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Joey's Aftershow Buzz by SailorNaruto52

Joey Dalton had medium-length jet black hair and he loved it and never thought of cutting it back to the buzzcut he once had. He of course had to change it because of the bald spots that had appeared. So he switched from the buzzcut to the medium-length cut he now wore and the kept it even after the bald spots grew in. He wore the hair in whatever style that his hair fell into and lived life in his fashion. So he just did what he wanted and tried to pass his classes with the bare minimum grade for passing.
However Joey did have one quality that you would not think of. He was musically inclined and absolutely loved to play trumpet and sing. So when the auditions for the musical Grease came upon the school he was one of the first to audition. He practiced for weeks and made sure that his singing, dancing, and acting to the best of his abilities. Then the big day came and he did his best and got the part he wanted, Kenickie. This only came with one stipulation, he would have to change his hair.
Now he wouldn't have to change it too much he would simply just have to have it cut into a pompadour. He was nervous. He had not changed his hair in a while and was worried that the style might not fit into what he wanted. So the big day came when he had to get his hair cut. He stepped into the barbershop and saw someone he knew from school. It was his friend Dillon sitting in the chair. Next to Dillon was an middle-aged man about 40 years-old with short brown hair that was bald on the sides and buzzed on the top. The man was just finishing up a short buzzcut on a young military recruit.
"Wow Butch. You did a fantastic job.”
"Thanks Johnny.” The the middle-aged man said. Revealing himself to be Butch.
"What do I owe you?”
"It's on the house Johnny.”
"You sure Butch?”
"It's on the house, for our nation's finest.” Butch said proudly.
"Thanks Butch,”
"No problem, Johnny.”
Johnny got up out of the chair, brushed his head to get the extra hair off and left the shop. He looked at Joey on the way out.
"You're gonna get a great haircut here man.” Johnny said flashing a thumbs up.
"Thanks,” Joey awkwardly spluttered out. "Your's looks, nice.”
"Thanks man.”
Johnny then exited leaving Joey alone in the barbershop. Butch then looked up and saw Joey.
"Hey there young man. What can I do for ya?”
"Looking, for a haircut.” Joey said awkwardly. Dillon then looked up.
"I would have figured that Joey,” Dillon said sassily.”Don't worry Butch I've got this customer.”
"Hey Dillon.” Joey said. He was at high levels of awkwardness at this point.
"Just sit down here Joey.” Dillon said pointing to the chair.
Joey sat down and Dillon brought out a cape. He aired it out first and then put it around Joey. Dillon then took a white paper strip out and put it around Joey's neck and then buttoned up ht cape. Dillon was a year older than Joey-Joey was about 16 years-old- and had light brown hair cut into a longer buzzcut. He had worked at Butch's barber shop for a while and had enjoyed his time there. He loved cutting hair and was good at it to. So good that he was getting even better than Butch and would eventually take over the barber shop.
"What do you want?” Dillon asked Joey.
"I need a pompadour for the musical.”
"Okay sure thing Joey.” Dillon said calmly.
He sprayed Joey's hair down wet and combed it all down. He combed Joey's bangs down in front of face and combed it until it was all straight. He then grabbed his shears and went to work. Dillon combed up Joey's hair and started trimming it.
"So how's the musical going Joey?”
"Pretty good.”
"You guys are doing Grease this year. Right?”
"Yep I got Kenickie.”
"Oh, exciting”
"So you ever had a pompadour before?'
"No, I was worried it might be a bad look for me.”
"Well I think you could work it. But ya know what would look better?”
"What would that be Dillon?” Joey asked.
"A short #3 buzz all over your head.” Dillon whispered into Joey's ear.
"Oh I don't know,” Joey stuttered out. "I think I like longer hair better.”
"Okay,” Dillon said "You're done Joey.”
Dillon turned around Joey and revealed the haircut to him. It didn't look that different. The sides were brought in a little, the top was still long and the shape was still the same.
"It doesn't seem that different.” Joey commented.
"Just wait, I'm not done yet.” Dillon chirped in quickly.
Dillon got out some pomade and then worked it into Joey's hair. He combed the bangs up and formed the pompadour slowly. He combed the sides back and formed the ducktail on the back. The pompadour was finally formed. Joey had the look he was going for and looked like a greaser.
"Wow you did amazing Dillon.” Joey stammered out amazed.
"Thanks Joey.”
"How much do I owe you?”
"It's on the house Joey.”
"Come on now Dillon. Here's 15” Joey said handing Dillon the money.
"Whatever you want Joey.” Dillon agreed.
"Thanks Dillon.” Joey said.
Dillon pulled Joey closer grabbing his arm before he left.
"If you ever change your mind about that buzzcut. You know who you need.” Dillon whispered into Joey's ear.
Joey then proceeded to leave and go to practice.
. . .
Joey arrived at practice and he performed and got ready with everything. Rehearsal had gone well and they had done extremely well. However the week before the show something horrible happened. The director told the bad news to everyone.
"I regret to inform the cast that our hairstylist for the guys had to drop out.”
All the guys gasped. They had relied on him to do it and thus had no idea how to style it.
"I don't know how you'll solve it.”The director confessed.
"I have an idea,” Joey exclaimed. "I know I guy who is the master of pompadours. I think he's available to do it.”
"Can you make sure Joey?”
"Sure thing.”
Joey went over to the barbershop the next day and walked to see Dillon in the chair just dozing off reading the paper.
"Hey Dillon.”
"Hey Joey,” Dillon responded as he got up. "You here for another haircut?”
"No Dillon. I actually have a favor to ask.”
"What is it?”
"So the musical lost the hairstylist for the guys and I was wondering if you could do it.”
"Sure thing, Joey.”
"Okay thank you Dillon.”
"No Problem Joey”
Joey then left the barbershop and went on with his way.
. . .

A week past and it was time for the show to happen everyone was rushing to get ready for opening night and Joey was ready to perform. He just needed his hair to get done. So he found Dillon who was just finishing up on one of the other guys' hair. Dillon finished up and damn Dillon looked sexy in his suit and Joey wished he was the one in the chair. What was he thinking he was straight. Or at least he thought he was.
"Hey Dillon.”
"Yeah Joey.”
"I'm ready.”
"Okay Joey.”
Joey sat down and Dillon leaned him down into the sink and started to shampoo Joey's hair and massaged his head. There was something sexual about the whole experience. Joey was falling for Dillon and he didn't know why. When Dillon lifted him up he blow dried his hair into the style required and added gel into the hair to keep it there.
"You're good to go. Joey.”
"Thanks Dillon.”
"No problem.”
"I think you might need some payment.” Joey said as he looked at Dillon with eyes that had lust filled with them. Joey then grabbed Dillon's crotch.
"Joey I think you need to calm down.” Dillon reproachfully said.
Joey leaned for a kiss and Dillon pushed him back.
"Joey I just can't right now.” Dillon said with tears in his eyes.
"What? What is it? Is is my hair. I can get the buzzcut if you want.” Joey said and picked up a set of clippers. He placed the #3 guard on, turned them on, and placed them on his forehead at his hairline.
"No Joey don't. It's not that. I just can't do it right now.” Dillon said and then took the clippers from Joey and turned them off.
"I just need some time.” Dillon said and then ran out of the room.
Joey was confused as to what happened and then continued out on stage to where he need to be. Joey performed to a standing ovation and love from the entire crowd. However he could not really focus on the praise he was wondering what was wrong with Dillon. Dillon had constantly been talking about wanting a boyfriend and how happy he would be to get one. So Joey's request should have been accepted. Right? So Joey continued on.
The Second night's performance came and it was time for Joey to get his hair done. So he walked into the hair room. Dillon was pacing the room. Then Dillon looked up when Joey entered the room. Joey noticed Dillon was crying. Dillon wiped the tears from his eyes.
"Oh sorry Joey. I'll get you ready.”
"No it's okay. Dillon, what's wrong?”
"I don't want to talk about it.”
"Dillon just tell me,” Joey pleaded grabbing Dillon into a hug. "You can tell me anything.”
Joey started stroking Dillon's hair.
"I had some tests done yesterday.” Dillon sobbed out.
"Okay, tell me more.”
"Well the test results came back,” Dillon said and then wiped his tears. "I'm HIV+”
Joey didn't know what to say. So he grabbed the pair of clippers lying in the room. There was no clipper attached. He turned them on and placed them at his hairline on his forehead. Dillon froze.
"Don't do it Joey.” Dillon pleaded.
"I'm doing it for you.” Joey said.
Joey was about to do it and then Dillon grabbed the clippers. The two then struggled and wrestled back and forth. Dillon pulled and Joey struggled, but eventually lost his grip and let the clippers go. Dillon flew back and the clippers went right down the center of his head. Dillon got up and looked in the mirror.
"Oh my god.”
"Dillon I'm sorry.”
"It's okay Joey.” Dillon said with vigor.
Dillon then proceeded to shave the rest of his head. He shaved the velvety hair off and the hair fell off and by then end Joey was in tears. Dillon turned the clippers off and then saw Joey crying. He rushed over to him and embraced him in a hug.
"How can you expect me to just not do anything.” Joey pleaded.
"You have done things for me. You comforted me.”
"But I just want to love you.”
"I know Joey but,” Dillon said backing away. "I don't want to hurt you. That's why I need time.”
"I think I understand.” Joey said wiping the tears from his eyes.
Dillon styled Joey's hair and just before Joey was about to leave Dillon pulled him in for a kiss.
"I wish I could love you without hurting you.” Dillon whispered to Joey.
Joey then continued and performed the show. However he couldn't really focus and felt like his heart was torn out. He went home that night and cried himself to sleep because of everything that happened with Dillon.
The final performance came and Joey was not sure how he was going to handle the situation with Dillon or what to do. Just before Joey was about to go Dillon drove up in his car.
"What are you doing?” Joey exclaimed.
"Why don't you come and see?” Dillon suggested.
Joey then hopped in and Dillon drove him to practice and everything went normal until it was time for hair. Joey walked in and Dillon was waiting. As Joey approached Dillon, Dillon grabbed Joey and kissed him. Joey kissed back and they shared a beautiful moment.
"I think I figured that if you truly love me then there is no way I can hurt you.”
"Okay then.” Joey responded.
"Well then let's get to it.” Dillon said.
Dillon did Joey's hair and Joey performed one last show as Kenickie and got a roaring applause from the audience at the end of the show. Joey's spirits were high and everything was going right. After the show was over he ran to Dillon and they shared a kiss that they held for a while and then parted. They then went to the cast party and left afterword. Dillon drove Joey home and Joey got out of the car.
"Have a goodnight Joey.”
"You too Dillon.”
They kissed and they said their goodbyes.
. . .
A few weeks later Joey walked into the barbershop and saw Dillon in the chair.
"Hey Babe.”
Dillon got up and then kissed Joey.
"What are you doing here?” Dillon asked.
"I think I need a haircut.”
"Sure thing Joey. Sure thing.”
Joey sat down and Dillon put a white band around his neck. He then caped up Joey.
"What do you want Joey? Just a trim?”
"No, I think that it's time for that #3 buzzcut.” Joey demanded.
"Okay then Joey.”
Dillon grabbed his clippers put a #3 attachment on. He combed all of Joey's hair out lifted his bangs and placed the clippers at his bangs.
"You ready, Joey.”
"I've always been ready.”
Dillon then pushed the clippers back and the thick black hair fell. He continued cutting the top watching all of the thick black hair dress the cape and cover the floor. He then started work on the sides and went over it and unveiled a white scalp that had not been seen in awhile. The long black hair that had once been there was transformed into soft bristles. Dillon worked until all of the hair had been removed and Dillon rubbed the soft velvet all over Joey's head. Dillon turned the chair around and showed Joey.
"Do you like it?” Dillon asked.
"I love it!” Joey exclaimed.
Joey took off the cape and then kissed Dillon.
"I think this is going to be a good start.” Joey said.
"I agree” Dillon responded.
They kissed and then embraced for a while. Everything would be okay as long as they could just hold on.

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