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One Day at Great Clips by Range

It was a hot August day in mid Texas heat. Our college town was packed with new students who didn't know their way around. My hair was about to my ears as I had let it grow all summer. I usually hated long hair but was starting to like it through the summer since my parents decided to not to go to the barber anymore for me back in April and my dads clippers broke in May. School was about to start and I really needed a haircut. I didn't want anything drastic, I just wanted to get my haircut the way it used to be. 2 on the sides and a little less than and a little less than an inch on top or a number 7 if I wanted clippers all over. We had a brand new great clips open on the south side of town and my dad took me to that area as many new places were opening. My dad saw the great clips and gave me $20 and said to get any cut I want. I hopped out and he parked and went into the sushi place next door to order dinner. I went in and was greeted by a man who walked me to the chair and caped me. He asked how short I wanted to go and when I said short, he took the clippers out. He asked my name, how old I was and the when was the last time I got a haircut. He asked me what I wanted and I guess he already had a #2 on there because I said "a #2" and he said you got it and went straight down the middle. He didn't even let me finish. I'm 13, I'm at an akward stage, the last thing I wanted was a buzz cut. On the outside I looked cool but on the inside, I was tackling him and shaving the inch of hair he had right off of his head. He talked to me and told me about his kids and how his son is star quarterback at MY school and it was kinda akward mentioning I wanted to beat him. My dad came in saying he was impressed mentioning I always got the same haircut as him that I finally decided to "cut the cord". My dad then said, "how would it look shorter" the barber said I shave my son to a 1mm sometimes even BALD!!!! My dad said do a 1mm and the barber switched the guards and shaved even more hair off. After a few more minutes, I was done. That horrible torture of a haircut was over. At this point, I was glad my mom left for a year and a half to go to a reserve in Africa where she can't communicate bc if she heard about or saw my hair, she would have a fit!!! We paid and left after my dad talked with the barber. We got home and my sister couldn't stop rubbing my head. School started last week and now I have a head brighter than most people's future to be embarrassed by. I took a shower and got ready for bed when my dad came into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth. He asked me how I felt about being bald and I told him I was already. He pulled out a box and told me to follow him to the back porch. He had a chair and a mirror set up with a cape that came with a clipper set. He told me to sit and relax. He plugged in the clippers and I jumped when he tested them. He apperantly got a new pair the week before so this mess could have been avoided. I told him not to and he said I had said it myself, I was already bald so it wouldn't be any different. He put the cape on me and shaved the 1mm of hair right of my white head. The clippers didn't seem to be doing the job so my dad had my neighbor Brendan bring his clippers which started to actually cut my hair. My head felt a breeze when it actually worked. Then, a razor and shaving cream got involved. My head was covered in shaving cream and had a razor gliding over my head. I was done after my head was cut 3 times with the razor. I washed my HEAD and went to bed. By Tuesday, my hair was back to 1mm and in a month after I did inversion method that is proven to grow hair naturally worked, I had an inch of hair and was back to normal. Now, my dad has full control of my hair in the summer.

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