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The Day Sean Met Mike by burrlypup

The Day Sean Woke Up

It's been a month since I met Travis, and I'd been staying over at his place quite often, sometimes joined by Mike. It took a week for Sean to comment on my flattop, saying it looked "kind of stupid” before rushing off to his modeling shoot. Our relationship as roommates became more distanced, but Sean did seem to be cleaning up after himself without me constantly nagging him.

I had Travis over Friday night and we were cuddling on my sofa watching some movies (and rubbing our fresh cuts Mike gave us earlier in the day…) when Sean walked in. Travis was in my arms, face planted on my chest and I was running my hand over his smooth head. I could feel Sean gazing at us, not paying any attention to him, so he silently walked into his room not to be seen until the next morning.

It was 7am and Travis left for work. He was a construction worker and had to work Saturdays. I made some coffee and was reading, when I heard steps behind me. Then a hand caressing my landing strip and shaved sides, slightly stubbled over. I let out a deep moan, thinking Travis had come back, but then realized it was Sean - pressing his body against my back.

"Uh, what brings this on?” I asked coldly.

"I'm sorry I called your haircut stupid the other week, it's actually quite sexy.”

"Okay.” I said, even colder. Sean pulled away, still massaging my shoulders until he sat next to me, looking in my eyes.

"I just thought you liked me. You put up with all my antics, and I admit I'm still learning to be a grownup, and I've seen you gazing at me.”

"Much like you gazed at me and Travis last night?”


"Well, yes, we are friends - so I do like you. And you're very attractive. And immature sometimes. And vain… like, all of the time.” I said, almost regretting that last bit. Sean looked down and for the first time, appeared to be in deep thought.

"Am I that vain?” Sean asked. I rolled my eyes, pulled his arm, and away we went into the bathroom. I opened all the cabinet doors open and counted all his hair products.

"Do I have to answer your question?” I stated. Sean knew the answer, and decided to act on his impulse.

"I want to change.” Sean told me, holding his forelock stretched out, he quickly picked up the scissors from his grooming kit and sliced it off near the roots, letting it drop into the sink. His confidence turned to dread as he realized the repercussions of his actions. He'd likely lose his modeling job.

"Guess I'll have to find a job not based on my looks, eh?” Sean smiled as he handed me the scissors and asking, "Help me, out?”

"I think these will be quicker, but they will leave you bald.” I told him as I pulled out the Andis T-edgers I used to trim my facial hair. Sean nodded go ahead and kneeled in front of me. I went to work, right down the center of his forehead all the way to his nape. Some jagged tufts of hair fell to the floor along with longer sections that were six to ten inches long. His hair was so soft and silky, I felt bad for taking it all off. I turned off my T-edgers and brushed his stubbly head off with a hot wet, towel. Sean took off his underwear and got into the shower, without looking at his reflection.

He stood under the steamy stream of water for a minute, and then asked if I had a razor he could use. I took off my boxers, picked up my razor and shaving cream, and joined him in the shower. I lathered up his head and shaved it clean. His tan face and white scalp looked ridiculous, but I didn't say it. The shower was still running hot, but turned cold by the time we finished playing around. I tossed his big quarts of Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner in the bin, much to his grimace.

I stared into his big brown eyes, then I faced him to the mirror. He smiled broadly and turned to kiss me before expeditiously tossing out all of his hair product into the bin. Sean picked up the forelock he sliced off and tossed it into the bin with the rest of his shorn locks. Sean exuded a new confidence that I found much more attractive than the insecure, vain, man-child I knew just hours previously. I only hoped this change would last. Sean spent the rest of the weekend outside in the sun to help alleviate the whiteness of his scalp.

The following weekend, I arranged for Travis to meet me at Fred's Barbershop, that I'd be bringing Sean with me for his first hot towel shave. It was already 8pm and Travis shut the blinds and turned off the open sign. When me and Sean walked in, I was taken aback as Mike was in the chair and Travis was caping him up. We were in for a show.

Travis turned on the clippers and with 4-5 strokes, had completely removed Mike's awesome high and tight flattop. "Getting my summer baldie! Can't let you youngins' have all the fun, right?” We all laughed and soon Travis had shaved Mike completely bald. I sighed, knowing I'd end up with the same cut. He looked a decade younger without the grey. After a scalp massage from Travis, Mike got up and motioned Sean to his chair. Sean took a seat and was caped up, just saying "Make it shine!”

Travis led me over to the open barbers chair and caped me up, then grinned as our little bet meant I'd have my head shaved as well. I bet him that Mike would never shave his head, and if he ever did, I would shave mine as long as he did. Soon, Travis had my head shiny and smooth and was rubbing my scalp with lotion. We both looked over as Mike and Sean were both kissing and rubbing each others heads and obviously heading in a different direction than playing board games.

"You guys head home, we'll meet you there.” Sean said, and Mike winked.

Travis and I smiled at each other and walked out. We didn't expect to see Mike or Sean again that night, but they did show up about 3 hours later, both red in the face and apparently very hungry from whatever they were doing. They seemed very happy together.

Six months pass.

Travis and I bought a house together, just down the street from where Mike (and now Sean) lives. We still meet up for our haircut parties every Friday night at 8pm. Mike returned to his flattop, and even convinced Sean to try out and keep the horseshoe flattop. As for Travis and I - he seems to enjoy shaving my head so I've kept the 'summer baldie' year around. Travis has grown out a flattop, but I have a feeling he'll be itching for a headshave very soon.

The End

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