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23 to 63 - part two by Titan

As Sean, unaware he had been druged by the barber, relaxed in the red leather upholstered chair, Clyde began readying his tools for Seans haircut.

Now that he'd closed the shop he knew he would be undisturbed, he was going to enjoy this. The opportunity to do a whole makeover was a rarity and here was a guy that had no one to question what the barber had done to him and was obviously into a changing his young look.

"So Sean! Something shorter eh?" Clyde pressed. "Something to make you look more mature I think you said."

"Well....yes.....I mean what do...do you think?" Sean said almost dreamily. He was looking in the mirror at the hunk of a barber. He had to admit he was falling for the man, though his spiked drink was helping.

"I think you need a whole new look. At the moment that hairstyle and beard are doing nothing for you. You look a lot younger than 30, more like a hippy."

Sean felt a stirring in his crotch. What would this man do to him? He was both scared and excited.

"Well first things first." Clyde said not waiting for a reply from Sean, "I'll wash your hair." Sean was surprised as the chair was turned around then reclined towards the basin. He didn't really think he needed his hair washed.

"I... didn't think my hair needed washing." Sean said adding, "I....I...don't have much cash on me."

"All part of the service, and still only 20 bucks." Clyde replied knowing this was giving the drugs even more time to work.

"Oh!.... Alright......then....."

As he rubbed and massaged the thick shampoo through the hair Sean started to gently moan. "Wow! That....mm.....that feels sooo good. I could drift off to sleep."

"I've been told I give pretty good head massages."

Sean didn't want it to stop.

"So, about your hair. Why did you wait so long to do something about it?"

"Oh.....just stuff...got.....in the way."

"Stuff eh? So what stopped you coming in here before this?" The barber pressed as he massaged the neck area.

"Just nerves... I guess." He said now the drugs had taken control he couldn't hide anything from the barber.

"Nerves eh? You were frightened of me?"

"Well....no.....just......your haircut!" Sean said straight out.

"So you don't like my hairstyle?" Clyde asked.

"No.....I mean.....yes.....it looks.....good on you....." Said the confused customer before him.

"So you were a little worried I might take too much hair off." The barber asked. "Even make you look more like me."

"Sort of... though I think you .....you suit the balding...." Sean said without any pressing by the barber.

"So my bald head doesn't scare you?" The barber rubbed his crown as he said it.

"No....I don't think so."

"Really?" Clyde asked as he rinsed the white lather with warm water. " a lot of people say it makes me look older."

"How old....are.....you?"

"How old do you think?" The barber asked.

"I don't... know..... 35 or so..." Sean said as the drugs loosened his tongue.

"Guess it does make me look older then. I'm actually 23." The barber said with a chuckle.

"Huh? 23.... you're the same age as me......but...but you look..so much older...." Sean said a little shocked amazed at how much older male pattern baldness made him look.

"Hey! I thought you said you were 30!" Clyde was surprised the kid had lied about his age. He really wanted to be older.

"Oh...sorry... "

"Well like you I preferr the older look, and being a barber it's pretty easy to achieve. I've always liked the look of mpb on a guy." Clyde said.

Sean was returned upright ready for his makeover. What was going to happen to his hair now the barber had revealed his created baldness.

"How...much.....hair.....did you...have.....?" Sean was cut off before he could finish.

"Nearly as long and thick as yours." Clyde replied cheerfully.

"But you look like.....it's so natural....." Sean kept staring looking for shadow on the scalp.

"Go on, I know you want to feel it." Clyde said bending his head down.

Without hesitation, Sean rubbed his hand over the top of the barbers head. All he could feel was total smoothness. It was starting to turn him on. " "How....how...did you... " Sean tried to ask.

"Strong depilatories and electrolysis. It's something I specialise in. Many of my customers trust me for their hair removal needs."

"R...really?" Sean asked not believing what he was hearing but strangely turned on.

"Sure, but don't worry. I won't start doing anything on you unless you want it done." Clyde continued knowing he was lying.

Picking up the clippers he fired them up, and started on the back at the neck drawing them up to the crown. Sean couldn't see the back of his hair but could feel there was definitely less hair there. As the warm blades erased more of his hair he wondered what he would look like when the barber finished with him. The thought of looking a lot older was appealing to him but how old did he want to look. He wouldn't mind looking as mature as the barber, but going bald was too drastic for him. He still had a full head of hair, why would he want to be bald. His cock told him the whole balding idea was turning him on.

As the clippers reduced most of his hair, Sean had to admit he liked the new crew cut. It gave him a harder look. But it wasn't that much of a change. Suddenly he had trouble focusing. His eyes felt heavy. He could hear the barber. His soothing voice seemed to relax him even more. "Sean.....Sean..... You need to look older.....you hate looking so young...I will help you. You can trust Clyde. I will make you into the man you should be."

Almost asleep, Sean replied, " the man......should be...."

"Yeah. Just relax Sean and enjoy the ride." Clyde whispered into Sean's ear repeating his message of turning Sean into an older, more mature man, over and over. He had learnt about hypnosis from a friend and found he was particularily good at it when teemed with the drugs he used.

When he was assured Sean was unconscious he went to work on the dense, unruly beard. He used his heavy-duty beard trimmer, carving a goatee from the hippy beard. He left the moustache alone while concentrating on making the goatee neater and more pointed at the chin. The moustache needed to be a little longer so he would help that along with a special gel he found in China. It was supposed to accelerate hair growth and from the customers he'd used it on it lived up to its name. And of course he'd used it on himself too. He added some to the chin whiskers as well which he wanted longer than his own. He wanted the kid to wear a more stylised van dyke beard.

Finally, he turned his attention back to the head of remaining stubble hair bringing the electrolysis equipment over to the chair. He applied a gel to the hair from the front hairline to the crown. Next the pen-like needle was turned on. Just like he'd done to his own hair he started to apply a electrical current to each hair? It would take time but he had the time. Slowly he would broaden the area of where he wanted baldness. The hair follicles would give up each hair, and over the next few days, all the hair on top would be gone. Where hairs remained he would use a depilatory or tweezers to ensure permanent smoothness and no remaining shadow.

Sean was completely unaware of the desecration being waged on his head. Clyde wasn't worried. He knew his hypnosis could help the kids strong natural desire to look older. He was only giving the kid what he really wanted.

Despite his unconscious state Sean was aware of changes to his hair. He could feel something sting his scalp continually. What was happening? Surely the barber wasn't making him bald. What else could it be? And what had happened to his beard? His imagination was being affected by his drugged state. He dreamed of his new barber making him as bald as he was

The barber was good at his craft, as the balding went on. He was giving the kid a full Norwood 7, the highest on the mpb scale and his personal favourite.

There would only remain a small horseshoe of hair around the sides and back. The crown would be dipped very low just like his own. A smaller battery powered-pen would be used on the edges of the hair to soften the edges.

As he stood back to admire his work, he had to admit the kid suited the mpb style but there was still more work to do.

He lit his pipe and stuck it into the drugged Sean's mouth. "Sean, it's alright. You like the thought of a man's pipe. You always wanted to try one! It relaxes you just as the sound of my voice relaxes you."

Sean began to cough a little but gradually stopped.

"As you suck in the rich, smoke you can taste the masculine tobacco, turning you into more of a mature and worldly man. Just like me you want to look older and wiser, and a pipeman is just the beginning. You want to be even older than me. Much older and wiser. You won't be happy until you become an older gentleman in his 60's. You have always wanted to be in your 60's and Clyde is helping you achieve that."

Clyde could see the pipe was being smoked like a professional pipe smoker. His hypnosis continued.

"You feel totally at ease as you smoke my pipe. You want one for yourself. It's like you were born to smoke a pipe. You will enjoy smoking your pipe with me as we drink our scotch and look forward to our futures growing older and more gentlemanly together. The perfect couple."

Clyde applied some soothing cream to the areas he'd used his electrolysis on. He continued his subliminal messages to help change Sean into the man he needed to be. Well maybe he didn't want to be an older retiree of 60 but Clyde wanted an older partner and now seemed to be the perfect opportunity to create one.

Slowly Sean's eyelids opened. He could see his bedside clock. It said 11am.

As his thoughts slowly gathered he got himself off the bed realising he'd slept in. Still very groggy he realised he'd dreamt about his forced haircut in Clyde's barbershop.

"S**t!" He said out loud. "That was some dream." Though he was a little disappointed it was all a dream. It had felt so real. He'd been turned on by everything and now he was back to being his boring self.

As his feet hit the ground he groggily made his way to the bathroom, his head pounding. What did he do last night? He'd never been a big drinker but now he couldn't remember what he'd been up to last night. As he stared at himself in the mirror a stranger stared back.

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