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'A' Haircut in the name of Science by trey

I will have more stories to come

My 6th grade science teacher, Mr. Stockburger, was my wing man when it came to girls. He knew what a girl was looking for in 2014. My hair was one of my features. I had only started styling my hair that year, it quickly became very popular. Mr. Stockburger told me that if I was his son, I would be bald!!!he had a teacher budget for his wife and three kids, so he always had a buzz cut. Most of the kids had low income at my school, but in my class, we only had three low income. We had 2nd period after P.E. so we were always late. On those mornings, he would help me style my hair. I came from a very wealthy family. So did the other 16 kids in my class. We had 19 kids total. 5 including me, were boys. The rest were girls. Stockburger always gave us some prize to motivate the other kids to get at least a B on a test. Well this next one was interesting.

He called us up while we studied in groups to talk on Wednesday. We had a test the next day. "Since you are the only boys, and pass all test. I want you to help me on my next test motivator. We all agreed without asking him what it was by mistake.

"Class, our 2nd to last test is tomorrow, and I want everyone getting an A. So I figured that I should come up with something better than candy or free time. The original plan was if all students got an 85 or above, I would get the shortest buzz cut I can give myself with an attachment. That's short for my clippers. But then I was like why can't we all get an A. So I thought and it came to me. I would let the boys shave my head in class. But better yet, Mr. Ponder also said he would do the same. (Mr. Ponder was a special Ed. Assistant that helped an old student. When the student moved away, he stayed with our class. He had a history of buzz cuts. He got them occasionally and gave one to a student with parent approval because he was playing with it too much, and gave me one when I was like 7 when he worked at my elementary school because lice was going around and the only way boys could attend the school, mind you it was a public school in the nice neighborhood, was they have to come in every other week for three weeks to get shaved bald) Also I have one more surprise. This is for Aidan, Blaze, Trey, Cody, and Callen. I sent an email to your parents regarding something, and they all said yes. If the whole class gets an A, you boys will all shave your heads too."

My heart sunk. "Aidan, he said my name. He said Trey. Why. He knows." I said to my friend Aidan. "I'm not too happy either, but I'm sucking it up because we are his favorites. If you aren't going to do this, neither will I." Said Aidan. I reluctantly agreed. The next day, everyone got A's. I warned my friends of it the night before on Instagram. Many said it will be fine because I had my hair cut short the summer before. I just went to bed that night and had a dream where I got my head shaved and it grew back in 2 days. I woke up wishing it was real. But I still had to lose the mop and then regrow for another month.

The next morning, my dad dropped me off at school and told me when I'm done to take a selfie for insta, I just rolled my eyes. I was so distracted about 2nd period, I got pelted with gatorskin balls during dodgeball. Aidan was distracted too. Cody was just flat out crying because he loved his hair. Callen and Blaze couldn't wait. They wanted to be BALD!!!

We got to the classroom to find Callen and Blaze were already helping set up. Mr. Ponder came in with is big box of clippers with many attachments.the bell rang and everyone was front row for when I shaved Mr. Ponders blonde #5 to a 1/16th inch. Callen and Blaze were shaving Mr. Stockburger. Cody got out of the shave since Mr. Stockburger didn't want to force him to shave his head. Mr. Stockburger got up and admired his new 1/16 inch buzz cut.

Called and Blaze hopped in the chair next. Callen took Mr. Stockburger, Blaze took Mr. Ponder. "So guys, how short?" Asked Mr. Stockburger. "BALD!!!" Said Callen. Mr. Stockburger was surprised. He and Mr. Ponder took off the gaurd and started shaving away. Callen's brown locks fell to the ground. Blaze collected his in a bag. His blonde locks were longer than I thought. The clippers turned off, out came the razors and shaving cream. Soon the stubble was reduced to nothing. And so was the time I still had with my hair.

"Take a seat boy" said Mr. Ponder as I walked towards him. "What'll it be" asked Mr. Stockburger. I told him to do a 2 on both of us but he insisted we do a 1. Those clippers were the death of me. The buzzing filled the air. Right down the middle. 1 inch to 3mm. Oh. My. God. What did I just do. Mr. Ponder laughed and told me that it was too long. I told him good and he then decided to switch both me and Aidan to a 1/16 inch. Stockburger went for Aidan before Ponder got to me. "Aidan, your practically bald" I said to him. Ponder went down the middle and laughed harder. "Will look so much better bic'd" said Stockburger. "Um, how about no" I said to him. He finished up and got a smaller pair of clippers. He trimmed my neck and sideburns. "Y'all look good man" said Stockburger and Ponder agreeing. We got up and got a look.

#baldeaglecrew was now official on Instagram for us. I liked my hair for the heat, but really loved when it was an inch again in 3 weeks. My hair grows so fast. Aidan got his curls back, and then cut them off again. My crush even liked it, but loved my long hair better. She really loved me for who I am. That's all that matters. I'm over her now, but am still looking for another girl that loves me like she did, even though we never went out. My head has been shaved again after that, but that is a different story. I have had long hair now for a while and probably won't go back unless I get irritated. But until next time, will I see my head again


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