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my new summer haircut tradition by kevin1197

i'm joe and i'm gonna tell the story about when my summer haircut tradition started, i was in 7th grade and the last day of school my hair was 4 inches in the sides and in the back and 5 inches in the top and when i got home my dad said he wantedto talk to me.
"son" se said "i've been thinking why don't you get a haircut?"
i laughed "that's it? is that what you were going to tellme?"
"well" i could tell he was nervous "what do you think if you cut it short like your brother?" alex my brother had it shaved on the sides and short (about half of an inch) with scissors in the top
"why?" i really liked my hair i always cut it 2 inches long in the back and sides and 3 inches in the top every 4 months but that would be losing most of my hair
"i want to see if you can do it and i want to see how you look with short hair" i wanted to but it meant i was going to lose all off my black straight hair wich i always had it dry and long
"i don't know"
"i know you want to do it and it looks like a helmet in your head"
"ok i want to do it but i'm nervous to do it"
"ok you decide when we should go to the barber shop"
"can we go now?"
"ok, let's go"

i was wearing basketball shorts and my favorite basketball sleeveless shirt i wanted those clothes to see the before and the after. we got to the barber shop and we waited for our turn, then a little before my turn dadstarted filming with his cell phone
"this is joe and his helmet(long hair) before the haircut" he said
then the barber called me, i was the only costumer left so the barbershop was empty i sat down in the empty seat, my dad was still filming, then the barber put the black cape around me
"ok how would you like it?"he asked
"how did you say alex gets his haircuts dad?"
"just shaved in the sides and short in the top with scissors"
"ok i want it like that but i want it with #1/2 insteadof shaved"
"then that's how it will be"
he started passing the clippers in the back i could see the 4 inches long bangs in my cape and in the floor, he finished the back and started cutting inthe sides, when he finished i could see how short it was, i could see my skin, it was turned from 4 inches to 1/16 of an inch then he wet the top of my hair and started cutting with the the scissors, he cut and a long bangs of hair fell in the cape, my dad kept filming, and then he finished, my hair in the top went from 5 inches to half of an inch, my hair was gone but i still liked how i was in the mirror, he took the cape out of me and i stood up and payed, then my dad stopped filming
"so, did yo like your haircut?" dad asked as we got out of the barber shop
"yeah but i'm still gonna wait until it grows back like it was, i i would still grow it long" i said
"well you can cut it in december"
"i will cut it like this every last day of school, but i will cut it like always in other different haircuts."

my hair grew long enough by the first day of school, in december my hair was in the sides and back 3 and a half inches long and in the top it was 4 inches and i cut it 3 and a half inches longin the top and 3 in the back, in march i cut it again from 5 inches to 3 and a half in the top and 4 and a half to 3 in the back and sides and in june i cut it the same as the last day of 7th grade and i kept doing the same thing every year long hair to really short every summer

that's how i decided to do that every year

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