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Don't cut it short part 1 by Stillcropped

I had finished work early on that Friday and was at home to change into casual clothes before running some last minute errands as we were going on holiday the following day, as I entered the house a text message came in from my wife
' are you home yet?'
'Yes just arrived' was my reply.
Seconds later the phone rang at it was her stating that she was finishing in an hour and suggesting we meet for an early dinner at the local pub, that agreed I told her I would change my plans and take the car into town now so that I could have a drink later. Her next question surprised me as I told her I hadn't yet been to the barbers she said she would meet me there after work as she 'didn't want my hair cut short' although a bit surprised I agreed and resigned myself to a slight trim rather than the short shearing I was expecting.

An hour or so later I was waiting outside the barbers when she jumped out of a taxi as I kissed her I realised that she had already had a glass of wine and she laughed saying yes her and her two colleagues had shared a bottle of wine and that she hoped I didn't mind but they were joining us in the pub. I had no objection to this as I knew them quite well and we always had a bit of a laugh together. As we entered the barbers it was quite busy and I estimated that we would be waiting for about half an hour and sure enough it was about then when the elderly shop owner called me to his chair. Now he had a reputation for giving no nonsense short back and sides as his longest cut and as a rule sheared all his customers a good deal shorter than that , my wife knew this so I was surprised when she didn't object to my sitting in his chair, as he fastened the cape tightly round me he asked 'much off?' Just as I was about to say 'a light trim please' my wife was at my side ' excuse me sir, this is my husband and for years he's wanted to have his head shaved do you think you could that for him'
' certainly Madam as long as he agrees you mean you want me to shave it all off', well sir?
I was speechless and watched my wife's devilish grin in the mirror and as I nodded my head she winked at me saying 'as I said I didn't want it cut short, I'd like him shaved completely smooth'
The barber looked at me 'smooth sir with the razor?'
By now my voice had returned 'better do as the lady says but quickly before she changes her mind'
To be continued

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