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Neighborhood Shoe by Logan

I know this sounds like a fantasy post, but this is 100% true.

I started out today deciding I was going to get my almost 2 week old #2 buzz cut into a simple skin fade, since it`s too short to do a flattop with. I figured I`d need to let the top grow out some before I went for the flattop. Which sucked because I was in the mood for one today, but I didn't think I had nearly enough hair on top.

I was going to go to this cheap shop near my apartment. But I was inspired by Redfern`s post about Neighborhood Barbers here in NYC, and decided to go down there instead. I generally ONLY travel down there for flattops when I have more hair to play with, but today I had nothing to do. I figured it`d be fun even if I couldn't have the cut I wanted.

So I get into Eric`s chair and I`m about to tell him to just do a skin fade or something when he says `Flattop like usual or just take it all off?` I say `oh, can you do a flattop with this?` He says `you want the horseshoe, right? Shaved on the sides and back?` Now that`s not really what I had planned on getting today at all. But it sounded so hot I was like `okay, go for it.`

He clipper shaves the back and sides super-high like he always does. And then he uses the same clippers to carve out a thin landing strip. I just about jumped out of my skin because he`s never done that before. Usually it`s clipper over comb while he`s doing the top and the strip sort of materializes. Next he puts lather on the back and sides...and on the strip. Now I`m getting excited. I've always wanted to ask him to shave the strip but have never had the balls. And here he is doing it!

He finishes shaving and he asks if it`s okay. I say yes, assuming that he`s done with the top. Wrong. He proceeds to start WIDENING the bald strip with clippers, taking it farther out until I had a true horseshoe. I almost passed out. I've been going to him for flattops for a few years now and he`s never done this.

I`m now wearing the most extreme recon horseshoe flattop I've ever had. The center `strip` basically takes up most of the top. It`s amazing! The reviews so far have been excellent: on the way back to the train, several guys caught my eye and nodded at me.

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