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Easter haircuts by Chris

Easter week brings back a lot of good memories. My brothers and I always enjoyed Easter egg hunts, time with the family and other activities.
And then there were the Easter haircuts.
During the winter my brothers and I usually had ivy league haircuts, trimmed about an inch on top and No. 2 on the sides with a tight taper. Dad likes at least a little skin showing above the ears.
We usually had that haircut from about Halloween (or whenever it turned cold) until the Saturday before Easter, when my dad always took us to the barbershop.
I still remember the last time dad took my brothers and I was 1978 (In the fall of that year, he decided to let us grow our hair a little longer.)
As was his routine when we were going for haircuts, he woke us up early and told us to get ready. He wanted to be there when the shop opened at 8 so we wouldn't have a long wait. I didn't mind, figuring it lessened the chance of my friends seeing my haircut.
We got to the shop about 7:50, just as the owner, a friend of dads, was arriving. As the other barbers walked in, the owner told Dad to get my brothers and I in the chairs. Dad told me to get in the chair of the owner and then started a conversation with him.
"I am glad the warm weather is finally here," my dad said. "Now you can give Chris a really short crewcut. On the sides, I want whitewalls."
Without saying a word to me, dad went to talk with my brothers barbers while mine put the cape and tissue on me, raised the chair some and turned on his big black clippers. Within about a minute, the hair on the sides and back was gone. He then put some butch wax on top and took it down really short. It took about 5 minutes.
Instead of asking if I liked the cut, the barber called dad over and asked if it was short enough.
"You know, Ed, I can take more off the top if you want."
Of course dad said yes, and the barber attacked it one more time with the clippers.
He finished the cut with the edger around the bottom of the sides and back.
I didn't let him know at the time, but I liked that haircut. I knew by then that I had an interest in short haircuts. I took a lot of ribbing at school the following Monday, but I was glad to have my Easter crewcut.

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