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The Karl Cut 2 by andrew cluer

Type your story here/ When Andrew eagerly returned, as arranged, for his evening appointment at the Barber`s shop by the university, he was slightly surprised to see Karl shaving the Barber`s head ! He appeared to be doing an extremely good job of it. Andrew also noticed piles of hair on the floor around the chair. The barber cheerily said "Hello, I am glad that you have come back. My name is Ramone. Meet my new part time apprentice. What you see here on the floor is all his own work. He has gladly brought me in a lot of trade today. There are several hundred young male American students, who have just arrived in The United Kingdom, from St. Baldrick`s College, which is well-known for it`s fund raising, via videoed head shaving presentations. They intend to fund raise in this city as a pilot scheme, and when they met Karl, they naturally asked who his barber was. Consequently, we have already had paying audiences in here, and it has been rather a special occasion, with a lot more appointments to come. I now think that the Karl Cut will take off in a big way throughout the city; hence me offering him part time work. He is very keen to practice, so has asked me if he can now have the privilege of running the clippers over your very stubbly head. I will stand behind him, and clipper him at the same time. How about that ? It will be a well-earned adrenalin surge for Karl, thus being in the middle of a sandwich, with two clippers whirring in his ears at the same time. I will then give you both the best-ever shave, as a reward for Karl, who has done most of the work here today."
Having said all this, Ramone lithely arose from the chair. He truly looked like a film star, wearing a black and white -striped tee shirt, and tight leather trousers. He also sported some very sharp-pointed winkle pickers. He motioned Andrew to sit down in his place; the seat felt very warm indeed...Andrew then noticed Karl`s slow secretive smile, as the guard was promptly taken off those lethal balding clippers. He then placed a clammy hand on Andrew`s head, in order to support it. Andrew was agreeably surprised at the force that Karl then exerted on the back of his neck, promptly peeling off what had grown in the last few days on his egg-shaped head. Ramone was busy doing the very same thing to Karl, standing close behind him, saying "well done Karl, you are certainly giving Andrew the hair dressing experience of his life." Indeed, Karl was confidently doing just that. It felt so therapeutic, and he just knew then, that he would want to repeat this experience with the balding clippers again and again, in due course, and would look forward to the twice-weekly appointments. All too soon, that dreamy part of the drastic haircut was over, but not before Karl massaged Andrew`s head. He was surprisingly just as good at doing this , as had been Ramone on the previous occasion. Next , it was Karl`s turn to sit in the chair, and have his well-rounded head smothered in shaving soap. by the time that Ramone had attended to Karl`s now gleaming skull, there was no more virile five o` clock shadow left in sight. Andrew was by now keenly looking forward to having his head scraped with the very sharp cut throat razor.
He was soon caped again, and thereafter relaxed completely, and closed his eyes, as he was lathered up, whilst Karl animatedly to The Master Barber Ramone about the forthcoming visit of the crop-headed customers from St. Baldrick, who Ramone and he would take great delight in skinning before an appreciative audience. This barber shop would soon become a very busy place indeed, as crave-shave city youngsters were also wanting to line up to receive their Karl Cut. As Ramone so rightly pointed out to Andrew and Karl, that "every man should enjoy the head shaving experience at least once in their life time."

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