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Not again by Revilo

As long as I can remember, I always had my hair very short. Not because I wanted it, but because my dad forced me. Every month I got a buzzcut, in summer I even was shorn bald. I hated it! Now that I'm twenty and moved out, I've been letting my hair grow and it felt great.
This summer I was visiting my parents. When I arrived in the Little town they live in, I noticed that I was way too early. I was just passing the old barbershop I had my hair cut as a child. Why not saying hello to my old barber, I thought. I entered the shop and he immedeately recognized me.
"Hello Boy, haven't seen you in a while" He spoke very loud.
"Hi, I just wanted to say hello" I said.
"Sit down, we can talk a little bit."
"Well....ok, fine." I sat down.
"I'll be right back." He went into another room.
I was looking around, saw the walls without mirrors, remembering the bad times i had here. Why did I even come here?
Suddenly, the barber appeared behind me and fastened a cape around me.
"What are you doing?" I said and tried to get out of my chair.
With unexpected strength he pushed me down and grabbed the hair on the top of my head.
"Good that you came for a haircut". He suddenly had a pair of clippers in his Hands and pushed my head down. I have no idea why he had so much strength for an elder man. He ran the Clippers up the back and the sides of my head. I was pertrified from shock. After he had finished the back and the sides, I tried to get out again, but he pushed me down again.
"Almost finished." he ran the Clippers over the top of my head. I was almost crying. How could he not notice?
After a few minutes, he stopped and put the Clippers aside. He patted my shoulder.
"Much better now." He smiled.
I had no idea how I looked, another buzz probably.
He took some oil and rubbed it into my head.
"A bald head is just perfect for summer. I'm glad you decided to come here. Your hair was too long."
I touched my head and almost screamed.
"Great, right? And the oil I put on your head will Keep your hair from growing for at least six months."
"Why did you do that?"
"You have to speak louder, I cant hear you. I'm almost deaf."
"Whatever" I got up and ran out of the shop,feeling terrible like back then in my childhood. No hair, not again!!!!

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