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Last Minute Decision by Jeff

High School! Who would have known that it would be full of excitement and fame. Well, for me that is. My name is Jeff and this is my story about my first year Wrestling at Varsity Level. Yes, I was only a Freshman and no, I was not expected to do much but what the heck, might as well go for the gold anyway.

I live in a very small town called Benton Ridge. I go to Benton high and I love it. Sure we are a very small school with only about a 100 in my class but that makes it just as fun. And even though we were small, does not mean we sucked at sports. It seems like every year we would make it to the state championship in football and boys and girls basketball but we were always topped by our adversaries from the North, Northern Ridge High School. They were not any bigger but they always squeaked out in the end. When people heard that I could be good enough t o win state, I attracted a lot of attention seeing how a State title has not been brought home to this school in over 30 years.

`Not this time!` I said as the coach finished his speech to the team. He had said how he was sick of loosing in the finals and did not want to again. You see, in this very small town, football is the main attraction but not this year. I was only a Freshman but was determined to make an impression. Little did I know, I would pay for it later with something I loved, my hair.

News spread quickly in our little town as the season went on and I kept winning. I have to admit, I was very, very good. I wrestled in the 185 lb. class and it was one tough weight class. It seems like everyone was dropping weight to get out of it until there was only three of us left. Myself, my best friend Bret, and Jake Walerby from Northern. I heard about Jake but did not see what the big deal was, I knew I was better then him. After all, we were both undefeated but I just knew that it was only because he did not wrestle me other wise, I would be the only undefeated one.

The season went on quickly and suddenly I found myself a small town hero. Everyone followed me from meet to meet and even came to practice to watch me. State Finals rolled around and I had not a worry In the world. Finally the day came for my first State match. I had no problems at all in my matches and quickly defeated anyone who I wrestled. Then came the semi finals for my class. Jake was wrestling my friend Bret and I was wrestling some other kid who gained the weight just so he could wrestle me. Well, I wiped the floor with him but Jake beat Bret in a very close match.

The day of the Championship matches rolled around as I awoke in My very comfortable Hotel bed. My teammates and myself got up and got ready to head out the door to the arena when we were swarmed by people from our town. We were given a huge breakfast and congratulated for a job well done. I was the only one from Benton that was in the finals so I felt a little pressure.

We arrived at the arena a little late so I started my exercises. Running, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and crunches. We then went into the locker room to weight in when the coach approached the team. `I found out who you are wrestling in the finals, Jake walerby from Northern,` said the coach. I had no problem with this because I knew I could creme him but everyone else seemed comprehensive.

I walked over to the scales and stepped on them. I could not believe my eyes, 195! What the hell am I going to do? I panicked and started working out like mad withdˆã my team supporting me. I got back not the scales and 187! Oh no, what now, I could not do it, I was going to let the whole team down. we were all trying to think of a plan when Mitchell, the scrawniest, worst wrestler ever spoke up. `How about your hair?` My hair was golden brown and down to my collar. It was the envy of all the girls at Benton High and the style all the boys wore. `What about it Mitchell? Do you have something to say about it, is it not good enough for you?` I responded. `No No No, that is not it at all, if you were to cut it real quick, you could loose 2 pounds,` said Mitchell. I immediately said no way. Then Bret walked over to the coaches desk and grabbed some scissors. `You know Jeff, he is right, your hair is weighting you down and you don`t want to let anyone down do you? `

`No, Bret, your right, cut it!` As Bret was walking toward me, Mitchell spoke out again while walking to his locker. `Bret wait, that`s not good enough.` He walked over to his bag and pulled out some clippers. he handed them to Bret and told him to do the job. I was ushered into a chair and Bret came up behind and plugged the clippers in. `Jeff are you sure, we can run more laps if you want,` said Bret. `No, just do it and get it over with, shave my head!`

Bret walked behind me a flicked the clippers to life. I jumped a little but was able to control myself. He put them at the base of my forehead and sighed. `Just do it Bret, Make me bald.` He then slowly pushed the clippers back across my head time after time until there were no hairs left on my head. The locker room was silent, all you could here was the gentle hum of the clippers that bogged out with every pass. When he was done, I stood up and rubbed my head along with everyone else on the team. I walked over to the scaled and that did it, 185 on the dot. I went over and thanked Mitchell for his suggestion but hen told him I hated having my head shaved. I picked him up and shoved him into the chair while Bret held him down. I picked up the clippers and turned them on. As he was forced to sit there, I shaved his head completely bald then we stuffed him and his clippers into this locker. Sure that may have been a mean thing to do but he was a nerd, what can I say.

We all walked out onto the floor together as the crowd cheered and cheered. I felt so good and I felt so alive at that point. It came time for the match. This was so great, I was not nervous at all. There I was, In the middle of the mat, just me and Jake, for the first time once and for all. After the whistle blew, it was all a blur. All I remember was going underneath him and finding myself on top. A new state record and maybe even a national record for a championship match. I pinned Jake in 13 seconds to become the first ever undefeated Varsity Letterman to win the State Championship as freshman at Benton high.

Some people thought it was because I shaved my head but I proved that wrong. I grew my hair out and the next three years of my high school career I went on to be State champion only loosing one match, to Bret during practice. And it was only proper that in order to win the next championship`s, I had to beat Jake Walerby with his newly shaved head. He only lost four matches in his career, against me in the finals. I never shaved my head again I hated it so much. The girls loved my long hair and I was happy to have it back.

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