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Back Home Again by Dave

Well I have now moved back in with parents, here I am 42 years old and living home again. They had moved to Florida about 2 years ago now, and I was laid off from work approximately 5 months ago. When I got laid off they both said why don't you moved down here with us. I starting thinking would be nice no more cold and snowy winters in in Maine. I am an only child and thought it would be good, that way I can also help them out around the house, have to say they are both in good health so happy about that. So I packed the few things I wanted into my car and headed down to Florida, they live in a area call Oakland Park which is part of Fort Lauderdale. My dad had the house built and it is really beautiful, they sits back off the road and yard is very private. There is a nice big pool also in the back yard, he loves to swim and I do as well.

It took me two days to drive down I just took my time driving down. My dad had told me before I left Maine he may have a job lined up for me when I get there from a friend of his and will fill me in when I get there. When I was driving down I was thinking about how it will be living with them again. Growing up my dad was kind of strict with me, one thing I hated as I got older were those summer buzz cuts he use to give me. He would buzz my head down to just stubble, I will stay it was a lot cooler. Always being somewhat chubby I thought they looked funny on me but my mom would always tell me how she liked the buzz on me. I looked in the rearview mirror at my hair which was very over grown, I have thick kind of frizzy light brown hair, and thought I really should have had it cut before I left.

I arrived at 11:45am on July 18th, and it was a very hot and humid day out. I had a pair of jeans on which really felt way to hot to be wearing, I had a polo pull over shirt on and that even felt hot. They both came out to the driveway to greet me and we hugged and kissed and I could se them both just kind of look at my hair but did not say a word about it. I took my shirt off to unload the car, and my dad said I had gotten a little bit of a belly. They do not keep the house too cool, they have air-condition but kept it set around 79, but it did feel cooler in the house than outside. My mom had a nice lunch already and we sat and ate, they both told me how glad there were to have me back home again and they felt I will love living down here in Florida. I did tell it did feel good to be back with them again and how beautiful it was here. My dad started to tell me about the job, he said I may not like the hours but the pay was good. His friend who lives next door is the supervisor of the maintenance department at a local hospital and there is an opening for the 3am to 11am shift. I said sounds like I will have to be up early, the good part it is Monday - Friday weekends off, but will be on call one weekend a month. He said the interview is set for up for tomorrow which would be Wednesday for 7:30am.

After we had lunch I started to unpack and but things away, my mom came to my room and said why don't I put a pair of shorts on. I told just had jeans with me, that the shorts I did have from last year really did not fit and were kind of tight so I just got rid of them. I told her I thought I could just buy some new things once I got here. She than said will take your jeans off and just unpack in my underwear, I said you would not mind and she told me no, not at all. So I did take my jeans off and was just finish in my white Fruit of the Loom briefs, it did feel cooler. After unpacking I went to the kitchen where they were sitting having a cup of coffee so I join them. My dad asked if I wanted to take a dip in the pool with him, I told him I did not have a swimsuit with me, he told I didn't need one, could go naked. My mom looked at me and go on, heck we are your parents and no big deal at all. So I stood up and took my briefs off, I have to say it did feel strange standing there naked in front of them. We had a nice swim and he still has not said a word about my hair. Both my mom and dad said they feel since I am tired from my drive and have to be up early for the interview and I need to be well rested that they feel would be a good idea I get to bed after dinner. I told them I thought it was kind of early, but feeling tired I told them I would.

My dad woke me up like at 5am, I walked to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee my dad was having his coffee and was just in his briefs, I was still naked since I sleep that way, mom was still in bed. My dad and I sat and talked for awhile and he told me there would be a few house rules for that we will go over after we get home from the interview. We both decided to take a swim before we left. My dad was going with me, since I did not know how to get there, which was fine with me. We got to the hospital a little early and we saw Fred, my dads neighbor. He is the supervisor for that shift. We had meet a few times when I was down to visit my parents after they first moved there. He said he will take me to meet the department head and while I was being interviewed he and my dad would go have a cup of coffee.

Mr. Anderson, the department head was an older man, seem real nice. He talked for just about 45 minutes or maybe even an hour. He did say I have the job and was looking forward to working with me, and I said the same here. he said I did need a physical, which is done right here said and the doctor who gives them is free now so I may go. My dad and Fred were back so Fred took us to the room where I would have my physical. Fred said he was really glad I got the job and will be great working with him, I did thank him. My dad and I sat in a very small waiting room and the nurse came out with paperwork, a very nice older lady and turned out she was a friend of my parents. She told me to let her know when I was done with the paperwork. I walked the papers up to her desk and she told me the doctor would be right with me. This is the first physical I was having maybe in like 5 years. The nurse called me and told my dad he could come along if he wanted, well my dad did stand up and walked in the exam room with us. Even the exam room was small. She told me to get undressed to my underwear, so took everything off, and just when I was done the doctor walked in. He told me to sit on the exam table and he checked my blood pressure, and took my temp. He looked in my ears, eyes, nose and down my throat. He asked if I have ever had any health problems and told him no. He told me to stand and remove my briefs, I was now totally naked and he was checking me for hernia. After that the nurse walked me to the scale to get weight and height done. After that he had me bend over the table facing my dad and did a prostate check. Everything was fine and I was in good health, While standing there still naked he did give me a little lecture on my weight, He also told me with working those hours I will need to get enough sleep, he said he always recommends at least a good 8 hours. He asked what time I will be getting up and I said I guess at least by 2am, so he said I should be in bed no later than 6pm. My dad then spoke up and said do not worry he will be. He then said with this hot and humid weather I may want to think about getting a haircut. Once again my dad spoke up and told the doctor that is the next thing on the list. I thought oh no he will take me home and buzz me. The doctor told me I was all set to report to work on Monday, my dad asked him do you think he should his bedtime now and get up early so he will be use to it by Monday and he said that would be a great idea. I got dressed and we left to head home.

On the drive home my dad told me he will give me a nice short haircut, he said I do still have my hair clippers. I asked my dad if he was thinking of buzzing me like when I was younger, he turned to look at me with a big smile on his face and said yes. I just sat quite on the way home. When we got home my mom asked how everything went, I told great and that I got the job and I had also gotten a physical. My dad said to my mom guess who the nurse was and mom said was it Carol. my dad told her yes. My dad then told my mom that the doctor told me I need to be in bed no later than 6pm and that I should start today to get use to it, my mom said great. She said we will eat dinner around 4pm, then I could take a bath or shower around 5:30pm and just get into bed. My dad liked that idea and I just said that is very early. My dad said it maybe but I will do it, we started to have a small argument over it and my dad said, son you are too old to be spanked for talking to me that way and I just started to laugh which pissed him off.

My dad told me to take my shirt and pants off for my hair cut, so I did. he then turned to me and said why not just take the briefs off also, I said o I have to and he said yes. So I dad as told, and he said come here first and he say down in a kitchen chair and he said get over my lap, I was like what, dad I am too old to be spanked and he replied by saying no you are not and to get over his lap. My mom was still there also, so I did get over hos lap, I could not believe was dad was giving me a spanking and a good hard one at that, I actually started to cry. I stood up and was rubbing my rearend and crying and my dad said now sit down. It did hurt a little to sit, he stared the clippers and started to buzz my head, there was a lot of hair falling to the floor. My mom walked over and asked my dad if he could go shorter, I said shorter come on. My dad said he did have like a 00 guard but would take it down to just a little stubble she said yes do that. Well when he was done I looked bald, sat there crying like a kid and rubbing my head. My mom said why don't you both go in the pool for awhile, my dad said ok great but before we go he asked my mom if she would buzz his head also and she said sure. My dad stripped down also and sat in the chair, now my dad and I have the same haircut.

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