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Manny's Barber Shop: Part 2 by burrlypup

I seem to be good at letting time slip by, although work helped out with that! When I returned the following Monday my stubbly head garnered much attention, especially from Ryan, my new intern. He was so brave as to rub my head without even asking first. A gutsy move I'd say!

"Sorry,” Ryan took in my look of disapproval, "I guess I'm just a hands on kind of guy.”

"It's fine. Perhaps a bit more than enjoyable. Just remember yourself when we are not alone.” I said smiling and then asked about his the reports I requested on Monday. Ryan composed himself and gave an excellent report of business strategies we could be enforcing, such that I made him an offer for full time employment. He quickly accepted.

While Ryan kept his hands at a professional distance from my scalp as my thick hair grew in, I found myself wishing he would. His tapered ash blond side part looked immaculate – part of his allure that ensured that I accepted his internship over several other qualified applicants. Very clean cut and professional, Ryan was in both appearance and demeanor.

As day 30 drew near, I found myself at odds with what I wanted. To finally have that amazing horseshoe flattop! Alternately, part of me wanted to be shorn bald once more and at the receiving end of Manny's firm paddle-like hand. If I cooperate, would I still receive a spanking? I thought of ways I could earn another spanking yet still have my flattop.

Day 30 arrived and I was eager to leave the office, only Ryan had some last minute data to confirm. As we were leaving and I locked up, Ryan ran his hand through my half inch of growth. I looked around and we were alone so I allowed him to continue, curious how far he would go. After a minute or so, my inaction seemed to be the ‘go ahead' Ryan needed to pursue his manhandling a bit lower.

"Seems your true calling may be as a masseur.”

"You seem tense, Mike. Let me help you out with that.” Ryan said, showing me exactly what he meant by ‘help'. I pulled him off his knees and held him tight to my chest. Wanting him, yet pushing him away because of our work relationship. I also thought about Brett and the chance of getting together with him. Yes, this would be much too complicated.

"We should keep things professional, Ryan.” I told him, fixing up my trousers.

"Yes, Sir.” Ryan said, composing himself, taking the rejection in stride and walking down the corridor. I admired his style… and his posterior. I collected myself, and drove to Manny's shop.

I arrived at 5pm. Brett was there, in the chair. Manny was massaging a hot damp towel over his head, and as he pulled off the towel, Brett looked me in my eyes. His head was as bald as a month prior. I have to admit, even without his manly flattop, Brett was still very attractive.
"Glad you showed up, Mike. I'm just finishing up with Mr. Rebel here. Feels nice, Brett, don't it?” Manny teased his captive client. Brett let out a half smile and got up. Manny administered his disciplinary spanking, I could hear Brett wince throughout and it obviously left him a bit sore bottomed, so he stood as I took the chair and was caped.

Brett smiled at me, so I asked why he stayed bald if he didn't like it.

"Manny here can be very persuasive….” Brett began to explain, but Manny cut in, "I told Bretty here that if he ever wants a flat from me again, he'll have to learn some manners. So he's on ‘haircut probation' and will be rocking a bald head until I see fit. Brett sat rubbing his head and smiling, obviously having acquired some way to cope with losing his awesome flattop.

"Happy to see you didn't play barber at home, Mike.” Manny teased and then clicked on his Oster 76 clippers, running them up my nape and freehanded them over my crown to my forehead, lifting up slighting before my hairline. I was electrified by the sensation. Without a comb, Manny buzzed the right and left sides so the top of my head was completely level. Then he mowed the sides bare. After lathering up my whole head in jest, he scraped the back and sides smooth, and finally the landing strip.

It was beautiful, and Manny artfully blended each shaved area in so effortlessly with the sides and the middle. His touch was so relaxing.
I got up and paid, taking in the look I'd so longed for. It was perfection.

"Thanks so much, Manny! I love it!” I said, making sure to show my gratitude before he changed his mind and left me bald as Brett.

"You're welcome. Come back for a clean-up in 7 days, on the house.”

"Again, thanks.” I told him, then turned to Brett, "Hey man, let's go grab that beer!” Brett smiled, but before he could speak, Manny cut in.
"Oh, Brett's going to be busy tonight. Aren't you Brett?” Manny smiled.

"Yes, Sir.” Brett answered, still standing and very calm. At that moment, an older man opened the locked door with his key. Manny, for the first time I'd seen him, seemed somewhat less Alpha and seemed to be apprehensive with this strange, new handsome fellow. Manny was a mature man, perhaps in his 40s, so I always was curious about his preened blond hair that was always impeccably styled. It wasn't dated, cut in a longish businessmans cut and very full all around. It looked soft and feathery – indeed, Manny's halo of blond hair contrasted with the brutally in control barber I'd come to know over the years.

"Are you going to introduce me to these fine young men, Manny?” the stranger smiled at me in particular. Manny introduced me to the older gentleman, Robert, whose strong hands made quick work in pressuring Manny into his own barber chair. Robert had silver hair, cut into a boxy flattop, with just a touch of grey remaining, the same with his goatee. His intense blue eyes kept in contact with mine.

"Manny, I think it's time for a change, don't you think?” Robert continued, stroking Manny's long forelock forward into his eyes and smoothing it down to his lips. I had no idea it was THAT long. Manny closed his eyes as the cape was placed around his neck. The clippers began their hypnotic sound and Manny shut his eyes once he felt him plunge through his lush forelock. It was painful to watch such gorgeous hair being stripped, and Robert was brutal in his shearing – much more than Manny.

Once the clippers fell silent, Manny was left with a mere induction cut. Robert placed hot lather on Manny's head and shaved it slick, carefully making sure not to nick the barbers head.

"You boys should head out, Manny and I have some business to discuss. And it's nice to meet you, Mike. Perhaps you should come in on a Sunday when I'm running the shop.” Robert winked at me and began rubbing some aftershave on Manny's very bald and tender head. I realized I'd never been to Manny's on a Sunday. His beautiful hair now covering the floor. It was a shame. I did hear some loud THWACKS after we left. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I left curious about Robert.

Freed up, Brett accepted my offer and we headed back to my place for some beers and to talk. He filled me in about the ‘arrangement' Manny and Robert have, which made a lot of sense.

As attractive as I found Brett, he seemed really different without his flattop. The intensity was gone, and whatever spark I felt dissipated more and more as the night went on. I sent him home around 10pm, though he definitely showed significant interest in spending the night. I decided to go for a late night workout to let out some stress. I felt a lot of eyes on my extreme flattop. It made me feel powerful.

6 months later...

The gym became my new best friend, as I started to workout every night after work. Manny kept my horseshoe flattop maintained, and Robert eased up, eventually allowing Manny to have a deep pile flattop. It was fun coming in on Sundays and watching their dynamic. Brett ended his ‘haircut' probation and soon regrew his horseshoe flattop back. Still, there was no chemistry between us, so we just stayed friends and worked out together some nights.

Ryan became one of my best employees, while maintaining his professional face on all the time now. I would catch him looking at me from time to time, so I knew he was still interested.

"Looking a bit shaggy, Ryan. How about you come with me to my barber?” I offered him, hoping to rekindle something and make it work. I was tired of denying the chemistry between us and worked out a business deal that would allow us to date.

"I'd love that, boss.” Ryan accepted. Soon we were both in my car driving to Manny's. He cleaned up my flattop, razor shaved the sides and teased me about leaving the top to grow back my deep pile – then he scraped that smooth as well, blending the sides and finishing with a hot towel. I handed him $100 bill and told Ryan to get in the chair. Ryan was more than willing, and pretty much knew his tapered sidepart would be soon be history.

"What will it be for you, young man?” asked Manny.

"Just like my boss. But tighter.”

"No son, like your man Mike, your hair is much too nice to shear off so brutally. You're getting a deep pile flattop, since Mikey here thinks he's too manly for one now.” Manny asserted, in return to form, skinning Ryan's sides up with with a #00000 blade and leaving a good inch on top with a dense landing strip. It was a dramatic change from the side part. It was a nice cut, but much too conservative. I handed Manny another $100 bill and said, "Just like mine.” Manny put my money back in my shirt pocket and winked at me. He enjoyed playing the game.

Manny went back to work, buzzing the deep pile off Ryan's head, re-leveled the top, and shaved the sides even higher. Ryan looked so happy with his new ‘shoe. As we left, I gave Ryan's head a long rub and we headed back to my place. Looking into Ryan's eyes that night, rubbing his crisp flattop, wrapping my arms around him. Everything was perfect.

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