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My first horseshoe experience by Ti Pit

Since my 13, I had flattop. I visited regularly barber to keep my flattop cleaned. Sometimes, my flattop was sufficiently short to show a small landing stripe. My sides and back was not very skinny. As I was timid, it was more shorter that I can get.

At 17, I was monitor in camp for teenager for 10 weeks. I had got my flattop 3 weeks before my summer work. It was very hot summer and, after 2 weeks in camp, I had an occasion to go to very small town near camp. I was wearing a tank top and very small cutoffs shorts. These clothes was perfect for this hot summer day. I found an old barbershop, 2 chairs. Both were occupied by two guys, 20 years old getting horseshoe. I was terrified when I saw these haircuts.

After few minutes, barber invited me to take place on seat. Suddenly, he caped me, saying nothing, he took a clippers without guard. He pushed my chin on my chest and in one shot down to top, he shaved a long stripe back my head. I never had so short and so high. Terrified I said nothing. He continued all back and sides. All shaved close skin, totally white with my dark brown top. Then he placed my head in stand up position. Using a large flattop comb directly on my head and his clippers, he cut all hairs over comb. After, without comb, freehand, he cut shorter and shorter. I can see in mirror that I was getting a terrific horseshoe. I saw a very large white landing skinny stripe and thin dark brown horseshoe.

On front, I had maximum 1/2 inch length. After, using shaving foam on all sides, on back and white stripe on top, he shaved all with razor. It was the first time that a razor touched my head for a real shaving. Under cape, my denim cutoffs shorts was more and more tight. Then, barber turned the chair front mirror and with a hand mirror. Smiling, he showed his work. He seemed very happy to see me with this very short horseshoe. This horseshoe seemed shorter than other guys.

I was on shock when I felt his clipper cutting my back and doing this large skin close stripe on top without my permission. But looking the final result, I must say that I was very excited to see a new me. I never had short haircut before like this one and I was terrified when I saw these other guys on chairs with these horseshoes. But, it was too late. I had no choice. Now, I had a very short horseshoe as haircut. My hands was on my cutoffs shorts under cape. I felt a wet spot on my shorts. Then, using my hands, I rubbed my head. Cool, I liked this new feeling, specially the sensitive skin on top. I paid him and went outside.

Sun on my white skin head, I searched a restaurant. I found one where I saw the 2 other horseshoe guys with 2 other guys with long old flattop like I had. The horseshoe guys had suggested to their friends to get horseshoe too like I got. They insisted and said that it was the day special haircut at barbershop. After lunch, I walked front barbershop and I saw a card in window indicating that they will make only horseshoes today.
Then, I understand why barber proceeded on my head without my permission.

After three hours in this small town, I returned to camp. There, all campers was excited to rub my head. My cutoffs shorts was more and more tight. Luckily, I had no underwear in my cutoffs shorts. I was tired by this hot day. I want take a shower. Taking off my clothes before shower, I saw wet spots in my shorts. I closed and locked the bathroom door. Totally naked in shower, water on my new head, I was very excited when I rubbed my head. With soap in my hand, I rubbed my chest, my back, my legs, my buttocks, and my hairy bulge. My bulge was suddenly coming more and more big. Water raining on my head, it was so good. I was very excited to see that I had more hairs between my legs than on my head. Yes, I did what all 17 old guys did often with hands. I was so happy that barber forced me to get this radical horseshoe.

Two weeks later, with other monitor, an awesome 5 feet 9 inches muscled guy, 17-18 years old, my roommate in camp,I returned to same barbershop. At camp, he told me that he was very excited when he rubbed my new horseshoe. He said that he was really horny all evening looking my horseshoe. I remembered that he was looking my head during this evening. His eyes on my horseshoe excited me. He had a very old long buzzcut. This buzzcut was his first short haircut that he got before camp. He got this buzzcut because his dad conducted him to barbershop, forced him to cut his long Emo haircut and get short haircut for summer and camp. Before this buzzcut, he always had dark brown long Emo hairs on his face and neck. He was running away barbershop. Like many Emo, he liked his long hairs.

Both, we wore a very short cutoffs shorts seeming like a tight and narrow speedo near thighs and crotch. Both we had some cutoffs shorts. Like other day, it was a very hot weather. At camp, both we decided to wear our most frayed shorter cutoffs shorts that we had in our collection. Since our 15 years, both we had cutted our old jeans shorter and shorter to make it very short and to give to our old jeans a sexy second life. When we took on your shorts without underwear, I saw that he had shaved totally his body hairs. I asked him why he had shaved his pubis, his bulge and his crotch. He answered that it will be the barber day and he wanted to be hairless totally except his head. My question and his answer, made us hard on. Looking our hard dick and buttoning our shorts with difficulty, we smiled when we lodged our tool in our tight shorts. Me wearing a tank top and my mate a very small t-shirt, we were ready to go in small town for our haircut. With his very small t-shirt, it was easy to see that his pubis was shaved. Still this moment, my mate did not say which haircut he will ask. I was thinking that he will ask a buzzcut like he was forced by his dad to get shorter haircut.

In small town, we found the barbershop. No card in windows indicating day's haircut. Only one barber and no waiting clients. It was the same barber who did my last haircut and who terrified me. The barber, 30 years old, had a new awesome shaved high and tight flattop. We went inside. He invited me to take place on chair. My mate sat front me and watched the barber who asked me which haircut I would get. Same like last time. I got it the horseshoe day! It was easy for barber to recognize that I got a horseshoe 2 weeks ago. He remembered me and my new horseshoe. He was happy that I liked it and that I was wanted a horseshoe again.

Then, with his clipper without guard, barber shaved my sides and back showing my head white skin. I saw my mate with his legs very opened showing to me his awesome and handsome crotch hairless. When I saw him with his body without hair, it was the first time that I saw a guy with hairless body. He was rubbing his bulge and his long hairy old buzzed head. I smiled to him and he understand that I was in same situation under cape in my cutoffs shorts. Suddenly, the barber had placed my head in good position and, without comb and using his clipper, he cut the top. More and more shorter, I can easily felt the hot weather of his clippers on my scalp. I had feeling that I was getting a shorter horseshoe that last time if it is possible to get shorter. After, he used razor and shaving foam all around head and on landing stripe. Like last time, I was terrified, anxious, curious and excited by this shaving step. His arms on his chair, my mate was watching the progress with fascination and excitation. This time, his legs very opened front me, I can easily see his shaved balls falling on his thigh. My bulge liked what I saw. Then, I saw a large wet spot on his cutoffs shorts. By his excitation, I understand that he was close to ask same haircut. The barber turned the chair front mirror and showed my head with hand mirror. Yes sides and back was shaved higher and the stripe was large, very larger. My new horseshoe was very radical. Front hairs was bite shorter too. More, I would be totally bald. He tooks off the cape.

I paid my cut. When I paid, my mate stood up, replaced his shaved balls in his shorts and placed his tool in erected position. He sat on the barber chair. He was caped and immediately I asked to barber to give him a horseshoe like mine. I saw my mate's face coming red but he said nothing. Looking my head, the barber smiled and agreed my choice. Front mirror, the barber said to my mate to look for the last time his buzzed head before new haircut. And he replaced chair front waiting chairs. I was sitting front my roommate who cannot see what the barber was doing with his head. Before sitting, I placed my tool in good position. Like my mate, I had also a wet spot. The barber saw my hand inside my cutoffs shorts and that we had wet spots on our cutoffs shorts. With pleasure, he said that we are not alone to have wet spot when getting a very hot haircut like us after long hairs. I understand that he liked see men coming horny when they got very short haircuts.

With authority, he pushed the mate's head to his chest, he pushed clipper without guard from down to up on his back head, making a long white skin stripe hairless. He pushed very high. He redid same all back and sides, many dark hairs failed on cape and floor. Fascinated, I was sitting with my legs very opened like my roommate did during my haircut. He can easily see my hairy balls. I like to show him my hairs. I was sure that he would like see me shaved like him. I was very excited to see his awesome and handsome shape head. Like me, my roommate had a perfect head to be bald. Then, the barber placed the head in right position to do the top. With his large flattop comb on mate's head, he cut with clippers all hairs over comb. I was excited to see all his hairs falling on cape and floor. I was surprised to see how long was his hairs. Then, freehand, the barber cut shorter and shorter showing a very large white stripe on top. I was horny on my chair. I saw that my mate, seeing my hard bulge, was in same situation under cape. I saw some motion under cape on his bulge. After two minutes, the barber covered sides, back and large white stripe with shaving foam and shaved all with razor. It was very erotic to see white shinny skin on my mate head. I was so excited in my cutoffs that I came wet again. My mate saw my very large wet spot... My face came red, but my mate and barber liked to see me so excited. The barber was sure that I love to get a short haircut and that it will be my haircut for a long period. I guessed that it was same for my mate.

The barber's chair returned front mirror and with a hand mirror, my mate saw his new look. He was very happy, thanking barber for this haircut. The barber indicated to my mate that this horseshoe was my choice. Without cape, the barber and I saw how my mate excited during haircut.

My friend paid his horseshoe and we walked to restaurant to eat something. There we saw the 2 guys who got horseshoes two weeks ago. One of them was shaved totally head to feet, including his eyebrows, by other guy. He indicated that he liked to be totally shaved. The second guy said that his friend will shave him too same today. They said their 2 other friends visited barber same day and got also horseshoe. I said that my mate shaved his bulge this morning before barbershop. The two guys saw his shaved balls falling on his thigh. They saw also and commented my hairy balls. After lunch, we returned to camp for a shower.

In our room, door locked, I rubbed mate's head and he did same on my head. Both, we liked to be rubbed by the other guy. Without t-shirt and tank top, we had unbuttoned our wet cutoffs shorts. No doubt, we were very horny during haircut in barbershop.

I asked to my mate to shave me totally from neck to feet. His dick gave me his answer. Happy to agree, he said that it's easier to be shaved by other guy.

Taking shaving foam and razor, he began by my back, butts, chest, arms. After, he shaved my legs. I saw that he liked to be a body barber, like his hard dick gave me the good proof. After, he used scissor to trim my pubis, balls and crotch. My mate was the first who touched my tool and balls. For my mate, it was the first time that he touched a guy or girl. Both, we liked this new situation. Both we was totally virgin. Shy and anxious, we were looking for girls. Then he covered my pubis, dick, balls, my crotch and my anus with shaving foam. I had great sensation. He shaved pubis, dick and balls. He finished with my crotch. My shaving finished, he asked to shave his legs, his arms and his buttocks. He had few hairs. Few minutes later, we were totally shaved, including our eyebrows, with only a very short horseshoe.

Always very excited to see us totally smooth, we cleaned the floor and put all these hairs in bag for waste. Now we need shower to clean our smooth body of this shaving foam. In our bathroom, both very horny, our tool was very big and long ready to explode. In a large mirror in restroom, I saw my mate jerking off his dick and I did same with mine. He rubbed my new horseshoe and I rubbed his new horseshoe. It was the first time that we masturbated our dicks front other person and it was front a guy. It was a very exciting situation. I saw my mate using his hand to stretch lower his shaved balls. By his groan, I understand that it was very exciting to do. I did same with my balls. I had jerked off more and more fastly. Holding my shaved balls lower and very tight, I felt my shaved buttocks tightening very tight. My mate and I, seeing our horseshoe in mirror, we masturbated rapidly with hot groans. In same time, we exploded in long groan. It was the first time that I saw a guy who ejaculated near me. My mate licked his wet fingers and clean all with his tongue. He said that he did often and he likes to eat his intime juice. I tried it. It was special but ok. After shower, we wore our very small tight red speedo to go to the beach and get a suntan. Body totally shaved with our new horseshoe and wearing our small red speedo, we felt very sexy. Both, we was very happy and relaxed.

Few weeks later, we returned to barbershop for new horseshoe. We got a new horseshoe last day of camp, just end of summer before school. I know that my mate parents was on shock when the saw him with a fresh lather shaved horseshoe. They had never imagined that Emo son will get a so short and radical haircut. They asked him to let his hairs growing for a less radical haircut. My mate said that he want keep his horseshoe. When he leaved the camp, I understand that he would like kiss me and same for me. Both shy, we did not but we rubbed hardly our horseshoe.

His family changed the town. I meet him 3 years later, on a beach, taking suntan. He was wearing a white very small speedo on his all shaved body with always hot horseshoe. He had a very used cutoffs shorts on sand near him. Like him, I had a fresh horseshoe but my body was not shaved since 3 weeks. He commented my hairy body and remembered our first shaving. He invited me to go to his motel and he would be very happy to shave me totally like he did in camp few years ago. He saw in my small light blue speedo that I was very happy to see him and to receive his invitation. In small white speedo, his amazing cock looked very big. He coated his speedo with his old cutoffs shorts. I was just wearing a long t-shirt over my speedo. We walked to his motel. In room, he took off my t-shirt and my speedo. He did same with his clothes. I was very excited, like him. Saying nothing, he kissed me deeply. My first kiss. Still this moment, I was always virgin. I love it. Instinctively, my mouth licked his amazing nipples. He said that he likes when a guy licks his nipples and his shaved body. On my knees, I licked lower and lower, no hairs stopped my mouth and my tongue. I felt his hand rubbing my horseshoe. I feel his tongue licking my shaved landing stripe and all my head. Then he stopped me and found shaving foam and razor. He shaved me totally, insisting on my pubis, balls, crotch and my asshole. It was so good. I understand that he was not virgin. On his knees, he pushed my shaved dick in his mouth. I rubbed his horseshoe and he milked me totally. In long groan, I cummed. He ate all my juice. After, front my ex-mate, on my knees his shaved body on my face, I did same and milked him. My first guy. Since I licked my wet fingers with him in camp, I ate my stuff each time that I cummed. I liked alot.

After he told me that he would shave his head for next year at university. I never saw him with shaved head, but I think that I would fall in love with my ex Emo if I would see him totally shaved head to feet.

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