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my haircuts all year long by Justin122

Im james and my yyea always starts at August and then i start school with a haircut and i wait till thanksgiving about 3 months and by that my hair is about 6 inches all over and i just get a trim in thanksgiving so it ends up being 2-3 inches long then i let it grow four months till spring break so now it's about 6-7 inches long, and i always get a trim and it ends up 3-4 inches long and i let it grow till the end of july, it always gets to 7-8 inches long and it's always ends up being 2-3 inches long but this time in 9th grade something happened

I was on my way to get my usual end od july haircut and i was thinking on getting it cut as short as possible But i wasn't sure if it would be okay with my dad

We were almost there and i ask my dad

"Dad, um.. i was thinking about getting a shorter haircut" i say nervously

"short like what?" He says

"Like the shortest i can have it"

"Well it's up to you Not to me"


We get in and it was empty, so the barber asked me to sit im the chair. So I did.

"Do you want the usual trim that you get?"

" well i was thinking on something different like getting it like a number 0 back and sides and short with number 8 on the top"

"Tes we could do that "

He put the cape around me and my dad was taking video, he always takes video in every haircut i get.

He starts cutting with the clippers on the back of my head, i can feel the hair falling down my neck, ge does the back fast and then goes to the sides but decides to turn me against the mirror so i don't see myself, i can sse 7 inches of hair falling on the cape, then he starts cutting the top with a number 8 and i can see hair falling to the cape, after eeverything happens he turns me around to the mirror and i am shocked if how i look.

I always cut my hair short in june then LOnger in October and February but i get it short in june since whayt happened in 9th grade

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