. I love you. I'm dumping my girlfriend for you!''
My heart skipped a beat. I was dating my fantasy! I hugged him.

When we got back to my apartment, we spent the night together. But that's a whole different story.

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