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let's see who can grow his hair longer 2 by Kevin1197

This is a continuation of the other part of let's see who can grow his hair longer because i submitted it accidentally before finishing thank you

The barber said "how would you like it?"
I said "number 1 please and 8 in the top" wich meant losing 7 inches of hair
He started cutting with clipper #1 in the back and sides and for the 1st time i saw my skin where i had hair. He finished the back and sides and put a #8 and started cutting in the top he was done after 7 minutes and removed the cape off me i liked it i saw the long 7 inches bangs of hair and i went to Arthuro's house he was shocked but not just for my haircut also because he had to shave his head

He shaved his head two weeks later and he looked nice he had lost his brown straight hair and we grew it back a lot of times and got it cut like i did after growing it long
And that's what happened when I was 13

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