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College Heashave by Chris

One day in the bustling cafeteria of Pauls college, Paul sat eating his lunch alone as most kids did studying and eating. Paul was a sophomore and was 19 years old with a muscular build and luscious long brown hair. He had always wanted a short haircut and loved the thought of the clippers against his head. He loved high and tights and Mohawks. For the most part everyone at his school had business cuts and only a select few had these types of styles. There was one guy that came into mind as he walked past Paul eating lunch. His name was Brett. He was a swimmer with a thick chest and an overall huge build. He was the typical jock, however at this school sports weren't all the rage and Brett had limited friends. Shocking because he looked so hot. Brett was in Paul's math class and Brett always had a hot fresh cut. He always had a some type of buzzcut and would alw
ays talk about it to the kids around him who didn't really seam to care, but he was proud and he looked damn good too. It was obvious that he had the same fetish Paul did: haircut. Of corse though Paul hid it behind his perfectly styled locks.
Paul gassed at Brett from across the cafeteria as Brett sat and did some work saying hi to people every now and again. Paul was locked on his hair. It was crisp and high and looked fresh and he could only imagine what it felt like to rub his hand up the back of Brett's scalp. With that Paul zipped up his computer bag and headed off to his dorm to hit the gym and shower and then go to bed.
A few weeks went by and once again Paul was eating lunch. Nothing had really changed other than his hair getting even longer, however it still looked tamed and clean. Then Brett strolled in wearing grey sweat pants and a red sweatshirt. Paul noticed that instead of his typical high and tight he was shaved all the way to the wood. Paul got an instant boner and he was thankful he had his compression briefs on to contain it all. He couldn't believe it. Brett was rocking a shaved head! No one else on campus had the balls to do that. He looked even more sexy and he really was someone to pull it off. He watched as Brett sat down and gave a quick once over his shaved head with his hand. Paul wanted to go talk to him desperately to find out why he shaved his head. He thought to himself of how he could convey a conversation. Then Paul decided to come up with a math question and that could spark a conversation.
Paul got up from his single table and took his math notebook and took a seat in front of Brett. Brett immediately took out his headphones and said "hey man what's good?" Paul replied "nothin much man sorry to bother you but your in my math class and I'm trying to figure this out I'm a little lost maybe you can help" Brett spun the notebook around and looked at it and began rambling and explanation of how to do the problems. Paul didn't even listen he just focused on Brett's head, it looked even better up close. As Brett finished explaining Paul said thank you and was gathering his notebook and as he started to stand up he commented and said "I like the headshave Brett. It looks real sharp" After that Brett instantly started talking about it and Paul sat back down.
Brett said "thanks my dude I appreciate it. It really feels good to touch!" "I bet it does I can only imagine" replied Paul. "Come on feel it run your hand over it" Brett moved his head down so paul could feel, but he hesitated. Then Brett took Pauls hand and rubbed it over his head himself. The sensation was great. "Aw that is nice! No wonder why you got your head shaved!" Paul responded. "Oh I dont have my haircut by someone else, I cut my hair on my own. Im pretty much a master barber now." Paul said back "Really? You must save loads of cash man. I blow tons on my hair" "You bet also on hair products. Just cutting your own hair is a win win."
By now Paul was rock solid hard. He didn't want to get up because his erect dick would show through his pants. "I used to give my buddies haircuts all the time. But everyone here has long hair" spoke the shaved Brett. Paul in a way wanted Brett to cut his hair. A hot young barber like him buzzing away at his head sounded so hot. But he wasn't sure if he was ready for that change yet so he changed the topic a bit. "So what made you shave your head? You used to always have a high and tight?" Brett replied "well I have had the high and tight for so long and wanted something different so I though about just going all the way and it is so worth it. Plus if I didn't like it a high and tight only needs about a couple weeks of growth." "That makes sense" said Paul.
"Alright man Im about ready to head out of here its getting crowded again, wanna come and hang out in my dorm room? I don't have a roommate so you can stay as long as you want" said Brett. "You know what man I think I will" Paul said. Then the two new friends exited the calf and walked to Brett's dorm.
Finally the two made it and they entered. It was a single person dorm with a good sized room and a decent sized bathroom off the back wall. "This is it" said Brett as he walked over and tossed his bag on the floor. Paul came in and closed the door behind him and plopped down in a leather desk chair. It was really hot in there so Brett quickly removed his red sweatshirt and revealed his gorgeous abs and huge arms and shoulders. He was defiantly a hottie. "Thats better its so warm in here" Brett exclaimed as he opened one of the small windows. Paul followed the same removing his heavy sweatshirt. "Oh we got some nice abs over here he joked and rubbed one of Paul's nipples. A little hairy though" Paul then realized he hadn't shaved his chest in a while and it was coated in short hairs. Of course Brett being a swimmer his chest was shaved smooth. He was so hot. Brett then leaped in his bed and adjusted himself and spoke "So bro how do you manage such long hair" "I don't know man it is a
royal pain. The shampoo and conditioning takes so long and I have to shower every day or it looks terrible. I don't know why more people don't have buzz cuts like you." Replied Paul. "Well how about I give you a haircut. Something much shorter and manageable than what is on your head now" Brett said excited. "Uh I don't know Brett. I would love to have a short haircut but I'm not sure" "come on you will love it. Its just hair if you really don't like it you can grow it back out!" Said Brett now getting up. "Alright I guess but what were you thinking?" Paul was about to explode in his pants he was so turned on. "Eh whatever I cut I cut. Don't worry about it I will make sure its short. But first We have to take care of that hairy chest of yours." Brett motioned Paul to go to the bathroom. "This will be easier if we do it in the shower. Lets strip down and get it done." Paul just went along with the whole thing he couldn't believe all this was even happening. They went to the bathroo
m and stripped all the way to their compression briefs. Brett said "alright thats good we can shower in these I don't wanna make it uncomftorable." Brett turned on the shower to let the water get hot. The bathroom soon became steamy and the two guys stepped into the surprisingly large shower and get wet. Their white briefs instantly showed their muscular asses and penises. However Brett focused more on shaving than each others arroused dicks. He lathered up Paul's chest with shaving cream and grabbed a fresh razor he had stuck in the band of his undies. He began shaving. Stroke after stroke. Revealing a tan muscular chest. Large pecs and larger looking muscles now that the hair had been removed. The two stepped out if the shower and dried off. They were totally dry except their briefs that were still a bit damp. Paul's hair didn't even get wet. They let the stem die down a bit and let the mirror defog and Paul was checking himself out he had forgotten how great his body was. He was
almost as big as Brett. Then Brett came up behind him and pulled all his hair back and said "soon it will be out if your way. Look how handsome." Paul then sat on a stool in front of the mirror and said "Im ready, lets cut this hair, do what you feel is best. These locks are yours bro!" "Thats what I like to hear!! Say goodbye to it" Brett then bent down and pulled out a plastic container from under the sink and revealed about a dozen clippers. He opened the box and plugged the largest red oyster pair in. He removed the already small attachment that was on it exposing the bare blades. Brett walked over behind Paul and fired them up into a roar. Then lifted Paul's hair in the back and ran the bare clippers strait up the back of his head. The hair cascaded onto the floor. 7 inches of locks severed at the base. He kept going all the way around the head exposing his bare scalp. Paul was so turned on he was in awe. His hair fell forward and the differnt lengths fell on his pecs and then
glided down his perfectly smooth chest. The hair built up on his throbbing crotch. Brett then stopped after shaving all his hair from around the back and sides and said "are we going all the way or are we leaving you with a high and tight?" Paul didn't know how to answer and he looked up and saw Brett's shaved head and returned confidently "shave me down! I don't want any hair left up there, make it like sandpaper!" With that Brett placed the clippers at the back of Paul's head and ran the forward pushing a strip of hair down into his lap. Paul couldn't contain it and he jizzed in his undies. A large load spewed out. He was still horny after that because Brett was still shaving him. There was nothing left to cut other than the stubble that remained. It was unbelievable. Paul looked like a real man. The abs the muscles and then he saw his sexy barber Brett and stood up and turned around. He looked at him and they felt each others heads. It was so hot. Paul said "thank you man I want
you to maintain this as long as your head is the same!" Brett replied "its a deal." Then the two pushed twards each other and hugged and made out hard. Their dicks rubbed and Paul was about to explode again. They brushed the hair off of Paul and they went to Brett's bed. First they master-bated each other while feeling the shaved stubble on their heads. Huge amounts of cum came from the two healthy studs and then they were so turned on they were able to f*** each other and then they stayed together and laid feeling their shaved heads. The tow re-shaved each others heads every week and then after college they moved in together and built a small barbershop in their basement where they continued to cut their hair!'

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