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A Shock by Dave

I had been working long hours the past three weeks to make sure that my work would be completed before I took some time off to get married and have a grand honeymoon. My best friends knew of my pending marriage. We have been together for about 7 years now and have always had a great time together no matter the activity we participated in. We called ourselves the Mullets! Of course the name describes the hairstyle we all liked. My mullet was about as long as the others. My hair was curly and blonde. Some of the guys would get a perm to give them a better look to their mullet. Since my hair was quite thick and curly, my hair on the sides and top was quite long. None of us had that typical mullet cut where the sides are cropped close and the top short and the back extremely long.

My bride to be, Marie, really loved my hair. She often said that she loved to run her fingers through the long curls. In fact, many times she said she wished he had my hair. Actually her hair was much shorter than mine. She looked terrific with her short cut - something on the order of a Poodle Cut.

The night before my wedding, the guys gave me a bachelor party and as you can imagine, with all the usual activities. Little did I know that one of my friends had something planned for me when I got home. My friends knew that I didn’t drink. I don’t even drink beer. I never did like the taste of it. I didn’t want to appear to be a non-drinker, I told the boys I would have some orange juice or something like Ginger Ale. I enjoyed the evening and the guys knew I had to get home early since the wedding was at 11 AM. I did want to get a good rest.

Near the end of the party, I became really sleepy. I told Bud, my best friend I thought I needed to get home. What I didn’t know was that one of my friends had put some vodka in my Ale and Orange Juice. Of course having not ever had alcohol in any quantity, it didn’t take much to make me sleepy. I didn’t know it, but when they got me home, someone decided that I needed a trim before the wedding.

I wasn’t aware of their activities. I went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning, I was tucked in my bed and I was completely rested. I looked at the clock and it was 8:30 AM. I had planned on getting up and having breakfast, take care of the last minute things and get ready for the wedding. My tucks were ready, shoe shined, etc. When I got up, I ran my hands through my hair - always from the sideburn/ears up and then ate breakfast. It was 9 AM. I decided to shave and take a shower and wash my hair and then get ready for the big event. When I went to brush my teeth and shave, I didn’t even look in the mirror. I put paste on my toothbrush and began brushing my teeth. When I finished, I rinsed my mouth and got ready to shave.

I then looked into the mirror when I went to wash my face for shaving. To say I was shocked, is an understatement. The guys had shaved off my mustache until it looked like the one Hitler had. I thought, Man! I had been growing it for about a year and it was like my special pal. Just as I had gotten over the shock of losing my mustache, I happened to look up and there staring me in the mirror was this wide, smooth strip right down the middle of my head. I made sure that I wasn’t dreaming. How could they do this to me? I got the mirror and looked at the back and the stripe went all the way back down to my neck.

What was I to do. I only had two hours to get ready. I was about to panic. I got dressed and raced out of the houses. My barber, Sid, had his shop only 3 blocks from my home. I didn’t even bother to get the car out of the garage. I ran all the way. Thank goodness, Sid didn’t have anyone in the chair or waiting. Sid said, “What’s the hurry Ben?” I told him I had my wedding in less than two hours and showed him what the guys had done the night before when I was sleeping.

Sid laughed. I told him it wasn’t funny. He asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him I needed him to fix the problem. Sid laughed again. I said, “Come on Sid. This is serious!” Sid said, “Well Ben, we can leave the mustache such as it is but I am afraid I have bad news for you about your hair. The ‘ONLY’ solution is to shave the rest of it off. I just about fainted, but I had told myself I was hoping against all hope. I told him I didn’t have time to waste. Take care of it. It was no time that I was looking at a large pile of hair on my cape and on the floor. I didn’t have time to reflect on the loss. Sid had already put hot shaving cream on my head and had begun shaving. When he finished, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. My scalp was shining like you wouldn’t believe. Thanks goods it was early spring so my skin hadn’t begun to tan.

Just as Sid was going to take the cape off, I asked him to take the remainder of the mustache away. He wanted to know if I wanted him to shave me and I told him yes, but be quick about it and no blood….Please!

Thank goodness I had my suite cases packed and ready to go. I rushed home after leaving Sid’s and took my shower. I couldn’t believe how slick my head felt without all of that hair. What is Marie going to say and do? I didn’t know if I should send word to her to foreworn her of the change but then I didn’t have time for that. When I got out of the shower, I dressed. The head was once again shining after I put on the baby oil and clear aloe gel that Sid gave me.

I must say that I really liked the look. I thought I looked stronger, more masculine. I did miss my mullet but then I couldn’t do anything about it at this time. I could grow it back, but that would take a long time.

I hired a Taxi to take me to the church. I got t here about 10 minutes before the ceremony was to begin. My best man was already there and was pacing the floor, wondering where I was. When he saw me, he came and asked what happened. I told him and he laughed. He then said, “Ben! I think your new look is SMASHING! You look great. Marie is going to love it.” I told him, I sure hope so.

We got into place and the music began. I don’t think Marie looked at the back of me when she came down the aisle. It wasn’t until she got beside me that she looked at me and I could see the surprise in her face. I could see her mouth was open as if to say, “Oh My God! Why did you do that?” The wedding was beautiful. The usual picture taking was over with. As the photographer left, I thought about seeing my bald head in the pictures. Oh! Well! It’s something to look back upon. When we got in the car to take us first to her house to change and then me to my house to change and pick up my suite cases, Marie spoke for the first time. The first thing she did was to rub my head.

She then said, “What happened?” I told her the story and she laughed. I told her it wasn’t funny to me at the time. I told her I kinda liked the smooth feeling. Marie then said, “You know what. I wished I had your hair, but now mine seems long compared to your BALD HEAD! I must admit, I really like you better with the shaved head.” I told her I had hoped she did, since I was stuck with it for the near future. We had 3 weeks to celebrate our marriage on the beaches of Hawaii. Both of our parents got together and gave us the honeymoon.

When we arrived in Hawaii, we immediately took to the beach. Having spent a long, hard, very cold winter, the sun and the surf was fantastic. The first morning as a married couple, Marie asked me if I was going to grow back my mustache. I told her I didn’t think so. She said, “Great! You know I didn ’t like it that much. I think you look much better without it….makes you look younger.” Then she asked me about my head. I told her I no doubt will grow my hair back. The third day of our honeymoon, I began to rub my head and surprising to me, I missed that smooth, slick feeling. I did like the looks of myself with the head shaved. Even though I liked the shaved look, I didn’t shave my head. The 5th morning, Marie said to me, “Ben! Would you do something for me?” I said, “Sure. What is it?” “Will you shave that fuzz off of your head? I loved your BALD HEAD!”

To say I was surprised, would put it mildly. I thought since she loved my long, blonde, curly hair, I figured she couldn’t wait for it to reappear. I loved the freedom the shaved head gave me. It was so comfortable, easy to maintain, and so masculine. I told her I would take care of right after breakfast. She smiled and said, “Thank you!” Right after breakfast, I went to the barber in the hotel and had him shave my head. He did a fantastic job. I was surprised how much tan I had gotten. The shaved head looked even better now. I told Marie I would meet her at the fountain in an hour. When I came out, she jumped up and down and ran to massage my head. Of course I loved the massage.

From that day forward, I shaved every morning before breakfast. I truly love the hairstyle or is it a non-hairstyle? When we returned home, everyone thought I would have three weeks growth of hair. I think I surprised everyone of them.

A week after our return from our honeymoon, the guys called and wanted to know if I was mad at them for what they had done. I told them no! I told them that they didn’t know it at the time, but they gave me my freedom. They wanted to know what I meant. I told them I would explain when we met to have our weekly card game. Joe asked me if Marie would allow me out for it. I laughed. I told them that she not only allowed it, she suggested that I invite you all over for our first game. We always met at one of our homes for the evening. It so happened that the boys had elected to be at Chips house, so I went there.

When the guys arrived, they were surprised that I still was shaving. I told them that they gave me my freedom from that mess of hair. I told them I didn’t know who was responsible, but I sure do thank them. I also told them that Marie loves my smooth noggin. She thinks it is really sexy. I told them that lovemaking is great now that the head is bald, she rubs my head and I get turned on and away we go. They all wanted to know more. All of us were now married.

The following week we met at my home. While we were playing, Chip said, “I asked Dot what she thought of Ben’s Bald Head and she said she thought it was really sexy. I asked Ben if he was planning on shaving his head. He said, “No Way!” Bud then said, “Chip you didn’t think about that when you gave Ben here his stripe.” There! The ‘beans were spilled.’ I looked at Chip and said, “You Dog!” He had a sheepish smile on his face. “Oh! So it was you that decided to have a little FUN! Chip looked at me and said, “Ben, I am truly sorry. I guess I had a little too much to drink that night and wasn’t thinking clearly. I certainly wouldn’t be offended if you never spoke to me again. I hope you will forgive me.”

“Forgive you! Why you Dog! What is there to forgive? We are friends. I do think your actions were a little misplaced, but that is history! After all, I love this bald head and would never change it.” We began to play cards again and then I remembered something. While the hand was dealt, I got up and went to the garage. I came back with a small, dust-covered box. I put the box on the counter. I didn’t say a word. We played the hand and then Chip said, “Ben. What’s in the box?” I looked up and said, “Oh! A little something!” Sam spoke up and said, “Ben. Can Chip open it?” I told Chip he could if he wanted too. Of course Bud and Sam also got curious. Finally Chip took the box and opened it. He quickly put the cover back on and sat it back on the counter.

Sam said, “Well Chip! What was it?” Chip didn’t say a word. Finally Bud reached over and picked up the box and handed it to Sam. When Sam opened it, he began to smile. He passed it to Bud and Bud began to laugh! I could see that Chip was a little uncomfortable. I said, “Chip! Don’t worry! I will let you do it yourself whenever you have the urge.” Of course I had that sadistic grin on my face.

We continued to play cards and had a great time. I did notice that from time to time Chip looked over at the box. Each time it was my turn to host the card game, I made sure that the box was on the counter next to Chip. One evening I noticed that Chip was preoccupied with that box more than in the past. When we declared a break for refreshments, I noticed Chip opened the box. This time he saw a note. It said, “Hi Chip! I can make you smooth! Plug me in and turn me on and I will do the rest. In no time I will, along with Mach have you shining.” Chip put the cover on the box and pushed it to the back of the counter.

The next time, I noticed that Chip opened the box and the note was still there, but something had been added - Hi Chip! Is tonight the night? I could tell that his action was getting the best of him. Each time he seemed to be more agitated. I loved to see him squirm. Each time, I made sure the machine was oiled and ready to go. I actually removed the blade and worked on it a little so it would cut extremely close. Each time, I would put a little additional note inside.

One evening, Chip noticed that the box wasn’t in it usual place and he relaxed until he looked up and saw it there. He threw his hand down and said, “Ok! I give in. Ben will you shave my head?” I said, “No Way!” Chip asked Bud and Sam. They too refused. Chip didn’t play too well for the rest of the evening. The following meeting at my house, I put the box out and along with it was the shaving cream and a mirror. When Chip arrived, his eyes went directly to the box, cream & mirror. He ran his fingers through his mullet and then, without any announcement, he got the clippers out of the box, plugged them in and got a stool and began cutting his hair. We all watched with a smile on our faces. When he finished, he put the shaving cream on his head and then asked if someone would shave him. No one offered to help him. Finally he picked up the Mach 3 Turbo and began shaving. The more he worked, the better he looked. When he was satisfied, he wiped off the cream and looked again into the mirror. Even though his back was to us, we could see a broad grin on his face.

I said, “Well! Chip! How do you like it?” Chip turned towards us with a big smile on his face and said, “This is FANTASTIC! Hey you guys. You need to feel this! It is really wild!” He went to Sam and Bud and asked them to feel. Of course I knew what he was feeling. Each massage is really something else. When it was all over, Chip came to me and offered his hand. He said, “I am truly sorry. It was dumb, especially on your wedding day! Forgive me?” Of course I had forgiven him and told him so again. I told him he now had to get some sun on it to get some color there.

We played cards and don’t you know it, Chip was playing extremely well and was constantly rubbing his smooth noggin. Every once in a while, Chip would say, “You two don’t know what you are missing.” At break time, Bud said, “If a head shave does that for Chip, I am going to have to join him. Sam! Will you do the honors! Sam jumped up and said, “I have always wanted to be a barber!” He didn’t take long to remove all of Bud’s mullet. Getting a new blade, Sam made short work of the stubs. When he was finished, Bud immediately reached up and rubbed his head. An instant smile came to his face. “WOW! This IS great.” Sam then surprised the rest of us and said, “Now Ben, will you do me the honor of relieving me of my mullet?” Of course, I couldn’t refuse. I wouldn’t let myself. After all it isn’t every day that you get to do something you have thought about for a long, long time. I didn’t hesitate and put the clippers to work. It wasn’t long before Sam had nothing but stubs to worry about. He asked Bud to do the shaving. When Bud was finished, Sam said, “This is truly fantastic. I should have done this years ago.” I thought, ‘now where have I heard that before?’

We cleaned up the floor and finished our game. It seems that Chip still held the edge that evening. When they left, I put the clippers away. I knew we wouldn’t need them again. I was surprised to find Chip at my door the following evening. He wanted to know if he could borrow the clippers. It seems his boys liked his bald head and wanted the same cut. His boys are all in high school and always had long hair like their father even though their male classmates were sporting the short styles. When Chip returned the clippers, he thanked me and said that the boys loved the smooth feeling of their heads. I guess the cuts were a hit at school.

The next week when we met, I asked the boys what was the response of their wives. In different words they all said about the same thing, “Boys will be Boys! Then all three said that their wives couldn’t keep their hands off. They all said that they enjoyed their wives’ massages. Bud said he really liked it when his wife took some warmed baby oil and put it on his scalp and massaged it in.

When everyone had finished their experiences with the bald head, Sam asked me if Marie still liked my head without hair. I told them all she was in love with the bald head and the person under it. Bud said, “I still can picture you standing there in your Tux at the wedding. I said, “You have a picture of me in that outfit and the bald head.” Sam said, “Do you have that picture handy? I would like to see it. I brought out the wedding album and they had a good laugh. They all agreed, that I look better now with a good tan on the head.

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