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Bold but not Bald by Sonu

I think i am a guy having hair fetish.This is a story about me few months back.
I had a new barber shop opened near my house. So i planned to check it out as i always check different barbers for their skills.
I give them instructions and get my haircut done.
I had a Picture of a Fade haircut in my mobile and asked him to get it done for me.
I described him how i want the haircut to be.
He had a mysterious smile on his face as he looked my hairy head. He made me sit on the Barber chair.
Then he shifted the chair slightly away from the mirror to make space for him to stand between me and the mirror.
I was surprised as this was the first time a Barber made such an arrangement.
It was three months i had the last haircut and so my hair was too long.
He wrapped me in a plain white sheet.He then took out his clippers.
As i explained him that i am suffering from dandruff problem and wish to go bald.
He patiently listened to me moving his clippers at the sides and back of the head.
In about a minute time he had almost shaved the lower portion of my head by a number 1 clipper.
As he placed the clipper in front of me.I could see hairs all over my white sheet.
I was a bit nervous. He touched my neck with his cold hands.
Then he took out his scissors. He had a brand new pair of scissor which was shining.
Along with his white thin comb and scissor he started snipping my hairs.
I told him scissors cant achieve the precision so he can use the clippers.
To which he rudely replied me to be patient as all are going to look in ave to my haircut.
He sprayed water on my hairs and asked me to bend my head down.
I bend my head down as he instructed. His scissors went snip snip.
I could see lot of hair s falling on the ground and my sheet.
He at once turned on the fan all hairs were brushed aside from my sheet.
He had finished the back of my head and now he stood between me and the mirror blocking my view.
I was further nervous. His scissors were on and now with more speed.
His fingers were constantly in action for ten minutes where he rotated my head in all directions.
I tried to look in the mirror but was unable to do so.
This was the first time i was having a military haircut so was not sure how it will look on me.
After 15 mins of hair snip session i asked him to stop and whether he wants to make me bald.
He smiled and continued. I was more nervous as i could see my hairs all over the floor and in air.
After 20 minutes he stopped he watched my head and again made few snips and then moved between me and the mirror.
I just looked into the mirror and was shocked to see my new form.
He had cut my 3 inch long hairs on top of the head to mere 1/4 inch.
The sides were blended by a number 1.He smiled and replied dont be afraid its looking good.
Believe me you will get adjusted to it. He then took out the razor and shaped my arches and the back.
Again he took a comb and the razor and snipped the standing hairs.
He then dusted my neck and removed the sheet.To my wonder a huge mop of hairs just spread on the floor.
I nervously looked into the mirror. It was a new haircut which made me look fresh.
First i was bit nervous as my hairs were really very short but the he had done his job well so i was little happy.
He replied that u had asked for more shorter hairs i still kept more hairs.
He assured me that the haircut suited me and it looked gud on me.
I went home and checked in the mirror and i could see it was a great military haircut.
The next day as i was in office i could see every guy pondering at my haircut and smiling.
My boss too smiled at me. I wondered that the barber had said that everyone would look a me and that was happening.
I was little nervous but later took confidence in displaying my soldier haircut.
Hence its better never to instruct the barber as they feel insulting when someone orders them
You just ask them what u want and they will give u good advice. My case i acted oversmart and
so i had to pay the price. He cut my hairs too short thant what i desired.

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