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Russ and Chip In The Park - Part Four by Russ

The next several weeks saw Chip and I settle into a routine at the park. We'd see each other, do the ritualistic head rub and talk about things in general as we walked. Chip liked his MPB look and continued to use the epilator to keep his dome smooth. While I missed ruffling his great mane of white blond hair, I found rubbing his smooth topped head oddly satisfying. He obviously experienced joy rubbing my bald head. And for the days and weeks that followed, we continued our routine.

On a warm Monday morning, funny, I said, we haven't seen Jeff since that day I cut your hair into the MPB and we gave Jeff his landing strip. What's it been now, a few months? Chip replied, true but did you notice those two guys who seem to be here every day? Is it me or are they following us? I looked around and said, the two with the shaggy hair? Yes, Chip said. I replied that I hadn't noticed them before today, though maybe I did and just paid no attention. Interesting that on one guy the shaggy hair looked good while on the other guy it was just a mess. Chip said let's walk past them and nod hello just to see what happens. After all, that's how we met. And so we did just that.

The guy with the messy sandy brown hair ignored us but his companion not only nodded, he said hi, how are ya. He ran his hand through his own black hair then he reached over to his friend, caught him in a headlock and gave him quite a head rub and hair ruffle. They walked away from us and said nothing. This routine continued for another week or so, a nod and a hello from the guy with the black hair followed by the headlock, rub and ruffle on his friend.

On a particularly sunny day, Chip and I took refuge in the shade of the gazebo and our two followers sat down next to us. What's up with you two rubbing each other's heads every day, asked the guy with the messy hair. I can't describe the excited feeling I get when Dave grabs my head and starts rubbing away. He never did that until we saw you two and I'm surprised how much I like it. By the way, he's Dave and I'm Jack. I'm Russ and he's Chip I said by way of introduction. We first saw each other a few months ago, started talking and the next thing we knew, Chip rubbed my head and I ruffled his hair. Back then, he had great hair, really long on top!

So Chip, Dave asked, what happened to your hair? You couldn't have gone bald that fast. Are you sick? I'm fine, Chip replied. I just envied Russ' smooth top so much that I wanted to try it for myself. I showed up with clippers, Russ did the honors and I haven't turned back since. In fact, my transformation happened right here in this gazebo. The head rubs just seemed to be a bonus. Russ, what about you? I described how good it felt to ruffle Chip's hair before the MPB cut and what a contrast to the smooth bald top. I admitted a certain envy at that great white blond mane he had.

Jack asked, so Russ, you just surprised Chip and started cutting his hair? Actually, I said, it was Chip's idea. He just brought the clippers the day after he first rubbed my head and said he wanted to rub and feel his own head. As part of the bargain, I'm supposed to grow out this MPB fringe for a year and I rubbed the side of my head. Chip wanted something to ruffle and I'm MPB on top by genetics, not choice, so the sides it will have to be if there's to be any ruffling on my head.

Looks like I'm the curious one now, said Jack. Wonder what this mop of mine would look and feel like cut short? Chip answered, there's only one way to find out. I'll bring the clippers tomorrow. If nothing else, Russ can buzz down my sides and back. He's growing out his fringe, not me. Tomorrow it is I said and we all nodded. Before we parted, Chip and I reached out and ruffled Dave's and Jack's hair.. They looked surprised but then reached out and rubbed our smooth heads and they both just said, wow.

To be continued.

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