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Russ and Chip In The Park - Part One by Russ

It all started with a casual nodding of heads as two strangers walked by acknowledging each other silently and almost saying hello. This went on over several days as I walked along the park path, seeing the stranger about the same time each day. Was he noticing me or was it just a coincidence? I certainly noticed him. How could anyone miss that great hair? He had a thick blond white mane with a slight wave, plenty long on top and professionally trimmed on the sides and back. If only I had hair like that. I contrasted his look with my bald head and MPB fringe. Anyway, one day I finally said hello out loud, a greeting he returned as we both kept walking past each other.

Soon enough, we struck up a conversation which didn't get much beyond the weather. Was he staring at me the way I could not stop staring at his hair? After a few weeks we took to sitting on a bench and the conversation went from the weather to some local events. AND the next day it happened. As we were getting up to say good bye, he reached out and rubbed the top of my head! I must have looked more than surprised as he apologized for being so forward. He explained he wanted to do that since the day he first saw me. I replied, well, I wanted to ruffle your hair the first time I saw you. He said why not and leaned toward me. Of course I ruffled away as he rubbed my head again. We laughed and parted saying see you tomorrow. Before he left, I said I'm Russ, what's your name? Just call me Chip, short for Charlie, was the reply.

The next day I saw Chip waiting for me at our usual spot. He started rubbing my head as he said let's walk over to the gazebo, I saw an electrical outlet on one of the poles. I returned the head rub with a hair ruffle and noticed Chip had a bag under his arm. We headed over to the gazebo as I gave his hair another long slow ruffle. Chip then pulled a new Wahl clipper out of the bag and asked me to give him a good looking MPB cut just like mine. Could he really want that mane of his cut bald? Was I up to the task without making him look ridiculous? How should I respond to that?

To Be Continued

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