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Dan's New Summer Tradition by burrlypup

Dan is the big man on campus, everyone loves Dan. Big white smile, dimples, square jaw and just a handsome face to look at. I should probably mention his hair: not very long, but very thick and about 3 to 4 inches all over, with a nice medium brown color that contrasts handsomely with his blue eyes. Dan is also my roommate, now going on 2 years. I'm somewhat unaffected by his good looks and charm, since I see how many guys and girls he goes through on a weekly basis.

After spring semester ended, Dan stuck around for summer, a change from the past 2 summers. One morning I woke up and heard a buzzing noise coming from the bathroom. Curiously, I got up and peaked through the door. Dan was leaning against the sink with a petite blonde girl hovering over him with clippers in her hand. She turned to me and smiled, as she continued to buzz his hair with a #4 guard. Dan winked at me. The night before, he had a different girl over. To say Dan was oversexed would be an understatement.

"Summer buzzcut, keeps the hair under control for a few month, but grows back by September." Dan told me, his blonde girl going over his head over and over, turning his lush locks into a uniform half inch all over. It looked really good on him, really made his facial features stand out. Jane, the blonde girl, seemed to really enjoy cutting his hair. She looked at me, took the guard off the clippers, and smiled wide before she placed them at his forehead. Dan had no idea Jane was about to scalp him.

Dan was facing me, so I kept my expression neutral until it was too late. He looked like a skunk after Jane ran the clippers down the middle of his head. I busted out laughing as Dan jumped up and looked into the mirror.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!!?" Dan shouted, feeling the difference between the hair on the sides and the barely there stubble down the middle. He looked so helpless. Jane smugly grabbed her bag and walked out of the bathroom, tapping on my bulge, then turning to a near catatonic Dan.

"How does it feel, pretty boy? Just a little payback for lying to me." Jane responded, and she was right. Dan kept her in the dark about his having sex with other people, yet stringing her along. He deserved this.

"I hope you like your new cut, Dan. It's my break-up present." Jane told him and then left, eyeing me as she slammed the door.

Dan took a deep breath, knowing Jane was right. He seemed distraught, not only did his girlfriend just cut him loose, she also butchered his fine pelt of brown velvet. And it was all his fault. After a moment of contemplation, Dan knew what he had to do. He finished the job, taking the rest of his hair down to stubble. He didn't look like himself anymore, his hunky persona vanished with his thick brown hair. Dan stood there taking in his reflection, seemingly appearing contrite for the first time since I met him.

I didn't move, I just watched him struggle with what to do next. He kept rubbing his head - those clippers took it down to zero. Barely even a bit of stubble. Then he looked at me. I flinched a little, but walked next to him and rubbed his head.

"Missed a spot," I pointed out, lifting the clippers, clicking them on and buzzing the tuft of hair off behind his ear, which fell to the floor joining the huge pile already there.

"I'm such an idiot." Dan told me as he took off his boxers and got into the shower, rinsing off the bits of hair he was covered in. As he emerged, his scalp was a pale pink in contrast with his considerably tanned face and neck. I couldn't think of anything to say. Dan swept up his piles of hair off the bathroom tiles, and looked at me with the clippers still in my fist. I clicked them on, no guard.

"Dan." I called his attention as I brought the clippers to my forelock and ran them through it. My dark brown hair fell to the floor, all 6 inches of it. I'm not sure why I did it, but I kept buzzing until it was all gone. Dan stood there shocked, knowing how much time I spent on my hair in the morning. I rinsed my head in the sink, taking in the new sensation, which felt fantastic. My dread turned to joy as I saw my shorn reflection, and I knew there was one more step in my transformation.

I pulled my shaving cream out of the cabinet, along with a fresh Mach 3 razor, and I lathered my whole head. I was so turned on by this point, poking out the left side of my briefs. Dan noticed and indicated to me of his similar state. I placed the razor at my foamy hairline and slowly tugged back, shaving a line back about 4 inches, then looking up at the mirror. I knew I was doing the right thing, and my nerves settled as I took another 4 inch stroke next to the one I just shaved.

Dan pressed behind me and took the razor from my hand, shaving the back of my head for me with the same gentle technique, applying no pressure, just letting the blade glide over my head. He pulled the skin taut and shaved behind the ear around the sides, using his free hand to feel for missed spots. He enjoyed shaving me, I could tell from his excitement down below. I didn't ask for Dan's permission, I shot a handful of shaving cream on his head as soon as he faced me.

"Guess I don't have a choice in the matter?" Dan smirked.

"Nope." I smiled and ran a fresh blade from his forehead down the middle. Dan laughed and muzzled his face in my chest. I kept shaving until his head was as smooth as mine. I enjoyed the attention Dan was giving me, so I playfully kissed his head and turned his face to the mirror.

"Get used to this, Danny boy. I plan on keeping you bald all summer, maybe longer if you're lucky."

"Is that a promise?" Dan questioned me, suddenly seeming very willing to keep this new look.

I think Dan's summer buzz cut tradition is over.

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