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A Boy's First Braid by haircoward

When I was in my late teens, it became clear to me that my "interest" wasn’t only for haircutting, but also for hairplay. By this point, I’d gone probably three or so years without even a trim, and my hair was about to my mid-back. It wasn’t in the best shape, but it didn't much matter as it was always tied back in a ponytail anyway.

I started hanging out with a girl I’d met online who, unbeknownst to me, was a hair "hobbyist". She didn’t have a fetish or anything, but she very much enjoyed playing with and styling hair. One of the first nights we went out, my sideburns were kind of out of control, kind of overgrown (but not long enough to reach my ponytail) and stuck off the sides of my head like "wings", and she asked me if I minded if she trimmed them up. This immediately sent my heart racing. It wasn’t much of a "cut", didn’t lose any length, and she barely cut off more than a little "tuft" from each side… but, after several years without scissors being anywhere near my hair, I was totally down for it… and those few moments of snipping were more than a little bit exciting.

After a few weeks of hanging out, she became a bit more open about wanting to play with my hair. She didn’t quite come out and ask if she could, but she definitely dropped hints that she was interested. Not really knowing how I was "supposed to" react, I pretended to be indifferent… like I didn’t really care. I probably made her think that her requests were more of an annoyance than anything. In reality, I ached to have her hands in my hair… doing it up, braiding it, curling it… I wished she’d ask if she could try giving me spiral curls or a even a home perm (which is still, to this day, a "bucket list" experience for me). But, being a guy, and not wanting to weird her out, I acted as though I didn’t care. Unfortunately, she seemed to get the message, and eventually her hinting around about playing with my hair stopped coming up.

One night, though, I was at her place, and we were watching some movie where one of the actresses was wearing this fantastic braid. It wasn’t crazy, fancy, or intricate... it was just a beautiful thick french braid. It doesn’t matter the situation (TV or real life), I always notice braids… turns out, she noticed this one too. She mentioned how awesome it looked and commented that she would love to "practice" doing that kind of braid. I, again, tried to feign indifference… but, then, she flat out and matter-of-factly asked me if she could braid my hair.

My heart could’ve burst out of my chest. In ALL my time having long hair, I was dying to have it braided. I had never yet worn a braid. The times I had "big cuts" done, I wished I could have had it braided before the chop so I could have a "souvenir" of the experience. I immediately agreed, though tried to act "cool" about it.

Next thing I knew, she sat up and motioned for me to sit on the floor in front of her. She sprayed some detangler and brushed my hair for what felt like forever. I was in heaven. Then… I felt the almost alien tug on sections of my hair while she tightly weaved it into my first ever braid. It was a feeling like I’d never felt before. I absolutely loved it. She worked her way down toward the end of the tail, tied it off, and slung it over my shoulder… asking me to feel it.

And, I did. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt. I never thought I’d have a braid, and here I was, with one that probably measured over a foot long. The braid "tassel" was another three or four inches. I ran my hand up and down the braid. She told me to go check it out in the mirror, which… actually seeing it, was another almost unreal experience.

She followed me to the bathroom, holding my braid out to the side. At this point, I had that weird sensation where I was kind of hoping she would ask if she could cut it off. The very thought of having my beautiful thick braid cut off was almost more than I could handle.

She then asked how long it’d been since I’d gotten a haircut.

I immediately thought I was going to pass out.

I told her it’d been several years. She wasn’t surprised in the slightest, considering my ends were so "ratty". She pointed out the braid "tassel", and said it was too split and frayed for her to braid all the way to the tip. She told me to sit down, so she could cut off the damage.

My mind kind of fogged over and I didn’t put up any fight. I just sat down and waited for her to come back with the scissors. She told me she was going to cut right above the rubber band where my braid was tied off, which would result in my losing a good 4 inches. I didn’t want to lose that much length... or any length, but I also didn’t want to seem "weird" about having it cut. At the same time, part of me wanted her to surprise me and cut off the entire braid. In any event, I didn’t put up any argument, and just waited for whatever was ABOUT to happen... to happen.

I still remember the sensation of having my braid pulled down tight while I tried to hold my head straight. Then, the snipping. It was more of a crunching sound. She cut slowly. I swear I could almost feel every single hair being severed. My head tingles just thinking about it. I briefly considered faking a sneeze, hoping that it might cause her to accidentally cut off a great big chunk... but, I chickened out. Moments later, she handed me the rubber-banded ragged clump that used to be my braid tassel. My first ever braid tassel.

She undid my braid and brushed through it for, again, what felt like forever, wetting and rewetting the brush after every few strokes. Once it was suitably damp, she got to tidying up the ends. I probably lost another inch or two here.

When all was said and done, my hair looked fantastic, better than it had looked in years… though it was a good half-foot shorter than it was when I arrived. I somewhat sheepishly asked her if it was still long enough for a braid. It was. She braided me up again. It was a shorter, stubbier braid, but it was still amazing. It felt so much thicker and healthier, and the tassel came to a thick blunt end rather than the "ratty" mess it was. I didn’t realize it then, but this would only be the first of many hair-adventures we would have together.

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