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Short, shorter, shortest. by Caped Crusader

The temperature had been steadily rising, and for England almost tropical. I knew I needed a haircut as I have a balding head and if left too long I begin to look stupid, however I have kept it longer than usual for some time for no real reason except to be different from most other balding men.Many moons ago I used to visit an old fashioned barbers, small shop, one chair and neck shaving, and I found myself wondering if he was still there.

A week or so later I found myself near where the shop was/used to be and so I parked and went to look for it. Turning the corner, much to my amazement I saw that he was still there, and even better, no one in. My heart was now pounding, I knew what I wanted, and before I walked past it, I just walked in, The barber was reading a paper, and rose up when I entered I showed me to the chair. As He put his trusty old fashioned nylon cape around me, he asked how I wanted it. I replied that just a trim would be OK, nothing really drastic. He tucked a tissue strip around my neck and turned to his tools. I was suprised that he picked up a pair of clippers without a guard on, but remembered that he very rarely used scissors, and I cerainly didn,t need the thinning shears with my lack of hair!

He combed out my hair and then began to lift the unruly stuff with his comb and zipping off a decent amount of hair, though still leaving a good covering, grading it up to being longer on the top bit - ha! He did this all round my head, talking about the weather and how hot it was. Eventually he finished with his comb, and slightly bending my head down, he began to clip off hair on my neck, not too high but almost up to the top of my ears, but only at the back. I realised how much I enjoyed getting haircuts and why I didn't,t do it more often, and so when he finished tidying the back and began stropping his razor, strange thoughts began to go through my brain. He carefully shaved a fairly high (to me) neckline and upon finishing asked me if the haircut was OK, showing me the back with his mirror.

I blurted out that I would like it shorter, and after asking me how short I said I want a short back and sides, with no hair left on the sides. He seemed a bit bemused, but began this second assault with relish He took a finer set of clippers with no guard, went around the back of the chair and this time bent my head down much lower and when ready began to carve off a good swathe of hair taking it very high up, all the time I was telling him that I left how short it was to him He stripped everything off the back and then came around to my right side. Bending my ear down he fired the clippers into my hair and left a hairless strip extending about a good inch and a half above the ear I commented on how there was no hair left and he said he was using balding clippers which left nothing behind. He continued to denude my right side and then my left, after which he switched clippers and put on a guard, these he then pushed across my head reducing anything left down to probably a No 2. With a smaller pair of clipperes he then graded this hair into my shaved neck and sides.

He again asked if that was OK, but the haircut devil was very much alive, and I said to him that as far as I was concerned he could totally bald me, he chuckled a little, went to his balding clippers and pushed them over the rest of my hair, soon leaving me with nothing at all, and I was in heaven! The only thing he could do now was shave me smooth, but he explained to me that he didn,t do this himself and I would need to do this myself - something to look forward to! I said that he had done a great job and asked him how much, imagine my suprise when it was still only 6. I paid and thanked him and left with a beautiful newly shorn head, looking forward to getting some colour on it - the next day it rained!

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