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Summer Camp by Brent

The summer I was 18, I got a job as a camp counsellor. It was the best summer I'd ever had! I was away from home, had tons of friends (and a hot girlfriend), and I got to be outside every day. One week in July, the camp director announced a costume contest for all the counsellors. The kids (14 and 15 year olds) had to create the costume and the cabin with the best-dressed counsellor would win a coveted prize: A helicopter ride to a nearby natural hot spring in the mountains where we could relax and party with a spread prepared by a gourmet chef. The top guys cabin and the top girls cabin would go together.
Back in the cabin that night, we started talking about what I should dress up as. Most of the ideas seemed boring at first. After a while, one kid said "Mr. Clean." For some reason the idea stuck and they were dead set on shaving my head. To be honest, I was intrigued by the idea. I decided I was up for it.
The next morning, I got out my electric shaver and shaved my face. Then I let the guy who was sleeping in the bunk next to mine try to shave my sideburns with the attached beard trimmer. He got one sideburn off and then one strip halfway up my head, and the trimmer died. I checked the little mirror on the wall. I looked ridiculous like that! I put on my baseball cap and went to find Jack, the camp director.
Jack's young son had a buzz-cut, so I went and asked Jack if he had clippers. "Yeah, why?" he said. I took off my hat and told him what I was trying to do. He laughed and told me to come to his trailer. When we got there he grabbed the clippers and an extension chord. I took off my T-shirt and kneeled in the freshly mown grass while he ran the buzzing clippers over my head ? no guards.
It felt so amazing! I watched my longish hair fall around me, and after about 3 minutes, he shut off the clippers. I felt my newly bald head with both hands. I loved it instantly. I thanked him and went back to show the guys in my cabin. They approved. Except then one of them said it wasn't totally bald, you could see some stubble. I borrowed a disposable razor from my buddy and went to find my girlfriend.
As soon as Julia saw me, she sort of gasped, and then laughed. I asked her if she?d finish the job. She did, and then she kissed my smooth head and said, ?It?s cute. I think you should keep it like this for a while.?
I kissed her and ran back to my cabin, realizing I had lost my shirt somewhere along the way. Oh well. There was only 20 minutes until we all had to meet in the auditorium for judging. I found a white shirt, and put some of Julia's little hoop earrings into my ears (I'd pierced them at the beginning of the summer).
Well, I won the contest. Guess who else won? That's right: Julia. Her girls dressed her up as the statue of liberty. Somehow they'd painted her completely grey, too. It looked pretty cool. That fall, back in town, I kept running into the guys that had been in my cabin that week. Half of them had gotten their heads shaved after they got home. I kept mine shaved all summer, and then I grew it back starting in October. But I hope it's not the last time I shave. I enjoyed it too much!

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