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Back in the Game by BaldSurfer

"How long has Jenny been gone now? A month, at least. Tommy, its time to get back out there," Ryan said as they both toweled off in the locker room.

Tommy sighed as he dried his thick muscular furry chest, looked up at his friend and answered, "I know. But its hard to imagine. Jenny and I started dating in college and we were married for ten years. I havent had to pick up a girl or go on a date in like fifteen years. Im not like you. Hell, even when I was single in college, you were always better at getting girls. And when she left me, any confidence I had was really shot"

"Thats why Im going to help you. Were going to hit the bars together tonight and Ill help you hit the ground running. But first, were going to need to fix you up a bit. You cant go out there looking like a middle aged accountant."

"But I AM a middle aged accountant," Tommy replied as he toweled off the ring of black hair that circled his bald head and his thick full black beard.

"Youre 35, but you look 50. We can fix that, though. And nowadays, women expect you to be better groomed downstairs too."

"No way," Tommy replied. "Im not gonna shave my whole body bad like you, you conceited hairless freak."

Ryan laughed. It was true that Ryan was overly proud of his ripped muscular body and showed it off by shaving every hair from the neck down. But thats not what he intended for his friend. "Dude, relax. Youre too freaking hairy to do that. Youd be a walking wall of stubble. I think you should clean up a bit, but thats not my job. More importantly, we need to fix the way you look and dress. Come to my apartment after work, and well get you ready to get back in the game."

Tommy reluctantly agreed. He self-consciously ran his hand over his bald pate as he watched Ryan put gel in his own thick spiky blonde hair. Had that guy ever even lost a single hair on his head? They dressed and left the gym, going their separate ways to their jobs. Tommy was nervous all day, thinking about getting back into dating. And what did Ryan have in mind about "fixing him up"? Ryan had been his best friend for 20 years. When they were younger, Ryan could talk Tommy into anything - which usually meant getting into trouble. But they were grown now and Tommy trusted that his friend had Tommys best interests at heart.

Tommy got to Ryans at 6:30, still in his suit and tie from work. Ryan opened the door in just his boxers, his hair still wet from the shower and his body seemingly just shaven and stubble-free.
"Dude, you are NOT going out in your work clothes. Were the same size, so youll wear something of mine. But first, we have some work to do. Take off that jacket and your shirt and Ill be right back."

Tommy did as he was told, although he was still quite unsure of what Ryan was planning. Ryan came back into the living room in gym shorts and tank top, carrying a black leather shaving kit case. He put the case on the bar, then went behind the bar and poured them each a drink. "Here, thisll loosen you up," Ryan said as he spread newspaper on the floor and placed one of the bar stools on the paper. Then he told his friend to take a seat, as he opened the case and took out a set of hair clippers and an electric razor. Tommy was visibly nervous and took a big gulp of his scotch.

"What the hell do you have planned?" Tommy asked.

"Dont you trust me?" Ryan asked and Tommy quickly said no, not in a situation this weird.

"Okay, no surprises. Heres what Im thinking. I think we take that beard of yours down to a nice tight goatee. Youll look years younger."

That didnt seem like such a bad idea. As the top of his head grew balder, Tommy had compensated by letting the beard grow, but thought to himself that maybe a facial trim would actually make him look younger so Tommy quickly agreed.

"Oh, and then," Ryan added with a sly grin, "were gonna shave your head."

"Are you out of you freaking mind?" Tommy said as he jumped up. "Shave my head?"

"Dude, trust me. Youre a bald guy. BALD! The only way to make the best of it is to own it completely. Spit in Mother Natures eye and finish the job she started. Seriously, I swear that if my hair ever got even a little thin, thats what Id do. Now come on. Stop being a wimp. I promise you, if you let me do this, youre getting laid tonight!"

Tommy gulped down the rest of his scotch and insisted Ryan pour him another one before he finally sat down on the bar stool. Ryan plugged in the clippers, the bare blades shining and with a snap of the switch, the roared to life. Ryan approached Tommy and laughed as he wondered aloud her to start.

"Ah, screw it," Ryan cackled. "Lets get you committed," he said as he put the clippers at Tommys temple and pushed backward, carving a wide bald stripe through the fringe on the right side of Tommys head. "No going back now," said Ryan as he now slowly and methodically sheared away the 2 inch long hair on that side. Tommy gulped more scotch as he saw the hair rain down across his bare chest and arms. Then Ryan pushed Tommys head forward, his chin pressed against his chest as the clippers ran up the back of Tommys head, leaving the barest hint of black stubble in its wake.

Ryan worked his way around to the other side until he finally finished at the temple. Tommys full beard was still intact from the top of his ears down. But before tackling that, Ryan ran the clippers over the top of Tommys head, eliminating the few pitiful wisps of hair that still tried to survive up there. Tommy began to wonder what he looked like now.

Next came the beard. The thick course whiskers were almost as long as the hair on Tommys head had been and as Ryan pushed the clippers downward from the top of Tommys ear, the wiry hairs also rained down. Tommy seemed to relax as he realized that they were far past the point of no return. Ryan carefully took his time as he shaped a a goatee. Then he snapped a #2 comb on the clippers and trimmed the goatee to a length barely past stubble. But the thick black whiskers still looked full and well defined.

Ryan placed the clippers on the bar and grabbed his electric razor. The razor made a grinding sound as it cleared away the coarse stubble from Tommys cheeks but as Ryan ran them up the remains of Tommys sideburn, Tommy was surprised as the razor continued up his temple all the way up the side of his head. It hadnt occurred to him that when Ryan said "shave" his head he meant SHAVE his head. ut hed come this far and let his friend continue. The grinding of the electric razor seemed to echo inside Tommys skull and the vibrations ran through his whole body as Ryan carefully and completely shaved him bald. When Ryan was finally satisfied that Tommy was free of stubble, he switched the razor off.

Tommy finally raised his hand and rubbed it over his now bare scalp. It was an odd sensation - his head felt both tingling and numb at the same time. He was fascinated and couldnt wait to look in the mirror, but suddenly he noticed that Ryan had turned the clippers back on, with a #3 attachment snapped on. What was possibly left to trim, Tommy thought as his friend abruptly pushed the clippers down Tommys sternum, leaving a stripe of short fuzz down the center of his hairy chest.

"Dude! What the hell? I told you I wasnt shaving my body!"
"You dont have to shave it, but listen to me. You work your ass off at the gym every morning, but who can tell under that sweater youre sporting? Take these into the bathroom and finish that up before you shower."

Tommy pondered the idea and ran his hand over the buzzed chest hair as Ryan took a swipe with the clippers across his forearm."Trim those paws too, poppa bear!"

Tommy grabbed the clippers from his friend gulped down the last of his scotch and headed to the bathroom to see what Ryan had done to him. He stared in the mirror at the bald headed man who stared back. Damn, if Ryan wasnt right! Tommys head shape seemed perfect to be bald, and the tight black goatee was a perfect compliment. And he had to admit he looked younger. And tougher too. Then his eyes drifted down to the fuzzy stripe down his chest. This didnt thrill him. Maybe he was the last man on earth who felt this way, but he was proud of his hairiness, and had been since he was the first in his grade to sprout chest hair at only 14. Except for that stripe, you could barely see skin under the thick wavy black fur, But Ryan really hadnt left him any choice, so after taing off his pants and underwear, Tommy plugged in the clippers and snapped them on. Still cursing Ryan under his breath, Tommy ran the clippers across the top of his chest and watched the thick downy curls fall replaced by a path of fuzz. A few long strokes later he had to change the pattern as he mowed carefully around his nipples. Then back to long strokes from right to left. When his pecs were done, Tommy had to admit that you could now see the definition hed achieved, and there was still enough hair that he didnt look "plucked". He continued buzzing side to side as he cleared his abdomen, revealing a six-pack that had never been visible before. Tommy was feeling even better about himself as he kept clipping and before he realized it, even his pubic hair had been clipped down to 3/8 inch. And that made his dick look bigger too!

Next, he had to clip down his hairy arms too. He ran the clippers in long strokes up the top of his arm. As he worked around to the underside, he lifted his arm for a better view, and now comfortable with the process decided to clip away the long thick hair in his armpit as well. He did the same with his other arm and then stepped into the steaming hot shower. The water ran down over his gleaming bald skull and he couldnt stop rubbing his head. He stepped out of the shower and was amazed how quickly and easily he could dry off his bald head and clipped body.

He put his boxer briefs back on and walked out into the living room. Ryan eyed him up and down. "Damn, bro! You look great! I didnt realize how freaking ripped you are! If I thought youd end up looking better than me, Id never have started this!"

That made Tommy feel great. Ryan handed him a pair of expensive skinny jeans and a form-fitting button down shirt, and they headed to the bar.

In less than an hour the newly confident (and halfway drunk) Tommy was talking to a gorgeous blonde named Rebecca, who admitted she had a "thing" for guys with shaved heads. By 11, with a quick goodbye to Ryan, Tommy and Rebecca left the bar and headed to Tommys apartment. As she undressed him and ran her hands over his groomed, muscular torso, she was practically purring.

After Rebecca left the next morning, Tommy jumped in the shower. As the water ran over his head, he reached up and felt the fine sandpaper stubble. He reached out of the shower, grabbed his razor and shaving cream and carefully shaved himself smooth again. It felt great. He loved the feeling of the razor across his scalp. He loved the smooth feeling of a clean shaven head. He loved the confident feeling it gave him. Ryan was right. Tommy was finally back in the game!

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