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Short and Sweet: Episode 1 by burrlypup

Caleb runs the front desk at my gym. He's very lean and cute, about 5'9, hazel eyes and wears his hair in a very blunt undercut with #1 on the sides buzzed high in the back like a tilted high and tight - except for the hair on top is very long, maybe five inches when not sleeked back with pomade. I've been wanting to ask him out, but timing never lets us say much more than a dutiful greeting.

After working out late one night, I hit the showers. My head has about 3 days growth, so I lather up and start to shave my head at the sinks. I notice Caleb walk in and he starts refilling the soap dispensers, and his eyes don't leave me. He begins to watch me as he leans on the wall next to the sinks. I look straight at him as I shave the top of my head, flexing my big arms in the process. Of course, I'm naked, but his eyes are focused on the act of shaving my head. He looks like he's debating how to talk to me, so I break the ice.

"Can you help me shave the back? I always seem to miss a spot," I lie, but, it works. Caleb let's out a quick yes and I hand him my razor. I kneel down and let him finish shaving the back of my head. He rinses the razor after every stroke, and I can tell he's enjoying every second of this. He rubs my head and feeling some roughness, he puts more lather on and shaves my whole head a second time.

"Thanks, Caleb!" I tell him as I rub my head, "Wow, you got it smooth."

"Anytime, I'd be happy to shave you again. Perhaps at my place."

"I'd love that, man." I said calmly even if the idea thrilled me. "Maybe I'll clip you down nice and tight," I offered and he seemed keen to the idea. I think his eyes were staring a bit lower by now, but I couldn't control my wagging third leg. I gave him my business card with my phone number on it, and he smiled and left for the front desk.

I thanked him for the shaving assist, and not wanting a prolonged awkward goodbye, I walked out. As I got into my car, I rubbed my head and dreamt of the possibilities to come.

He texted me the next morning along with his address: 'Come over. Bring clippers.'

I grinned, hopping out of bed, grabbing my car keys, threw on some shorts and a tee, bagged up my clippers without any guards and got in my car.

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