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Like my dad wanted it by buzzboy99

at first I'm sorry for my bad English skill's.

It was about January, I am recently 18 years old.
However, this age was Not really important for me. I has always been a bit gentler and rather a weakling.
My father was disappointed by me, he wanted rather a right male son.
Always had he tried me of such men stuff to impress but accepted me like i am.
But sometimes we are still against each other. For him a man is: sporty, trained and respectful.
I was rather, a bit tired and had other interests. Now but for actual topic. It was the time of the report cards are handed out, I am always normal at school and my grades were acceptable.
Lately I had a couple of difficulties and bad grades.
Also my parents are involved. My father wants that I get better grades how it for a real man belongs. In addition also my friend and I fool around and sometime prank someone.
Next week we are getting our report card, tonight my father to came in my room. I was already in bed. He sit next to me and said, "soon you get your report card, I expect that you get almost good grades like A and B. A C can happen but not often. I am disappointed from you, I have hoped that you since your 18. birthday as an adult man you're reliable and respectful. That's not happening. Now you'll receive consequences. Depending on your grades. If you have bad grades we are spending time with each other and we will make you to a man. If your grades good, nothing happens. There is no way out of this"
I am shocked and cant say anything. He went out and I had no idea. I have fear an I'm scared. Three weeks later, I'm getting my report card. I look at the piece of paper and see only once the note B otherwise only the note C and D. At this moment I'm hopeless. I'm only thoughtful and anxious. I make me then slowly on the way home. Arrived at home my father stands in the hallway and smiles nasty. He stretches his hand and says "give me your report card i'd like to see it."
I will give him my report card and stand still. He starts to laugh and says " now you're going to be a man how I want it, soon I come back to you." I go scared in my room and consider what he wants. Perhaps should I make sport or help him in the garage. Mhhh anything quite scary. One week passes. Lunch, he comes to me into the room and says "on weekend, it is the time, you will see." On Thursday, I noticed how he get a package delivered and put it directly in his office. I have a bad feeling. It's Friday morning he comes in my room and says "go in the shower and then come in the kitchen, Im waiting for you and prepare everything." I go showering. All the time in have fear, also because my father spoke very strictly. I go into the kitchen, there is my father, in the middle of the room is a chair. On the kitchen table is a pair of hair clippers, in addition, a pair of these guards for it and a barber cape. He says "sit down" in a rough tone and "now you get finally an ordinary haircut, for a real man. Like I wanted it forever, your ugly hair must go away. You have far too many hair for a man. Like at the Army a short haircut, all done by clippers. There is no way out. You are now quietly and say nothing" he pushes me on the shoulders firmly on the chair.
Then takes the black vinyl cape from the table, spreads it out and puts it over me, he puts it tightly around my neck and makes all for tight. Then he goes to the table and takes the hair clipper, then takes one of the very short guards, I can't see what but determined about 3mm. He switches the clipper on. It begins quietly to buzz. Then my father laughs nasty and pushes my head forward, I look down. I feel like the clipper attaches to my head and upward it runs. The clipper begins strongly to buzz, I feel how it scratches. Then he start again and shaved all my hair from down. Then he start with my hair at the top, shaved slowly anything off. I see just how all the hair falls down at the cape, a big bunch of hair are buzzed of. Slowly I start a bit to cry. The clipper goes slowly over my head and shaved all hair off. Then my father takes the guard of and shaved my neck and around the ears. That was it. He takes the cape of, in front of me are everywhere hair on the floor. Everything is buzzed off, I go with the hand over my head. It is extremely short like a brush.
My father says "now you finally looking like a real man, like I want. Everything nice and short. Every week we cut your hair like this, half a year. If you ever do something bad and indecent you're hair get shorter or much worse. And now go away."

I go in my room and look at me in the mirror. Now I have respect.

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