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village haircut by sky ranger

It was my vacation after my 12th grade. And so i planned to visit my grandpa in native. He was a quite a village guy and had certain rules and often strict.But was friendly with me since i am the only grandson for him.My parents made me to get in train and i headed to my village.On the station grandpa and ramu grandpa's prolonged helper was waiting to receive me.when station reached,igot down and saw them standing.I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless tshirt. My hair was quite long and messy.Beard was grown and unshaved.As soon as i got before grandpa he was just like what happened."look at you son, what had you made yourself" grandpa said and then ramu kaka interrogated saying babu yeh kya haal bana diya hai in hindi means how drastic change. On the way to home in car grandpa and ramuji was all talking about my hair and looks and told me to clean it up.At home after reaching i took bath and wore a boxer and sleeveless jacket and entered the dining hall.Unfortunately there were some guest waiting for me for dinner and looking at me they started smiling with a light laugh and one of the guest whispered looks like a spoiled brat.Grandpa gave a diplomatic smile and introduced me with guests and we had our dinner.When guests left grandpa called me and told you made me feel shame in front of the guests. And started scolding me for my looks. i apologized him and went to sleep.The next morning grandpa waked me up @ 6 am.I said i would like to sleep more , he said " no,get up and come to the backyard".I woke up and had brush and went slowly to backyard.And there was grandpa sitting on a chair getting haircut from a barber.Soon the haircut finished and barber removed cape.Grandpa came nearby me and told to remove my tshirt and get on the chair.I asked him why and he replied just follow my instructions.I went and sat on chair.Then ramuji came and told the barber"humara babu ka baal chota karke mast katwa dena aur yeh dhadi bhi uda dena" means to get him a nice short haircut and shave his beard.i was surprised to hear this and asked grandpa to not to have a haircut.But he objected saying today i have a wedding and so wouldn't like you to take like this ugly look , go and have a clean cut.I obeyed him and sat there.Barber draped me with a white cloth and started spraying water on my hair.My hair was
completly wet.Then barber took the scissor and comb and told me to bow down.He started cutting the backside and the hair was falling on to the cape randomly.the barber was quite fast within minutes he shortened my backportion and i when i placed my hand i felt how short it was.Then he moved on to the sides and started snipping.then finishing the sides he sprayed water on my front hair and started cutting my hair.I was like please don't shorten it and often told him .but ramu interfered and said make it more shorter .my fringes were chopped and then hair was kept above my eyebrows.the haircut was short and i saw the whole hair laying down.After that he took a razor and started cleaning the sideburns making it short.Then he applied the foam and shaved my beard but moustache was kept back and trimmed it.barber removed the cape and dusted of the hair .Grandpa then came smiling and holded a mirror for me and said look at you son how good you look.Although i smiled and said it nice i eventually felt it a prison haircut.sporting with moustache i felt quite odd.Then i got a bath and grandpa gave me new traditional clothes and wearing it we headed to function.At there evryone was impressed with my look and returning home grandpa too was happy.The whole vacation i had to keep my hair short with moustache and beard shaved.But i found out it intresting and now i call upon the barber and gets haircut.

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