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Smart like teacher by DaveB

Tim was your average 15 year old boy. He was fairly good academically, but was cool enough to hand around with the people that everyone wanted to be seen with at school. While the school had a uniform, basically it was fairly relaxed, and so while you had to wear the school tie and trousers, you could get away with wearing trainers and wearing your hair as you wanted, so you could still show your individual style. Tim did both, wearing the latest fashionable trainers and having his hair 3-4 inches long all over, being a messy look - but being carefully styled with putty by Tim each morning.

Tim's form teacher was Mr Smith. It was fair to say that Mr Smith was not one of the cool teachers at school. He was fairly strict, and didn't have a laugh with the school kids. He also dressed very conservatively, when compared to most of the staff who dressed in a relaxed way - choosing to wear a very dull grey suit and tie every day, and shiny black shoes that made a loud clicking noise as he walked down the corridor. His hair was a traditional short back and sides, and .
was parted on the side and slicked down tightly across his head. Overall he looked and acted a lot older than the 38 year old man he was. The key issue for Tim was that Mr Smith was a good friend of Tim's mother - which meant any misdemeanours by Tim at school quickly got back to his mum! It also meant that Tim sometimes saw Mr Smith away from school.

One day Mr Smith was round having dinner with Tim and his mum, and during the meal Tim was fiddling with his hair. "Tim, will you please stop messing with your hair please" she absently said to her son. "How you can spend so long on your hair when it looks so scruffy is beyond me!" At this, Mr Smith piped up: "I must say that a boys of Tim's age should really be taking more responsibility for their appearance. They should be setting the example to more junior pupils at the school, and also thinking ahead to the world of work, and what is acceptable in terms of style." Tim's mum then said "see Tim, why don't you take more of a leaf out of Mr Smith's book - he always looks very well turned out with a practical haircut." To which, Mr Smith quickly responded, "you know, I'd be happy to take him to the barber with me when I go, as I'm due a haircut anyway." His mum thought this was a great idea, and it was quickly agreed - despite Tim's loud objections - that Tim would accompany Mr Smith for a smart haircut the next day after school.

Tim spent the next day at school dreading the impending haircut - he'd spend the rest of the evening and morning trying to convince his mum not to subject him to a haircut that could leave him the ridicule of the school but she wasn't having it - it was extremely kind of Mr Smith, and a much tidier haircut was long over-due, and if he didn't comply there would be repercussions, which Tim didn't want to face, if he knew what was good for him.

The school bell rang, sounding the end of the day, and Tim slowly shuffled towards Mr Smith's class room, and before he knew it they were outside Mr Smith's regular barber.

They entered the shop which had no customers waiting. "Hi Jack, I've brought a new recruit with me today to get his first proper haircut," Mr Smith said. Jack responded "Looks like a well overdue haircut - hop up and we'll soon sort you out, young man."

Tim grudgingly sat in the barbers chair, and was quickly caped up and spun round to the mirror. "What will it be?" Jack asked. Mr Smith quickly responded, "give him a cut just like mine will you, Jack. He's nearly 16 now, and his mother and I both agree that a smart, more mature and low maintenance haircut is needed, as he starts to prepare for the world of work." "Right you are," Jack responded. At this, Tim chipped in "I don't mind going a bit shorter, but please I'd like to keep it the length it is at the front, and no parting - and can I keep the sideburns too please." Jack took one look at Mr Smith who was shaking his head, and said, "don't worry, I know it's a bit nerve-racking having such a big change, but you'll be pleased with the results."

Jack examined Tim, and said to Mr Smith, "With your hair, Mr Smith I generally block it at the back, but I'm going to take it shorter and higher with the young lad, as he's got a shorter neck, so it will work better."

With that Jack fired up the clippers and started mowing up the back of Tim's head, which was a strange sensation for Tim, who'd never experienced this before. The clippers made there way round the side of Tim's head. He felt sick. Mounds of hair were falling and leaving only a short stubble behind. Soon, both sides were equally devoid of hair to well above his ear level at which point there was a mushroom of hair. "I've got rid of the bulk of the hair with the number 3 guard, and I'll now taper it down." Tim's stomach sank further and the barber then proceeded to go over the lower parts of his hairline with shorter and shorter attachments. Jack then made a clean edge around the back, and then removed his sideburns taking the hair off all the way up to the top of his ear. Tim was horrified.

Jack then sprayed his hair with water, and using his comb crafted a straight part at the very left hand side of Tim's hairline and proceeded to comb all of his hair across his head. Jack then worked round the sides of Tim's head with his scissors removing a large volume of hair, and then used his clippers to blend the top of his hair to meet the very short length of the freshly clippered sides. The hair to the left of Tim's new part was now a maximum of just under an inch in length, but stuck straight out. However, Jacks thinning shears attacked this area, and quickly worked there way across the whole of his head. Hairs were flying everywhere as the shears were used again and again and Tim could see the bulk of hair on top of his head visibly shrink. Jack then worked across the top of Tim's head with scissors to trim the hair to a uniform length. He then brushed the hair at the front down across Tim's forehead and then with a deliberate, swift movement cut the hair at a very severe angle.

By this point Tim was close to tears having watched his hair be decimated into a style he very definitely didn't want. And what would his friends say...?

Jack then proceeded to blow dry the small amount of hair that was left of Tim's head, taking extra care to use a brush to train the hair on either side oh Tim's newly inflicted part. Jack then took a palm full of gel and worked it through his hair, slicking down all the hairs and puling the hair tight across from the left part across to the right.

"All done," announced Jack. Tim stared at his new reflection in the mirror. He looked about 10 years old, with so little hair and with his ears now fully exposed, and his head having a square look to it due to the hair being shaved straight up the sides to meet the longer hair on top, while the part and slicked hair made him look like he was a 10 year old who was trying to look like a business man. He felt despair and deep depression - and looking across to a beaming Mr Smith he realised that his hair looked just like that of the very unfashionable teacher. Jack then lifted a mirror and showed him the back - it got worse, half way up the back and sides of his head his pale skin shone through, as the hair was neatly blended from the short length on top to the military short length at the bottom and all the way around the ears to his now non-existent sideburns.

Tim got out of the chair in a daze, trying not to cry. "Looking smart," said Mr Smith, jumping into the chair. Soon Mr Smith's hair looked identical to Tim's at the front, with an identical side part and hair plastered across his head with gel, however the back and sides of Mr Smith's head was signiciantly longer, having been blocked, rather than taper faded down. It was worse than Tim had feared - not only did he look like Mr Smith's son, but he had ended up with the back of his head looking like he was going to join the military! He could never go to school or leave his house again...

Mr Smith paid Jack and drove Tim home. Tim remained in silence for the whole journey. Tim's mum appeared at the door, she screamed with joy: "Tim, you look so handsome, you look like a proper man now, I love it." Mr Smith chipped in, "I'd be happy to take Tim with me every 3 weeks when I go to get my haircut." It was readily agreed that this was the perfect solution, and Tim's new hairstyle was now part of his life.

Tim ran up to his room and burst into tears. He tried to re-style his hair - or at least get rid of the horrific side part, but due to how short the hair was on the left hand side, there was no way to remove the part, and with the severe angle of the bangs, he had no option but to brush the hair across, and even without gel the hair sat neatly in its new style.

Later that evening, the doorbell rang, and soon Tim's mum called down for him. On the doorstep was Mr Smith with a large box: "I've got a couple of things for you," handing over a big tub of gel "this will help keep your hair in order, like mine" he then handed Tim a box, which his mum hurried him to open. Inside he found a pair of shiny shoes, just like Mr Smiths. "They were too small for me, but should fit you perfectly" Mr Smith said. His mum was incredibly grateful, and said she'd make sure he's use both every day.

The next day his mum woke him up early and supervised as he gelled his hair into place, and made him replace his normally trendy trainers with the smart, shiny shoes that were identical to Mr Smiths. She then escorted him to the school gates and watched him as he entered the building. His mates all took one look at him and burst into laughter 'who's the geek' they all leered. By the time he made it to the form room he had endured much name calling and ridicule, however, upon entering the room, one of his friends saw Mr Smith and shouted out, "hey, Tim's Mr Smith's little brother!!!"

To cut a long story short, Tim endure 2 years of his new look until he left school, and his friends got used to his new look, but he was forever after know as 'the geek'. But by the time he left school he was used to his look and decided to keep the slick smart look.

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